Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My ears are clogged

Errrrrr! I am not sure if this is a cold coming on or delayed-onset-Mt. Evans-training from last weekend, but yuck. It's way annoying and very uncomfortable! I just hope it's not a cold and will dog me for the Mt. Evans Ascent this weekend. 14.5 miles, 4000' climb. Last year was my first attempt at this monster and I only did it because I had registered for the Pikes Peak Ascent in August, which is an 8000' climb in 13 miles. Mt. Evans scared me more than Pikes Peak because I knew I'd be walking a lot of Pikes Peak and could do just that when it got tough. Mt. Evans isn't like that - you run! But I also learned in my training runs up there that there's no way this chick can run that entire thing. I run with a group of guys...almost all guys...and I am by far, the slowest of the group because these guys are well....guys, and they all rock. But when I look at the statistic of those female finishers, I am pretty well up there in the rankings so even though I must walk some, I am ahead of many females and I am well ahead of the cut-off times posted at mile 9 and at the top. I finished last year at 2:57. Combining the two training times I have run at Mt. Evans this year, I don't think I will run that fast and I'm not sure why as I should be stronger than last year but what it comes down to is determination; you have to push past the burning calves and the lack of air. You have to dig deep when the wind is stronger than you've ever endured and there's nothing to breathe which makes you dizzy and light-headed. And you hate about every second of it; it hurts. Not marathon-fatigue hurt, it's a lung-sucking, calf-burning hurt. But when you reach the top and you look out across the tops of the Colorado Rockies, the smile on your face is wider than ever. There's nothing like it - an adrenaline rush for sure!!! But I am pretty nervous and these clogged ears aren't helping the situation! I am worried about the pressure on them as I climb higher in altitude.

Didn't run today but did some weight training. At 5:30 a.m. Had more shoulder issues today but in the rear at the Infraspinatus muscle and then later in the front at the Pectoralis Minor (I think Minor). Rubbing helped the back muscle and ice helped the front so I'm hoping it's all good :)

While combing the internet today for some writing, I came across this video. Amazing! (I have spent way too much time trying to link the video to my blog but it won't happen. Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste).

weight training: 1

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elaine said...

Good luck this weekend! I am off to Utah to take son to school. I will be thinking of you.