Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Surprisingly good feeling legs

I met Dennis at the dog park today, with his two dogs for a quick 5 mile run (only one person I'd ever do that for, Dennis. Okay...maybe more than one but you certainly take #1 slot of those I run with their dogs...beings I'm not exactly a dog-lover. They just scare me). Dennis and his wife were taking their daughter, Brittany, up to UNC to tour the campus where she is attending school in the fall - so he had the morning off work. I couldn't believe that my legs weren't trashed and in fact, they felt really well!! It felt great to run slowly, stopping briefly here and there for Lucy and Levi to play with the other dogs in the park. I couldn't go fast, but at least I could run and that was a big + !! In the past week, my legs have finally felt back to feeling strong since my return from Boston. That was 7 weeks ago....

I combated the boys "we have nothing to do" comments by having them haul half the basement upstairs - we're doing a garage sale, with the rest of the neighborhood, on Friday. That kept them busy. I let them go play golf this afternoon, which they absolutely LOVE. They ended up playing with another twosome their age that they just met there so that worked out great.

And since many asked via email, no there are no "problems" in Iowa with the lawyer....he's basically just incompetent and sends the wrong papers so I spend way too much time trying to figure out what the heck he wants because nothing is making sense and come to find out, he just sent the wrong stuff. Not the first time!!! And if you saw the misspelled words in his letters - I mean, blogs and email do not count for spelling but a letter from a lawyer?? Really! Anyway, that whole ordeal should be closed by early July. Or so they say... we'll see.

5 miles run

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for running with us yesterday. It was fun. Next time come swiming in the creek with us too.

Lucy & Levi