Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Piriformis Syndrome #2

I like this cracks me up; I feel his pain!
My pain increasingly worsened today so for everyone that got in my path, I just whined and complained to them then went and sought the school athletic trainer and the nurse; they offered some advice for some stretches that should help alleviate this. I've been stretching ever since. Or whining. Sometimes both.

Dennis helped me some tonight with my blog (I should now have some nice pinkness borders around my pictures!) and got my race list updated. Worked a bit on my watch but decided we'd spend more time on it Saturday when we go mt. running - provided my butt is okay to run enough by then. He got to get an earful of my recent ailment, too, and made the comment, "you're walking awfully slow." Uh yeah!!!!! I hurt awfully bad!!
I decided when I got home and had inhaled half of the house (depression will do that, I think...especially depression when you can't run) that I needed to test my ache and see if I could run with it. Set off out of the house about 7:30. First time I thought I should walk was 1:18 into the run. That's 1 minute 18 seconds...not 1 hours 18 minutes. Made it all the way to 5:22 before I walked some. Yeah, baby!! I rock! Got over to Laredo track and did a lot of stretching and then started running. Didn't have my knew watch so just used a crack on the track and watched my time...mostly though, I just wanted to not hurt. I loosened up and actually managed to run 2 miles without any major pain. How's that for pathetic! I actually think it helped loosen whatever was so tight in there cuz tonight I feel a little better. I hope tomorrow all my aches are greatly reduced, I am blowing off all weight training for awhile until I can get this thing sorted out (cuz I'm almost certain what caused it is weight training) and will try to go for a good run.
Just when you think you've had all running related injuries out there, here pops up one that I've never even heard of. Yet, from what I'm told, I don't think it was the running that did it...I think it was the glute exercises that did it. If that's the case, then this thing should hopefully go away soon.
3 miles run

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