Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 workouts, 1 good and 1 not so much

A short post as it's almost 10:00 and I have weight training at the bewitching hour of 5:30 a.m. I actually don't mind getting up then, it's just hard to make your body actually function at anything more than reading or exploring the internet. Which is what I normally do at 5:30.

I misread my plan for today. Whine loud enough that you haven't gotten a plan to follow for two weeks, finally get one, and then don't even read it right. I thought the first of my two workouts today called for a 5 mile tempo run at an 8 min pace. I couldn't do it. Made it to mile 3 and then I had a slight uphill and kinda couldn't get back into the groove again. I'm not sure why I couldn't maintain, the last 10K I ran well under 8, but I couldn't. I won't even try to speculate why...I just couldn't. I ran the last two mile in about a 10 minute mile and I was okay with that. Later, as I went to do workout #2 and pulled up my plan to see what was next, I realized I was suppose to do the mileage above at an 8:30 pace. Yeah, I think I could have done that. Oh well. Workout #2 called for 6x800's at 3:30. I did those on the treadmill because yet another storm came through and it was crazy windy and rainy. Those went just fine but then I always feel that intervals on a treadmill always are more productive than those on the track. I need to get back out on the track. Anyway, whenever I do 800's I can't help but think about those Yasso's and how I really don't believe I can run a 3:30 marathon, based on experience, yet I have no problem running 3:30 for my 800's. Maybe the track would prove to me I am wrong but really...every program has it's proven and failed results. We are all an experiment of one. Thank, Jeff, for reminding me of that from time to time.

The highlight of my day was going over to meet Dimity, a woman who has written for RW and I whom I have followed and admired for years. What a small-world story to finally have met her. She is genuine and real and I immensely enjoyed our conversation. Abbey is going to do some babysitting for her. She is also going to go see the massage therapist where I workout; she's having some icky back and glute pain. I am envious; I could uses a little glute massage about now. My glute's not getting worse but it's also not making any forward progress for the past couple days. Anyway, what an honor to meet her; she is the one that gave me the Women's Health article to do. THANKS!

Talked to Brian, the CC coach at school about my marathon and some speed work; he says he's in. That's good, I need someone to watch me run some speed work.

10 miles run.


Anonymous said...

ok I have redeemed myself by catching up reading your blog. All good reading. hang in there through good and bad, and keep doing the speedwork. Yes we have rain here, a big storm last night during the wee hours and guess what it is raining right now at 5:45 pm. :)

Dimity said...

cut it out with the honor stuff: I'm just a runner and mom and writer like you. glad to have connected, and so sorry about the infections...feel better!