Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Piriformis Syndrome?

I didn't blog last night; rare, I know. I was busy researching the pain in my butt.

Since last week sometime, I've had this annoying pinch/ache in my left gluteus maximus (butt muscle). Originally, I thought it was just sore due to the glute exercises I did on Monday but as the week progressed, I think it may be something more because the left side just stayed annoying while the right side got better. I was able to run up Mt. Evans just fine but before the run, I noticed it hurt a lot just sitting in the car. And it hurt even more riding home. Sunday, I told Rob about my little pain and he never said anything to me and gave me a load of glute work to do on Monday. The diligent little sole I am, I did them and wow, since then, I can barely sit; that annoying muscle has turned mean and shouting at me that he's mad. So I took yesterday off and again told Rob about it again who unsympathetically told me to go seek physical therapy. Without even discussing it with me. for that!!! I guess he's forgotten that I don't have insurance right now and that my funds are limited; he's asked me a few times if I've gone to see the massage therapist and I don't anymore because of the cost without my insurance!!! Anyway, I've been doing a little research on Mr. Piriformis Syndrome and found a lot of stretches and so that's what I'm doing. I'm hanging up all weight training on my glutes for a couple weeks and will see if I can go for a run this afternoon. No intervals as planned but hopefully a nice, slow, relaxing run and see if I can't work some of this icky stuff out.

So that's why I didn't write last night. I've had a few emails this morning asking why....

I'll write later today and give you an update. I've noticed at work that it hurts most when I rise from sitting. That second phase from sitting to standing. Ouch.

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