Monday, June 22, 2009

Feeling a Little Better

Yesterday, I seriously wondered if I was doomed; I felt so miserable. Today I feel slightly better; my ear is not throbbing nor my head. The ear is still a little clogged and I have a lot of ringing inside but I feel that it's on the mend. I hope. I got some half way decent sleep last night which I think helped this whole mess. So fingers crossed, prayers said, and hopes are high.

I got up early and met Rob for some weights. Didn't do a whole lot because I was still kinda sore from Mt. Evans but he stretched my legs and that felt great! 2nd workout for the day called for 4 easy miles. I waited until the end of the day, the last drop of daylight, because it was warm today. Summer has finally arrived!! With a vengeance. And that's okay, it just causes a little more planning with the workouts. I felt good running - for once. Felt good with the diet today, too.

Better ears, better sinuses, slept better, ate better, ran well, good workout = better disposition and a little more motivation.

My friend Jonathan ran a 188-mile relay in Utah last weekend and he sent me this picture that he saw on one of the vans; I had to laugh. He obvisiously knows me well!!!

4 miles run

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