Thursday, June 11, 2009

An easier way to prepare...

.....for a garage sale is to have a few cocktails. I mean, the whole process is just exhausting!!! And Abbey and I have way too many clothes. Okay, mostly me but the last time we did this thing, it was her. At least we are getting rid of them.

I slept horribly again last not and got up early to go workout. Got there a few minutes early but Rob wasn't there yet. Hum. Anyway, he finally got there and in I went and many core exercises, my abs are yes, hurting!!! I seriously need to build some ab muscles back up. I had some right shoulder pain doing whatever shoulder exercise I was doing and so Rob iced it and it was better. Only documenting that now cuz if I have it again later, I want to remember exactly which day it started. Seems like my ailments in my old age like to come creep up again and again. Came home, told Brendan we needed to go workout (I needed to do intervals; he needed to just do anything!) and we'd go in a half hour; he said okay. Got on my laptop and before I knew it, I fell asleep and woke up an hour later. I mean, I don't think I was on my computer more than a few minutes. Decided it was too late to go to the gym; I had to meet a friend for lunch and I had a boatload of garage sale stuff to do!!! To the basement I go, time to do some intervals. I have no idea what to do; week 2 of "no plan" and me winging this stuff on my own...which isn't a problem but that's not what I signed up for. I rambled off some stuff I thought I'd try to do this week and I got no response on it. So when I trudged to the basement for some speed, I was quasi-thinking 800's but I didn't know what pace to run them and was having a brain-cloud trying to figure it out and so I opted for 1600's instead. Quick half mile warm up then set the treadmill to 1% incline; figure this makes up some for the fact that the treadmill does a little of the work for you. Trying to do each a little quicker than the previous, I did 703, 6:58, 6:53, 6:44. I will admit that between 3 and 4, I had to go to the bathroom so I got a little bit longer of a break but really, all felt very good. I worked hard but is was one of those good-hards!!! A little glute pain during some weight training and a little more with intervals.

And it looks like I AM in the 2nd team formed from the running group for the Colorado Relay in September. I hope I don't injure myself, the thing is run in approx 24-hours. And it's 3 weeks before Portland. :/

I'm exhausted after dragging all the stuff out to the garage and still have more to do in the morning so off to bed I go!!

6 miles run, 4x1-mile intervals.

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