Friday, June 12, 2009

Garage Sale! Even sold some running shoes

I'm not certain if it was the prep for the garage sale and the garage sale itself or the fact that I had 4 beers last night but yeah....I'm tired!!! The sale was profitable and plan to do a little more tomorrow morning; the proceeds are much-needed right now so anything is helpful. I need to paint the exterior of my house. Thankfully, my brother is skillful in many areas and offered to help out with this process. After said sale, I went around the neighborhood and looked at paint colors. I have always admired an acquaintance's house so with paper samples in hand, marched up her driveway and tried to match. Good thing I didn't go with what I "thought" was the color because man, I was way off. I'm excited for the change, it's a VERY long story how the color of my house is the current ugly blue color it is; I've never ever liked it. The boys will have to earn their keep and paint the trim for me this summer...will keep 'em busy. So the garage sale was my physical activity for the day; I had thought about going to the pool to swim laps, even as late at 9:00 tonight but I just couldn't do it. I'm sooo tired. I love the no-pressure-to-get-everything-done-during-the-weekend of the summer. Ate WAY too much food today and too much unhealthy food. Time to get back on track tomorrow! Plan to do some weights and a short tempo run tomorrow, Mt. Evans top 6 miles on Sunday morning....the steepest (albeit hardest) part of the course, which will complete my week's training. This lingering glute "issue" makes me rethink, again, what really IS the problem with it. *sigh* It's nothing major, like it was last week, but it's there and I feel it. Also on the ailment list this week is some throbbing in my left ankle, the result of spraining it too many times in my past (last was just before StG when I twisted it on a rock). I'm not sure why this throb reoccurs from time to time but I guess the el glute muscle was feeling alone and needed company. There's a couple guys in the group that have some pretty significant ankle injuries right now and Dennis told me they need to suck it up so I won't complain to him about my ankle. But next time Dennis complains about his calf, I'll suggest his remedy. Oh, and may I just add that we have had about 2 solid weeks of daily rain. Not a constant 2-week rain but every afternoon, we are having some pretty nasty rain showers (and more predicted through Monday). I can really feel the humidity in the air (sorry all my Mid-west and South friends, it's not even close to what you guys have so I am not complaining in the least. It's just that I feel it more than I ever have).

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