Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 workouts, 2 good

First workout: 6x400 hill repeats. They went well. I think I short-changed the first two as my times were indicative of being so so I took the hill a bit further down and I think I may have hit it closer. I didn't have my watch so wasn't sure on the exact distance but it had to be close. Up and down x 6. I got kinda a later start than I wanted but knew the workout wasn't too long so it was fine. Followed hills with 10 accelerated 30M starts/sprints. Those are kinda funny...but also kinda fun. I know there's a purpose behind them but I don't understand how they are helping my speed with a marathon. Will investigate that further. When I have time. Time? I thought I'd be heavily into my 3rd book of the summer....I have yet to even start one. Soon! Ended that workout with 4 sets of 20 ab rockers. ugh.

Second workout was just for 4 easy miles. No problem. But I got a really late start because my neighbor stopped by and I talked to her for way too long; she is on the convenient control board and I am trying to paint my house. What a pain. But I will be a good girl and go get the actual color number for my paint chip cuz that's what they want. Had a huge discussion about how there are some butt-ugly colored houses in my neighborhood and got the, "they were not approved by the board..." answer. Well, if they aren't even going to mandate you go through the HOA then why the heck are they concerned about what # my paint chip is? And, btw, my neighbor is painting his house Easter egg blue. I will be the first to admit I hate my house color since day one it was painted (a VERY long story) but pastel blue is not the ticket. Yeah, the convenient chicks got on their case tonight. At least I was only faulting a chip # vs. an entire house color they did not like! :)
About the soon-to-be color of my house.

Had lunch today with a friend, Jennifer, whom I had not seen in ages. Literally, at least a couple years. I LOVE summer and summer lunches with friends. Went to Panera Bread and I think half my neighborhood was there. The funny (okay, maybe not so much) thing was that a group from the PTCO was there having a pow-wow meeting for the upcoming year. I couldn't go to that meeting cuz I already had "plans." Who knew we'd all be at the same restaurant :/.

My ear is once again super-clogged but at least no pain. My ankle had some weird ache in it today. And, of course, my left glute is still annoying.

9 miles run

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