Friday, June 5, 2009

I finally made the committment

I've been dragging my feet, I admit it. I haven't been feeling that great with my running upon my Boston return; I haven't felt the energy to jump back into another marathon; financial concerns; the stress of trying to PR; finding the right race; going alone; etc. Portland's been tugging at me for the past few weeks after my new kindred spirited friend, Sarah of marathon moms (an amazing writer whom I've admired from afar as she and her partner, Dimity, started writing a blog for Runner's World..and wow, I actually KNOW them now. Sorta. Dimity just moved to Denver from C.S. and Abbey is going to babysit for her in a couple weeks) first planted the seed of doing Portland Marathon. She gathered a group of her running pals and had them email me their experiences having run the marathon before and the consensus was that it was a very nice course and a great marathon. Still....I continued to drag my feet, trying to see if my legs, mind, and body were going to feel better. After I ran Mt. Evans last weekend, I got a little kick forward and thought it was time to seriously start thinking so that I could get going with an official training program. Sarah told me today that it might help mitigate my anxiety if I thought of it as coming out to meet her. Yes, that helped; thanks, Sarah! I can't wait to meet ya' (and I pray I'm not a big basket case!).

Okay.... as my friend Meg said: Run Jill Run!!!

No athletic activity today; heading up to the mountains in the early morning to do some trail running!
he morning to do some trail running!

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