Friday, March 26, 2010

Week 11 / Friday Frazzles

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. I’m totally frazzled; the week has flown by and I have accomplished very little on my to-do list. I did, however, get one killer run in on Wednesday which I don’t mind bragging about: 7x 1 mile repeats. Yep – SEVEN 1 mile repeats!!!!! I woke up that morning to a typical springtime-in-the-Rockies snowstorm that dumped 12” of the thick, wet, white stuff, which school officials deemed too torturous to drive on – and thus was my first snow day off work this school year! SWEEEEET! But to back up a couple days, I was a tad sore from my ½ in Atlanta on Monday so didn’t run. Plus, it’s hard to rack up many miles running up and down the aisle of an airplane. Tuesday I popped over to the gym and cranked out a pathetic 3 miles at some ungodly 12 … or 19 minute mile….not sure which and it really didn’t matter; they were just recover miles, or as some like to call them: junk miles. I don’t like that term much because I think sometimes a few plodding-along-at-a-snail’s-pace miles help you recovery quicker by shaking out the lactic acid, but I can understand why some like to use it. Anyway, followed that killer run with some sorry attempt at some core work. Thought about swimming laps but didn’t. Does that count for at least partial swim points? I am so behind in swimming; I’ll take whatever I can get! So lame Tuesday workout and a Wednesday Armageddon snow day left me hitting my treadmill feeling pretty pumped for some intervals. The great thing about not having a plan is that I have nothing to follow – which is the whole point of not having a plan. I came up with that all by myself, I’m such a genius. I’ve missed so much training so a plan right now is rather ridiculous with the few remaining weeks to Boston (more on that in a sec). I’m on the “get up and see how you feel and run accordingly” plan. I like it. I knew I wanted (needed) to do some speed work so I just took off on the treadmill (before I get treadmill bashing (haha) comments, let’s look at this picture again guys….TONS of snow = not happy, dry tracks sporting less than 12” of snow around town). I start running and think in my head I did 10x800’s @ 7:03 for Razz’s 6.66 miler race two weeks earlier (which, btw, I came in 4th. Yes, 4th. No autographed nothing, no name printed in highly publicized running publications, no sponsorships, not even a medal…..*sigh*) so I wanted to see if this round I could either 1) up the pace a tad or 2) run a couple extra 800’s. So I take off at 6:58 to see how it feels. Felt great. So great, in fact that once I reach the 800 mark, I decide to go farther and attempt mile repeats. Man, it feels good not to have a plan and doing what feels right at the moment! Finish the first one and I feel so good I decide to speed up the pace a bit to 6:53. #2 down, feeling good. #3 @ 6:49 and this pace is where I held them for the following two. If you can follow all my numbers I’ve babbled off, I’ve now done 5x1 milers. Feeling really good, might as well cram all my missed Boston speed work into one kill-me workout so I up the pace to 6:44 and blast through two more. 7x1 mile repeats all under 7 min/mile and the last two at 6:44. YEAH, that should have killed some excess body fat!! Too bad I couldn’t use THAT run for Razz’s virtual race, I’m certain I’d move up a spot or two – the over-achiever girl I am and all!! Yesterday I was back at the gym for another lame 3-miler topped off with a pretty BA core and weight training workout that has my shoulders a wee-bit unhappy today. I consider any wt workout where muscles are somewhat sore the next day a success. An easy run today and a 22er this weekend and that should get my mileage back up in the 40’s….which is still considerably less than where I wanted it to be when this little Boston project all started 14 weeks ago, but I can’t go from 30 miles to 55 in a week’s time without a high potential of injury so I’m happy with this.

I got to thinking about my remaining no-Boston-plan and the taper. Jilly and the taper usually occur 3 weeks out. I’ve been known to go a tad less when I only had 8 weeks between my last two marathons and hadn’t racked up the miles in between much, and this worked really well for me. Well, it’s not like I’ve actually hit record high mileage this training period (or lack thereof training period); I’ve actually felt like I’ve been on a perpetual 2 month taper…. so I’m not really going to taper this time around. No gasps from the audience, please…I mean not taper in the sense of a typical reduce-your-mileage-in-half-each-week taper. I’m going to do a 22-mile run Sunday; a friend has offered to run part of it with me (I think he wants to keep an eye on me, he must be thinking I’m going to cheat and cut it short, like I threatened since I’m actually dreading this run with a passion) and that will be it for the “long” long run. From there I’ll figure it all out with some quality runs next week and the week after and leave the last week before Boston to just get the legs ready to run and the body full of glycogen. Woohoo… I can’t believe it’s THAT time already!

Okay, so it’s officially allergy season. I’m dying here. I’m sitting in my office at work unable to breath because I forgot to load up on antihistamines or 7 other nasal cleansing things I’m taking. Ugh. 2:30 when I leave work can’t come soon enough.

I’m off for spring break next week – yes! Here’s my goals for the week off:
- Run well.
- Sleep well.
- Eat well.
- Buy stock in Kleenex and Zyrtec.
- Figure out how to upload (download?) my Garmin data off my watch (I’ve only had the thing for 11 months…one can’t be bogged down with too much too soon!!)
- Figure out how to use get the $ key to work on my Blackberry (I’ve only had this since Christmas).
- Work on my resume for a friend who’s promised me a high 6-figure job (ahahhha, yeah, I wish).
- Read blogs.
- Have fun with my kiddos.
That’s it. Nothing more!! I’m going to try not to clean any bathrooms even, though I’ll probably cave by Thursday….I have twin 14-year-olds after all!

Oh, and this just out: Balloon Boy’s dad is out of prison. What a winner that one is.

Here’s last week’s stats that I never got posted earlier this week:

Week 11 2010:
Week’s Running totals: 31.21
Running Total for 2010: 459.41
Weight training: 1
Atlanta ING Half Marathon: 1, Time: 1:46:05

Happy Running Weekend!!


Run Jess Run said...


I thought Balloon Boy's dad was on house arrest?? (My source is the Bob & Tom show...)

I'm not jealous that you guys got 12 in of snow. I'm sure the same will happen to us over here, especially since I'm on spring break and I'm not going anywhere warm & sunny.

Anonymous said...

hardcore with those mile repeats! my max is 6 and i definitely don't think i could have eeked out another one. rock on girl!

good luck with the 22 miler tomorrow. as much as 20+ sucks it feels so good to go over that 20 mark.

and i hope your allergies clear up. i'm dying over here too!

DRog said...

Hi, I'm Derek I'm a, great post... I have been helped immensley by the training blogs over the last two months (I found them while searching Tri info) and just noticed yours.

Download the Garmin info it's pretty cool
(if you are numbers person like me) and not super difficult...I ran into a couple of issues and emailed their tech support and voila' they fixed my issue now I love using it....I'm impressed you are running Boston! nice work...GL on your runs!

Marlene said...

That's a lotta speedy mile repeats!! I can't even imagine.... good for you!

Enjoy Spring Break!!

Sherri said...

wow! wow! wow! I am not worthy! You run a ton of miles...I need to know all the garmin and blackberry stuff too! Have a GReat spring vacation!

elaine said...

Based on this, I'm going to finally say what I've been wanting to say for a very long time for you...your marathon times are way too slow...I'm wondering if you would be any more tired if you upped the speed? I know you don't believe in Yasso 800s....but you just did mile repeats that way beat the Yassos. Is some of this in your head or do you have too much experience with slower times? I know, I know, I don't know anything; I really believe the mind can work for us or against us.

ShutUpandRun said...

Balloon boy's dad is such a loser. I hope he enjoys wearing his little anklet for a long long time.

Have a great and relaxing spring break. Run well, rest well. Let's talk when I get back and plan a run. Can't believe Boston is so close!! Butterflies for you.

Running and living said...

Those mile repeats are impressive Jill! They outta bring your confidence up, no? Go get that 22 miler and you are going to be in great shape. Don't worry about the lower mileage, I ran Boston last year on 30 miles/week average, 3 runs a week! I don't taper 3 weeks off any more, only 2 weeks, particularly since Boston is on a Monday. I am going to reduce my mileage starting next week, though, but only slightly.

ajh said...

Those mile repeats x 7 are mighty impressive. Enjoy your spring break. Hope the snow disappears. We are all so ready for spring.

RobinLK said...

Wow! I see what you mean....YES, you need to get to FLORIDA fast..Unbelievable! (The pic is really beautiful, though) As for the treadmill pace - girl, I would have flown right off the back end! Good gosh! I have the same BB issues... although I just acquired my third one (yes, as in two before this one) this week. That's three in 8 months and still lots of functions I have no idea how to do/use. Maybe I'm thinking it's not a permanent relationship since it keeps going belly up on me?? Not sure... So I'm starting spring break and you're having a snow day? That's just funny.

HUGS from Orlando!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

good mileage this week after coming off the atl half Mary! what is your goal finish time for Boston? have a nice last long run this weekend!

Michelle said...

Let me know how the downloading goes! I too have had my 405 for WAY too long and haven't taken the time to download it. I'm sure it is awesome!

Char said...

I'm guessing from the snow that you had a little snow ( I actually DID read the post and didn't just look at the pictures) It's a beautiful pic. Have a great Spring break.

Melissa said...

You are a beast!
Let me know if you have trouble with the Garmin download. I'd be glad to help!

Unknown said...

A picture like that makes me so happy I live in the desert. Burrrrrr!!

Unknown said...

Look at that snow, I can't believe it!

Jillie, you need to learn the download thing, it's so cool! They even have videos on how to do it on their sight...that's what I do for fun, watch Garmin videos.
Anyway, nice job with the repeats and good luck with the 22 miler! Stay tough and strong and don't give into the fatigue(so, I've been obsessed with the article by Matt and it's actually helping!)!
Hang in there girl, it's SPRING BREAK! Time for rest, fun, running and good times!! I know I'm ready :)!
Be good, girl!

Jennifer said...

Jill, Wow on the snow thing. Bummer, but it is pretty! Your Boston, no-plan training sounds crazy but you are doing the no-plan well, so maybe it's not really a no-plan? Ha, now I am confused. Well, good job anyway, I think you are doing fantastic!

Katie A. said...

Spring Break? What's that? Haha, enjoy your time off! And way to be speedy!! You're 22 miler will be fine - just ENJOY it!

Oh, AND I just figured out how use symbols on my crackberry and I got it last summer!
On the bottom row of keys, near the space bar, their is a key that says SYM, that has all the symbols that aren't on the keyboard. And if you want to use the symbols on your keyboard, you have to use the ALT key then the corresponding symbol on the key above the letter! Hahaha! Hope this helps!

misszippy said...

I am bowing down to you right now--7 X 1 miles? Awesome! Hope your 22 goes well.

Badgergirl said...

Cleaning bathrooms is not allowed on Spring Break. Downloading Garmin info and figuring out that $ key on the Blackberry are much more important. :)

Hope the 22-miler goes well!

M2Marathon said...

I love how fast you did those!! Amazing!! And in retrospect, it seems I am doing all my miles these days at Junk Mile pace....and the snow has not helped my track workouts the last couple weeks!

Julie said...

Hi Jill,
Holy crap, you got a ton of snow!! Pretty picture but I am sure you are like me and want the snow to go away:) Wow Jill, your mile repeats are so impressive!! I feel like such a baby for almost passing out on my faster 1 mile run:) I can't imagine running 7 of those babies in a row!! You rock and this is why you are going to Boston:)

Enjoy your spring break and have some fun with the kids!!

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

Nice job on the ROCK!!!

That's a lot of snow for this time of year. (Maybe not where you live, but it just seems wrong from my viewpoint.)

Glenn Jones said...

My calendar says end of March. Which parallel universe are you living in that it snows in late March? Wow!

Anonymous said...

That's a great picture, but not so fun I am sure!

Anonymous said...

Wow that pic looks like ones I took just a month or so ago!

Balloon boy dad= loser. Proof any old ass can have a kid!

AZ said...

Great speed workout, hope your 22 miler went well.

HappyTrails said...

Awesome run on the mill Jill! That is some good speed work. Too bad we can't run outside much the last two weeks... Love the Armageddon Snow pic - After this latest one Friday, we are about to have some sort of mental breakdown!!! Hope your long run goes well - enjoy the sun.

Velma said...

Way to rock the run!!! Yes, go to the garmin site - it is fun!!! Let us know wat the $ sign does on the blackberry.

Sherri said...

I know I already commented! But somehow I forgot to tell you that you are Incredible! 7 mile repeats under 7 min. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

The Boring Runner said...

Yeah, you have to go to the garmin site and download your data. It is pretty fun. Even the program that they give you on CD is pretty good too. (of course, I just love numbers)

Nice work on cranking out the 800s!!

NY Wolve said...

Seeing that snow just makes me cringe. No more snow this year. Please.

Ahh, the Garmin download. I hope it goes smoothly. I feel like I am a Garmin veteran. Love it, want to throw it up agai9nst a wall. Three words when you are done: back it up.

C2Iowa said...

The snow is too much. I have seen enough for this year.

Let me know how the Garmin download goes.

Great interval run!

Heather said...

Seven mile repeats?!? You are one hardcore chica. Way to go!

LMC said...

Hi Jill,
Do you know that you are having a birthday next month? :) You have some pretty fab fans in the bloggy universe. Very impressive! Your 7X1 mile repeats are also pretty darn impressive and inspiring. Nice job! Good luck with the rest of your training for Boston!

Jenn said...

What the hell Jill!! I've never run 7 mile repeats under 7 minutes. You are doing great! Sure hope that brings up your confidence a bit. Knock off that 22 miler and you'll be good to go! Almost Boston, almost your birthday!! Woohoo!

LMC said...

Hi Jill,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do not have any family in Crested Butte. We were there years ago for a ski trip and have always wanted to get back. So, what better reasons to go back than to run a marathon and do some hiking. I'm really looking forward to it, even though it's 6 months away.
Thanks for the suggestion on the May marathon and planning/fighting for the fall. That's the same thing my hubby said. I'm gonna have to go with that, I just need to get it through my thick skull. Take care!

Katie said...

Nice repeats! Sounds like you're doing great! That snow looks nuts btw...we're getting lots of rain. Thank goodness it's not snow.