Saturday, January 31, 2009

There's a place I go when I'm alone...

My favorite place to run, by all means, is over at Cherry Creek State Park; it's right in my backyard practically. I am blessed; truly, I am. I don't have to drive there (though mostly I do cuz I live at the top of a big hill and I'm always too lazy to run up it after a hard run. Plus, I'd rather spend more time running in the park than an extra mile and back (thus two) in the neighborhood). I haven't been to the park much lately with my crazy schedule this week and all so I hopped on over today; it was a gorgeous day, 62 degrees, slight wind, and sunny. Perfect!! You can see the entire front range from this park and one never tires of it. Ever. There are paved trails and dirt trails; I generally opt for the dirt unless conditions call for them to be too muddy. Today was a tad muddy in spots as the frozen ground was thawing, but not too un-managable. The picture doesn't do it justice (and yes, I actually remembered my camera, it's not from my cell phone. It was just sooo bright out). My knees prefer the dirt over cement and you can literally run for hours on all the trails surrounding the park.
Though I run a lot at CC Park with my friends, it's THE place I love to go when I run alone because it is here I am filled with the happiness and peace of time spent in nature.
And just to prove that is was very toasty, I took a pic of my sleeveless shirt. In January! God, I love Colorado (most of the time). Wow, look at those shoulder muscles!!! All that time at the gym is paying off?? :). I have definitely lost all my summer tan!
I am going to try to take a quick nap, do some major studying, to the gym for some weight training... and then who knows what tonight!
Happy last day of January to all!
7 Miles run; maybe 8:30 pace
Weights: 1 (arms, legs, shoulders)
2 miles treadmill sprints (sic)

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Pink Gloves

I'm about to go hit the elliptical trainer. I know I always write after I workout but I am so tired and not sure I'll have the strength! 45 minutes scheduled on the trainer and I vow to do it. I am, after all, pretty devoted and loyal to my plan :). Met my friend, Karen, tonight; we were going to go to the movies but 'Slum Lord...' was sold out so we went with plan B to the mall, which was right across the street, and have dinner. I should have taken my camera...darn it... cuz we went into this store called 'Lucy', which is a workout clothing and accessories store for women, and they had PINK boxing gloves!! I'm not kidding - 30 bucks! Wow! I know there's not many people that have a heavy bag for boxing in their house but I do; Brendan used to love to box (he still does but is seriously lacking motivation right now *sigh*). It's hanging from my basement ceiling. Okay, it's not in an ideal location; it was once in my rec room but it fell out of the ceiling and I had to find a stud to hang it and the only place I could find a stud was in the storage room. Therefore, it doesn't get used often as you have to manipulate too many barriers to get to it. So my goal, in the next month, is to move it back out to the rec room where I have to walk by it daily .... or daily IF I need to use the treadmill. Anyway, temptation to buy them was pulling at me but I resisted; the blue ones I currently share with Brendan will have to suffice for awhile. Unless Rob suddenly wants me to start boxing with him, THEN the pink ones will become mandatory....despite Rob telling me that there wasn't something right with pink boxing gloves (I'm sorry, but there's something always right with anything pink)! I wish I had my camera so you knew I wasn't kidding .....I will try to do that sometime this week if I'm over that way! Had dinner at this new place called 'The White Chocolate Grill'.....I can't eat a lot of stuff on it right now cuz of my protein diet but I did have a great salad with chicken on it. The service wasn't the best but the place is pretty cool inside (check out the bar!). And IF you can eat dessert, they have some pretty awesome variations of white chocolate dishes. I didn't have any. I swear!

Karen scared the crap outta me with the test for the AFAA personal training certification I'm doing next weekend; she's taken it and said it's very tricky. Ugh. Guess it's time to get my nose to the grid and get reading!

Met another couple long-lost West Higher on Facebook tonight :)

Okay, off to do some ellipticaling!!

Cross training: 1 Elliptical Trainer

Thursday, January 29, 2009

In With The New

My new Runners' World came in the mail today - always puts a smile on my face. Though I did read today on one of the Facebook running groups today that subscribing to Runners' World is lame. Whatever. I'm an information junkie and read it cover to cover. I've never really cared what other's think...I love it and will probably always be a subscriber; it makes my day when it comes in the mail.

I'm too tired to really think much so I thought I'd share this little bit of information from my new addition of Runners' World, entitled: InWithTheNew: Boost Nutrients and flavor with easy substitutions for your favorite foods. I thought it was kinda interesting. So here ya' go:
Old: Salmon
New: Barramundi
More Omega 3's; free of antibiotics, mercury, and PBC's.

Old: Peanut Butter
New: Almond Butter
Same amount of fat but twice the amount of monounsaturated fat, which helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Packs more bone-building minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus and more vitamin E.

Old: Brown Rice
New: Quinoa
No other grain has more protein (8 gm per cooked cup), hefty amount of carbs, more magnesium, folate, iron and fiber.

Old: Spaghetti
New: Soba Noodles
Has phytochemical rutin. Rutin halt the expansion body-fat cells and lower blood-fat levels, helping protect the heart. Also has a higher content of sodium so it's suggested to eat them after a sweaty, long run to replace electrolyte.

Old: Beef
New: Bison
Lower in saturated fat and rich in protein, 5 oz has almost 1/3 of a runners' daily needs. Higher iron levels and higher iron produced more hemoglobin and hemoglobin carries oxygen to your muscles to help power your stride.

So there ya' go. I was talking to a runner friend today and was in awe over what they ate for dinner; we live in totally different nutrition worlds. They will not find this bit of information informative whatsoever. You know who you are; I won't name names. Me, on the other hand, was very excited about it. Especially the almond butter!

Got up early and did 45 minutes on my elliptical trainer. Okay, I hate the treadmill...I'd rather run outside in a blizzard...but sometimes necessity warrants the treadmill and I've succumbed to it many times this week. But the elliptical trainer, or 'et' as my daughter calls it...well, that's kinda okay. One nice thing was that I could surf the tv easier as I wasn't dying while running. What I found is that at 5:30 in the morning, there are 5 exercise related shows (none of which has more than 4% body fat - total) and this show my now 23-year old niece used to watch: Girls Gone Wild. Okay, my curiosity was peaked so I watched about 5 minutes. Devin used to like this show? It's about this big truck driving around, searching the entire U.S. for the wildest bar. AND....they were in IOWA CITY (I grew up in Iowa...we never has parties like this!!! Did we???) !! Anyway, not to be too graphic but I'm sure if you are of the male species, you'd love this show. Me, not so much. I ended up watching some real crime scene show; forensic science held a little more interest me than a bunch of college age kids drinking :). Met Rob for more weight training (my arms are going to look like ... I don't know....not my own, that's for sure) and treadmill sprints, which Rob had aptly named: SIC (Speed Interval Cardio). I still like the name treadmill sprints ... cuz yeah, that's what they are. Which reminds me of Elaine asking me about neural training. I googled that and think that these SIC's (aka: treadmill sprints) are similar: short burts of fast running. I'll have to dig deeper and find out.

2 miles run
Cross training: 1
Weights: 1, arms

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Facebook Running

I knew I was playing with fire when I made the comment last night on my blog that I slept well...cuz last night, I didn't. I have learned to adjust well to 5.5 hours but anything less, I tend to get a whee bit cranky. I don't know what prompts these on-again-off-again sleepless habits. I know what can keep me awake once I am, but what's waking me initially? Anyway, tonight I'm so tired that I feel pretty confident that I will sleep well.

I have not had much time to get on Facebook today but wow...what a world of running stuff I have found. Not only stuff, but PEOPLE!! Two of my favorite running-writers are there, also found a marathon moms group, and Maureen Roben; a local Denver running coach - she has helped me so much with her marathon wisdom. I can't wait to pick her brain about Boston - ha. I NEED to read that PT book this weekend but I do plan to spend some time investigating more running on Facebook. A huge hug to Becky, my friend and haircut miracle worker (thought not much miracles happening with this mess), who has given me so much insight to ... as she says "wasting time" on Facebook :). Becky, my hair is slowly getting longer, but will I ever get the 10" for 'Locks for Love'? And man, where did all this gray come from?? Help!

Got up and ran 5 (intention was 6 but I was so dog-tired that I just struggled getting going and ran out of time before I had to be at school) in an 8:20 pace. Felt pretty good...tiredness has a way of playing havoc with your running. I did get a VERY brief nap after school for a bit before I had to run off to work on my website. It's coming along pretty well I think; my cousin needs to get on and do his magic with his photographic skills. But I think it's at least functional now. After website training session, I came home and then did 6x800's. They went better than I thought...but I could tell my bed was calling me. Off to bed now....I'm already in my covers and ready to close my computer. Okay, I may have a quick comment to make on Facebook first. :)

10 miles run: 5 at 8:20 pace a.m., 5 miles intervals in p.m.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling good...

Man....I don't think I moved the entire night while sleeping last night; usually I'm up about 500 times and many days, I start my day at 3 a.m. Progress? I hope so. Probably more like a fluke. Do you ever get overly-exhausted to the point where you just can't sleep? I think there's an official diagnosis for this...I'll have to ask the school nurse tomorrow, but anyway I have this issue a lot. Not last night. I woke up at 5:10 and laid there in the peace and quiet for about 5 minutes, thinking about my day ahead, enjoying the stillness before the onslaught of crazies hit. I ran a strong 5 miles at an 8:20 pace....but I am finding that there is NOTHING good on tv at 5:15 in the morning and this morning treadmill stuff is killing me solely for the sheer boredom! Today I watched Denise Austin's 'Get Fit' or something of the sorts. Sad. I felt like I had to jump off the treadmill and find my aerobic step.
This is me when I'm typically writing. Like now. Lying in bed with my laptop on my legs....couldn't be anything more comfy!
Met Marie and Renee today .... they are doing awesome! I am very proud of them.
Met Rob for more weight training and treadmill speedwork. I had a very rough time with my arms today...they are very tired ....and obviously very weak. I will trust his judgement and continue w/o complaint. And remember Rob, a comment isn't a complaint, it's just and fyi; something for your internal database to store so when making up future plans, you'll smile when you make me do them again.
7 miles run (5 in a.m.; 2 treadmill sprints)
Weights: 1- arms .. ugh.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Monday

Isn't that a song? From eons ago? I woke up feeling pretty well, despite not getting as much beauty sleep as I had hoped. Tonight's the goal to catch up. Got up and ran 5 miles at an 8:20 pace. That actually felt really good and no sore body parts of screaming knees. Yes!!!!

I've become a facebook addict, just like my Alabama friend, Shari. I think I'm going to join her in rehab. Actually, I know almost nothing about facebook and was intrigued how my friend, Becky, threw a snowball at me. Huh? I managed to throw one back at her but I have no idea how to initiate anything like that. I can't get on the thing at work (gee, do they think that we should only WORK at work??? :) ) so I came home and found all sorts of long-lost friends, including my next-door neighbor from when I was just a kid. Wow! We used to do everything together...wild memories there! Anyway, find me on facebook and drop me a note....or throw a snowball!

Met Rob and did some arm/leg/core weights and some treadmill sprints. Felt good...I just have weak arms :P. But I think I'm getting stronger...I know I'm getting stronger.

7 miles run; 5 miles in the a.m., 2 treadmill sprints
Weights: 1

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week 4 Totals:

This week running mileage: 45 miles
Total mileage for 2009: 140 miles
This week weight training: 4 (wow!!)
This week cross training: 1 (two halves equal one!)

Could Sunday be any lazier?

Okay....well, I did go to the gym and swim a few laps. A few. I had a headache and decided my body just needed a rest. I got caught up on some writing, laundry, grocery shopping and unfortunately, added myself to Facebook - per Meg's constant hounding! I still love ya, Meg. It's not that I am opposed to Facebook, it's just a time thing - I have a big ole book to read before my personal training class and I have procrastinated it way too long! I have a nice, slow week (aside from dinner on Wed. night with my aunt and niece) with nothing pressing so I'll take advantage and read. Within the first half hour of adding my profile to Facebook, I got about 10 messages and I was just having too much fun catching up! I had to pull myself off; I have too much to do for school tomorrow.

My legs and body feel well from yesterday's long run -yahooooo!!! I'm just tired today. I'm so glad we ended up running long yesterday; today was a miserable day outside. It kinda reminded me of those Iowan winters; cold and damp ....oh, sorry to my Iowa friends :).

A new week...

Cross train: a few laps swimming and a shower!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

22 And Good Enough

I had a good enough 22-miler today. Instead of running a long run every week and my body taking 3 days to fully recover and I miss out on prime training, I'm attempting a long run every 3-weeks to allow the in between time to focus more on strength training. My trainer thinks it's going to make me a stronger runner. I'll keep up this plan for awhile but as the Boston clock ticks louder, I'm going to have to revamp this plan and go to every other week or so (we'll evaluate/negotiate in a few weeks); but for now my plan is to add a couple long-run miles every 3-weeks. Since I did that frigid 20-miler three weeks ago today's endurance test was 22. I opted to fore go the usual CC park to downtown long route routine to instead venture over to Waterton Canyon. The canyon is about 20 minutes from me in the foothills of SW Denver; it is breathtaking! It's also very hot, in summer, so it's not a place I frequent. It makes it that much more special when I do and today was no exception. Waterton is also a challenge in that there is no water along the trail. This is the downside as my hydration "issues" warrant me to carry two water bottles. This hurts my back; evident by today. Waterton Canyon also has the largest herd of lower-elevation Big Horn Sheep and it's pretty rare that I run up there and do not see them. Today we came upon them just after mile 1, there were probably about 8 sitting on the edge of some rocks. I am always in awe over these magnificent creatures, watching them in their natural environment just takes my breath away. Though I had good intentions of bringing my camera, I once again forgot it and thus the embedded pictures are from my cell phone - sorry. This Sheep is at the top near the tree; he kinda blends in with the rocks so look carefully!

The start of our run today was cold and I was overly-accessorized with way too many items that left me constantly readjusting/fixing everything on my body for the first 6 mile: 3 shirts; shorts underneath pants; gloves underneath wind-blocked mittens; my pink hat that wouldn't stay snapped in the back every time I tried to pull it lower on my head; my over-stretched elastic ponytail-holder that was no longer performing it's intended duty of holding my hair in a ponytail. The glove/mitten combination was proving the absolute worst - every time I had to readjust something, I had to take them off and to get them back on, I had to put them on one at a time (put the glove on then the mitten) and the thumbs of the gloves were being very difficult and not cooperating by nicely fitting into the thumbs of the mitten. When I had to get my Accelerade out of my pack, I had to twist the entire pack around to the front so I could access the contents. This, in turn, screwed up the position of my iPod and my bandana so I'd have to spend time getting them back into proper position. Needless-to-say, just to go the first 6 miles was taking forever. My friends told me I had too many accessories. Ha.

Dennis told me a story about a time he and his family were in Mexico and went to a sea turtle habitat and had to attend a briefing before viewing the endangered creatures and how they weren't suppose to take pictures of them because the flash of the camera apparently is harmful somehow to them (he took some pictures anyway... and got an earful from bystanders shaming them for their lack of following the rules). This reminded me of the time we were in Hawaii and went to go snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. We had to watch a video on the frailness of the coral reef and while viewing (from the front row), I suddenly got wheezy and passed out cold. I have problems with motion sickness; the informative video showed way too many moving objects (this also reminded me of the time I was in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas a million years ago and went to see the movie 'Speed' on the IMAX theater; I saw about 10 minutes of it before spending a half hour in the Caesars Palace bathroom puking. Not an ideal situation when trying to impress a new guy in my life at the time. No wonder it didn't work :) ).

Got to the top of the canyon, finally, and it was warming up fast. There is a dam up there that, in summer, has all this water flowing over the top; pretty spectacular! Not so much water gushing today but there must be water coming from somewhere because there are some pretty cool ice falls.

As we turned and went back down, the wind was merciless and literally slowing my pace to a crawl. The turn-around back is more downhill and usually easier than the way up but that wind was uncompromising. I thought of Dallas and the intense winds there and I told my friends: Can you say 'Dallas Marathon?' The winds hounded us about 4 miles until we could finally turn the corner and get a breather. These winds dogged us last week at the 10-mile race; I guess it's either the locale or the time of year - maybe both....but man, ugh! I didn't lolly-gag by fixing all my body adornments on the way down but I couldn't wait to get to the car at mile 12, I was going to drop-ship many items. The only time I recall stopping on the way back was about mile 11 when this tiny rock in my shoe was annoying me to no end and I'd had enough of it's persistent irritation. Dennis also had been having some calf problems so really, I was only thinking of him by stopping so he could stretch his calf muscle :). We made some good time on the way down.

The canyon is 6 miles up and then, of course, 6 down giving only a total of 12 miles. I needed more. I debated whether or not to run 5 back up to give me the 10 additional miles I needed but instead, I opted to take the trail over to Chatfield Reservoir (the location of last weeks' infamous 10-miler). It's probably been 8 or 9 years since I've been on this trail; the freshness of the unfamiliar was pulling at me more than the canyon again. Though I love the canyon, I didn't want to deal with it anymore. My back was also starting to really ache. At the car, I unloaded what felt like 10-pounds of "accessories": my long pants, a shirt, and my mittens. Got more water and a new bandana (nothing like a lot of wind to make your nose run!) and headed North on the trail to Chatfield. The sun was out and the skies turned their ever-so-intoxicating deep blue I love so much. I felt revived. For a bit. My knees were bothering me a little in the canyon and once we started back out again, they decided they didn't want to be ignored. Dennis ran with me for a couple miles then turned around; his plans only called for 16 miles and his calf was really bothering him. I was left alone...and that's okay sometimes. On unfamiliar ground, I came to a Y in the road and didn't know which way to go. I went one way only to soon discover I was at a livery and nowhere to run so I turned around and took the other part of the Y. My back was bothering me and my knees were shouting louder. I stopped and took some Accelerade, some sport beans, walked for about 2 minutes then started off again. The trail I was on eventually came to a T-intersection on the exact same trail I ended my 10-miler on last week. Who'd have known! I got to the finish line of last weeks' infamous race, ran through the parking lot, and then decided I had enough; it was time to go back. I still had about 5 miles to the car and I just took it slow and plodded along. I thought about things in my life where I've been lost and listened to their echos; time passed quickly and I forget about my knees. I felt better the last 4 miles of my run today than I had almost the entire 18 before; I felt that I could plug along at this leisurely pace for another hour if I had to (if my back pain would slightly ease up; I will pack Aleve next time). My knees cried uncle and actually gave up their assiduous discontent and I suddenly felt fabulous. I refused to give up and let the torch go out; today was good enough and I made it to the end feeling elated.

It is indeed possible to just be good enough in the midst of getting better.

22 miles run

Friday, January 23, 2009

Winter's Back

Man, it is cold here again! I walked out of the gym about 8:00 tonight in my running shorts and eeks - burrrr! I guess one acclimates to this frigid temperature if it stays cold through the winter (except for me, I lived in the good ole Mid-West and I never want to live through an Iowa winter again thanks!), but as I stated, it was 71 merely days ago; how does one's body ever adjust? Anyway, I know it can be much worse so I'll try not to complain. Tomorrow's long run of 22 is going to be a challenge in many directions - weather being one. But I welcome the test.

Ran a few miles today at an 8:00 pace. It wasn't too bad, but I had enough by mile 4. Watched 'The 70's Show' on the treadmill at the gym; what a great show. I don't think I've ever seen an entire episode but Abbey likes to watch it so I've caught bits and pieces. For anyone that grew up in 70's, ya' gotta watch it. Funny! Did some ab weights at the gym; Felt good, arms a tad sore from yesterday's workout though. In an overall kinda tired funk tonight.

My tooth hurts tonight. I've been sneezing all day. Errr. I'm really tired .. my writing is indicative of such.

I will try to remember to bring my camera tomorrow; am planning on running Waterton Canyon and either Roxbourough or Chatfield....all very gorgeous!!

4 Miles Run
Weights: abs

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's a Thursday

Four days after that feeble attempt at my first 2009 race, my legs actually feel like mine. Finally! Taking the day off running (aside from some treadmill sprints after weight training) certainly helped.

I had a little chat with Marie AND Renee today about falling off the wagon. Were the planets all misaligned yesterday or was it just the 3 of us that couldn't get our acts together and follow plan? I can go for weeks making wise choices about food, and then, it's like I hit a slump or have a day where I am just not there. It happens so innocuously that I don't notice it a subtle drift on a boat or raft, only to lift your head and find the shore seemingly miles away. I started out yesterday doing okay yet before I went to bed, I had eaten about every sugar-related food I could find in the entire school (without actually hitting the cafeteria - ick) and my pantry (which, according to my daughter, all we have in it is "crap" food. For an 18-year old, that means no junk-food. Still, I managed to find chocolate chips and dipped 'em in peanut butter ... very good indeed!). I told both Marie and Renee that I understood their day - I had my very own. But today was a new day and I got some much needed sleep and woke up with a a new disposition. Today was a much better day!! I hope my little pep-talk helped the girls, too, and they are sleeping well tonight!

Felt much stronger today doing my weight workout and my treadmill sprints were good. Had a hard time catching my breath after each one but I thought I ran them well. Tomorrow is a tough day.

Looks like our record high temps are soon to be just memories.....cold snap set to come tonight.

2 miles run; treadmill sprints
weight: shoulders

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's A Record

A record high of 71 in the Mile High City! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to run outdoors; I had to go to work. I could have run after work, considering I have the luxury of leaving work early every afternoon, but I opted to get my interval work done before the birds are chirping. Oh, no birds chirping in January, it just feels like it's June. Anyway, I got up at 5:00 this morning and did 8x800's. Scheduled plan was to do them at a 7:45 pace. I did one at this pace and I couldn't even get my HR up so I elected instead to do them at 7:35; even that pace seemed pretty easy for intervals. Maybe my legs are on the mend and starting to feel like they want to run again. My diet today was atrocious; I was feeling a huge sugar low and I compensated by over-indulging in the evil. Guess if you rid your body of such toxins too quickly, it counteracts by craving it that much more? Don't know. Tomorrow is a run-rest day; I will eat better!

6 miles run; intervals

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day - Go Obama!

I can't believe how incredibly fortunate we are here in Denver right now with this gorgeous weather!!! January 20th and 70 degrees. It's short-lived, of course, but one must take advantage! Having the day off work certainly helps. I haven't been over to CC State Park in awhile so needed a little fix with my favorite trails; the place is magical and filled with almost 13 years of cherished memories. I don't own a nice Garmin GPS watch, though I'd like to (but would I ever learn how to figure out all the gadgets? My HR monitor is challenging enough; I need to reformat it and I have anxiety just thinking about it; instead, I let it annoyingly steadily beep because it's indicating I'm way out of my zone...when I'm really not. I somehow tell myself that the constant beeping is telling me that at least my heart hasn't stopped! :) ) so I leave the guess work of pacing up to either my HR monitor,, or just how I feel (or when I get the fortunate opportunity to run with someone that owns a fancy watch. I think Dennis gets sick of me asking, "what's our pace?" every 30 seconds! I actually am learning a lot with his little device as I try to guess the pace according to how fast I "feel" before I ask and see how far off I am) . The first half of this run (2.6 miles), HR, legs and heavy breathing indicated that I was running a quick clip. Runstoppable told me average of 7:55. This is probably true. But my quads were still hurting (yes, I know. Sad!) and turning around is more uphill than it's predecessor so I was struggling a little more on the way back. I think the second half was about 8:30. So averaging the two out, I was able to hit my 8:15 mark. I'm sure that this wasn't Rob's intent when he made my schedule; I'm certain he wanted me at an even 8:15 pace ...but sometimes, good enough is just enough. I will continue to work on it.

Went to the gym to work with Marie early afternoon. She had some limited restrictions and couldn't workout long and Renee couldn't make it period so I opted to exercise my paid gym access by doing something myself. The inaugural parade was on and that alone was excuse enough to hop on the elliptical trainer for 20 minutes and watch. What a historic day; I will always remember this day... on the et...watching Obama's high school marching band and his proud, radiant smile.... Anyway, added some ab and arm weights and called it a day.

5 miles run
Cross training: 1 (probably more like 1/2)
Weights: 1

Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Week

As my friend, Meg, from Iowa titled her email to me today, yes it is "a new week." I'll just chalk up last week as a lesson learned. I don't think I would have had issues with the whole cut-week had I not had a barrage of other things going on also. So if I end up doing it again, I'll make sure that things are much cleaner on my plate for the week. We'll see.

My feeble time yesterday miraculously landed me 3rd place in my age group. Living in the ungodly fit state of Colorado, which I believe ranks highest amongst the fit of the fit, I am honored with my rank....but still, I know I'm capable of running much better. There's another race, with the exact same course, on February 21st; I may attempt that one to see if it really was cut-week's fault or if I just somehow forgot how to run.

My legs were sore today. Really. Running a pathetic average pace of 8:40 for 10 miles .... left soreness ???? (May I just add that I ran an entire marathon, 26.2 miles, at an 8:38 pace in October). Who'd have guessed! So I went for a 4ish mile run today at just above snail's pace to help shake out the soreness. It had to be close to 60 degrees at 10:15 (I didn't have to work today :)) when I left; I couldn't pass up the day by not running outside. Had good intentions of getting a lot of stuff done around the house today but Abbey and I opted to go see 'Grand Torino' (awesome flick) instead and then I went and worked out with Rob. I am glad to be back on a plan again that is challenging yet doable. Rob stretched my overly sore legs after we did some leg weights - that felt great!! A few treadmill sprints, which were tougher than usual, ended my workout. A great day!

My boys went skiing today with their dad. I don't ski anymore; I get too cold and when I get cold, I get whiny and when I get whiny, no one wants to be around me. I know, it's not a good quality to posses, but I just am so miserable when I'm cold. I can snowshoe or run outside in 0 degrees where I constantly move to keep warm, but riding up on that chairlift where wind cuts right through leaves my fingers and toes sooo cold .... ugh! Anyway, my boys have this obsession with skiing which is evident by easily tackling double black diamond slopes. Wow. Wonder if they can make any $$ of of this passion somehow?!?! Probably as much as I can make running!

6 miles total run (4 easy in a.m., 2 mile treadmill sprints in p.m.)
Weight training: Legs

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week 3 Totals:

This week total: 41 miles
Total for 2009: 95 miles
This week weight training: 2
This week cross training: 1

Nowhere But Up?

There's nothing like a poor race to motivate a runner. Well, except maybe a good one.
Today was race number one of the new year. I wish I could say that it went better than it did....but on the positive side, I really don't think I can do any worse so upward is all I can go from here. And that alone is powerful in its own way :).

Despite what the the picture tells, it really was a nice day; probably about 45 at the start and only got warmer as the hour and twenty some-odd minutes progressed. Glad I did not overdress; it's always such a guessing game. Sitting in the car beforehand, I told Dennis I didn't feel that well; I guess cut week drained me. I decided I'd do the 10 miles regardless and I regretted that by step one. I ran the first mile at 8 on the dot, second at 7:45 (it was downhill), third at 8:20 (it was uphill) and then I decided I had no strength to keep up the pace. I progressivly slowed to a 9:20 crawl by the last mile and I have no idea exactly what my official time was. 1:2somthing (6 maybe?). I just got weaker and weaker as the miles mounted. There was nothing in particular that was aching or hurting or that overall feel of fatigue when you start out too fast and still have many miles left; I just couldn't move my legs any faster; my legs were just there, along for the ride, lacking any speed or power. Bummed? Probably a bit but unlike my partner in crime, I didn't set the 2009 pace bar too high and I feel that despite the ridiculous time, it was good to get the first race of the year underway so that I can grow and improve. Another positive is that my knees performed well. Slight pain in the right but nothing terrible. :)

On the opposite side of the race spectrum, Dennis performed very well and his calf and knees held up great. Yes! I think he ran a 1:11? Something like a 7:06 pace.....which is incredible. Dennis is very competitive internally so I know he's beaming and I have nothing but big smiles for him. I hope he didn't set that proverbial bar too high. My other friend, Jim, did very well also and he learned that one gets very warm running 10 miles from start to finish!! Everyone gets something out of each and every race. I learned that trying to run well at the end of cut week just isn't going to happen.
It's a gorgeous, sunny day here in Denver with blue skies (a few clouds) and 61 degrees at 4:15. It is a beautiful day all around, despite my crummy race time. I have that 'race day tiredness' going on and it feels sooo good; like a shower that cleans your outsides, a race cleanses my innards. Seeing a sub-par time on the results sheet can provide a little spark - I am excited to see how the racing year goes; I think it will be great!
10 miles run

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Academy Day

I'm not sure what's going on with my plan; I'm just winging it for a couple days until I get official word. I ran 5 miles this morning at an unknown pace - I did not wear my watch, I did not wear my iPod. Time with me and me alone; I wanted no distractions. I needed to reflect on the week. It was one of those gorgerous blue-sky filled days that I love so much about Colorado. About 40 degrees so perfect for a run. Didn't feel that great but I hung in there.

Brendan went to the Air Force Academy this moring for training with his boxing group. Wow, it's an amazing facility and Brendan got quite the workout. They got to workout with Rob's boxing coach from the Academy; he was really nice and helped the kids learn a lot of new things. Brendan said he enjoyed his stories. They did some boxing drills and got in the ring some and ended with some obstacle course contraption in the large gym. Brendan loved it! Unfortunately, my camera battery died half way through practice and so I didn't get that many pictures.

I am not feeling that well today; my chest seems tight and I'm just kinda tired. Tomorrow's race will be interesting! My plan is to run the 10-miler but if I feel like I currently do, I will only do the 5. We'll see. However it unfolds, it's the first race of 2009 and I'm excited for the start!

5 miles run

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Little Blondies

Abbey and her dad have been playing with the scanner and scanning pics. She sent me these: I had to share.... these are my babies:

Abbey at daycare, Huntsville, AL, when she was about 3 (now 18)

John playing with playdough

Ryan wiping Brendan's face (good parenting skills are forever forged, right??), on their 2nd birthdays' at Wazee Lounge, downtown Denver (now 13).

Cut Week (modified) - day 5

I got a phone call from my aunt and an email from a dear friend in Iowa; both expressing their concerns over my blog the past couple days. I guess I need to be more cautious of what I write :).

I was stressed beyond belief!

I was not sleeping well; had deadlines to finish where the words weren't flowing right; feeling dizzy; no appetite; home life icky; work the same; website frustrating ... you know, life! I saw this ugly self a week before St. George and before I could identify the same problem here, I was in a complete meltdown.

I'm feeling somewhat better. I got up today and made the kids' lunches, as always, but I did not have to work today as finals were over (I am also off on Monday and Tuesday - yes!), ate some oatmeal, went to workout, and then crawled back to bed for awhile. Had a horrible time sleeping but eventually I did. I got up and felt really weak so I made a peanut butter sandwich. That's the modification stated in my title. I had to get some carbs in, I can't continue on this only protien stuff. My body was becoming foreign and I didn't know what to do. I wasn't getting any feedback from Rob on my dizziness and this was concerning me. He yanked me off this plan all together but I have no plan in place now so I'll modify the cut week plan somewhat to get a few carbs in there so I'll have some energy. I still want my double workouts, though, at least a few days a week and I will keep the protein high...but I need to function, I need a little more zip.

Went downtown and met a friend for a wonderful evening. THANKS! It was great to talk and get my frustrations out; I feel so much better. I took a picture with my cell phone of the beautiful lights on the 16th street mall and the dome of the capital in the background (can you see it?). It's still very pretty downtown from the holidays. As much as I cursed the traffic getting there (I am very spoiled with my 1-mile commute to work), I was so glad I went (50 minutes to get downtown which usually takes 22); it was the antidote I needed to lift my spirits.

I added my daily schedule to my blog at the bottom - be sure to check it out if you want to see what I'm doing for the week in advance.

Brendan's boxing at the US Air Force Academy tomorrow and getting to watch the cadets train; he is thrilled! I am thrilled. Rob told me I could run at the overlook there...but I will probably just watch instead; I want to see Brendan box and I am afraid to run by myself somewhere foreign. I will take some pictures and post tomorrow.

3 miles treadmill sprints
Various arm weights

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cut week - day 4

I would feel extremely guilty if I went to bed without writing...but since it's 11:10 and I had one overly-emotional day, I'm going to be brief. I did not have a good day. This so-called cut week has turned me into a person who I don't understand and I don't like. Last night, I slept the worst I have all week yet today I woke up feeling great. That's weird. Then the oddest thing is that I never felt hungry. This scared me! I went from feeling dizzy to feeling no hunger. My cousin would cringe; he's a diabetic and nuritionist and would absolutely come apart at what I'm doing to my body. But I have a few more days and I will stick with it. I did manage to get my 5-mile run in this morning but nothing else. Long story that I won't go into. I'm going to go take a sleeping pill and hope that I can sleep more than the average 4-hours I have all week.

5 miles at 8:2o

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cut Week - day 3

OMG, it's late!!!! I just finished my newletter article for Rob's website and after losing it the first time around, I ended up spending way more time than I had hoped and well... it's done at least.

Day 3 and I had a rough morning. I had no morning run so got a tiny bit more sleep but once I got to work with only a protein shake in my system, I got really light-headed and a major headache. I guess this is typical. I broke-down and ate a couple crackers with peanut butter. I couldn't help it, I had to function; it was the first day of finals and I had a lot to do! Met Dennis for some serious website editing (I'm not sure I contributed anything other than: "I'm really tired"; "These lights are really bothering my eyes"; "My head hurts "; "I don't like that color"; "Can you move that over?" and other non-contributing 5 word sentences). After a couple hours, Dennis concurred I was tired by stating I looked it, so we ended our website session and I drove home, picked up Abbey, and off to the gym. I hoped the gym workout would revive me; I still had to write Rob's newsletter (the one I lost earlier. Me and technology are not a good pair!). It did - somewhat! I did 25 minutes of elliptical trainer and 15 minutes of rowing. As much as I love to row, it hurts my back. I'm sure my technique falters somewhere to a point of either 'awful' or 'poor' after a few minutes. I had a great salad at Panera, though, so all was not a total blah day. Tomorrow's a tough day and it's well after 11:00 and I haven't even started to think about what I am going to eat. I need to get up in a couple hours so off to bed I go.

Cross training: elliptical trainer, rowing machine.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cut Week - day 2

This will be brief: I'm tired; I had a very long day; it's 10:00 and I just got home; and I have eggs on the stove I need to not let over-boil.

Day 2. Doing okay but had an odd sensation of just feeling very light-headed this morning. Got up and did 6 miles at an 8:20 pace. It was a struggle at first but I pushed through it and persevered. When I got to work, though, I just didn't feel right. I ate my banana but it wasn't enough. I hung in there and had some green tea and lots of water. At 9:30, I ate my cereal with blueberries and wow...I felt so much better. That was not a fun experience. Had an interesting day at work, one of those days you just wish would end so you could just go home and start over the next day. Got home, got my stuff together and headed off to CPR class. CPR class you ask? Didn't I finish that last week? Yes, well ... that was the plan. But remember that allergy attack I had and I took that Benedryl? I came home and crashed and whaaala...I woke up and it was 45 minutes past the start of class. Luckly, I landed in another class tonight. So now I am "officially" CPR/First Aid/AED certified. Woohoo. Went to the rec center after class and met Marie to help her work out. That was good, she is fun and I think it will go well. Yes. Then, at 8:40, I tried to do 6x800's at a 7:30 pace. Just was NOT going to happen. I could not get my legs to move and I my breathing was so off. I slowed to a 7:40 pace and that was better but I still was suffering - greatly!!! I finished but it was NOT NOT NOT pretty! They did get some cool treadmills at the rec center though (I hav not been there in ages!) where you can monitor your running on a live track. It was really cool. That provided a little distraction! So I'm off to bed now and I hope and pray I sleep well cuz tomorrow is day 3 and day 3 is less challening workout-wise, but a lot more challening eating-wise.

6 miles at 8:20
6x800's at 7:40
(5 miles total with warm up and cool down)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cut Week - day 1

So here's the scoop: I'm trying to cut my weight and body fat FAST. So my trainer, Rob, has me on what he calls "cut week" and I am coming upon the finish of day 1. Ran 5 miles at an 8:20 pace this morning early (that would be 'before work'). My legs were tired from yesterday's tough run and I was struggling. I couldn't get into a groove and my breathing was so off. I had nothing to keep my mind distracted from how hard it was; it's not like there's anything on tv at 5:10 a.m. and I was spending way too much time channel surfing. I went upstairs and got my iPod and wow...what a difference that made. I can get into a zone so much easier (most of the time, not all!) if I can just put my music on and listen to the words...some lyrics are so powerful and they draw you in and distract you from the task at hand. I finished my run, ate my apple, and rushed off to work. National Weather Forecast called for 1-2" of snow. Since my daughter's school was closed (private Catholic), I knew this forecast had to be off; when I left for work, we had about 5". It took me 14 minutes to go 1 mile, that's how bad it was. I know all my far-commuter friends feel so sorry for me. I ate my cold scrambled eggs (okay, I'm going to have to hard boil them, that was disgusting even after microwaving them for a minute) and later my chicken spinach salad and I felt good. Came home, ate my oatmeal and then went for another workout. 20 minutes of treadmill sprints followed by some fast weight training on all my body parts. The sprints were okay, not as fresh (obviously) as others have been but I did them and got to 11.0 on the treadmill. Came home and ate chicken and broccoli. A protein shake later today and that's day one of my reduced diet/increased workout "cut week." I think it's going to go well!!!

Run: 7 miles
Weights: all parts

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week Two Mileage Totals

This weeks total: 26 miles
Total for 2009: 54 miles
This week weight training: 2
This week cross training: 1

Jan 11th

Maybe I should start titling my titles with something other than the date? Hum, a thought.

Today was an awesome run! I ran with my training partner, Dennis, and we went over to the Highline Canal for a hard (hard for me. Easy for him) 12-miler. After a quick discussion, Rob told me 1:45 1/2 marathon pace. Hum I think my "goal" for my next half marathon is to run a 1:45, that's an 8-minute mile. Yikes. Not today! I felt good: my knees were being nice today and my legs felt fresh so things were good. But my breathing felt off and I was coughing a lot. Still having some of that sinus stuff and allergy stuff going on...not sure if that was the culprit of my breathing issues or what. Anyway, ran about 8:20 - 8:35 pace the first 6. Dennis' calf, which has been dogging him since he attempted the Denver marathon in September, was doing well (YES!); I think both of us were thinking ,without actually saying, how grateful we were for the agreeing body parts today. As we turned and ran the 6 back, I told Dennis I wanted to pick up the pace some; the wind was behind us and the topography was slightly (and I stress the word 'slightly') downhill. I wanted to see if my legs had enough strength in them to keep up another 6 at a quicker clip. I think we did well, Dennis' snazzy watch was reading about 8:10-8:15. With a mile and a half left to go, I told him I wanted to go about 8:05 to the end and I'd be his wingman and follow in behind him. I'm not sure how it happened, but we ran that first mile in a 7:30. Huh??? Hum Dennis, what happened to me following you in at an 8:05 pace? He told me I just took off and he followed in. I think I need a little chat with him!!!! Anyway, I slowed down with a quarter mile to go and within a couple hundred yards, I just gave up. I think I could have finished at that pace, I was just breathing hard, coughing, and well, I was just done.

So a very good day running: very little knee paid during or after; Dennis had very little calf pain; I ran a hard and strong 12-miler; I was able to wear shorts; I had no freezing hands like last Sunday; I think I'll run strong next Sunday with the 10-miler race I'm doing; My confidence is high; I *think* I can run a 1:45 half marathon "sometime" this year; and I bought Dennis donuts at the gas station and I only had a bite. Yes, it was a great day!

12 miles run
about 8:20ish average pace

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan 10th

Less than 12 hours after I worked out yesterday, I worked out again. Today was leg weight training with Rob...but my legs were tight and my knees weren't cooperating. Tried some hamstring push-ups and my hams instantly cramped on the first one. Stretched and tried again, this time better. Did some half step-ups and my right knee was bothering me. Stopped, stretched, repeat. A little better. Rob thinks that the muscle on my inner quad next to my knee is weak and I'm using the outter muscle to compensate. Ok. Whatever that mean. Also thinks my left leg is weaker than my right. Or was that vice-versa. I don't remember. So he'll research that to figure out what to do; I hope it's the solution for this knee problem. When I went in, my knees were feeling great but something inside me was saying that these weights were going to make them hurt. Yep. Did some treadmill sprints after weight training and those went well; I am breathing a lot better. Got up to 10.7 on the treadmill. Came home, iced my knees, sorted some laundry and headed outside to do some hill sprints. I have this hill near my house that is fairly steep (I have no idea of it's % gradient, I will have to get a friend with a snazy-smazy GPS watch to figure that out for me ). It's been awhile since I have run up and down that thing and since it was a really nice day out (40 degrees and sunny!) I opted for hills vs. more treadmill sprints. I'm not sure of the distance of this hill, a little over a quarter mile. I run up and down and up and down.... repeated 5 times and each time, I tried to run just a bit faster. If my watch and HR monitor are any indication, I was successful. That's good. A guy was out in his yard raking up pine needles as I was going up and down; I think he was wondering what the heck I was doing :).

Icing knees as I type then off to GNC to get more protein powder. Yum! Next week is 'cut week' for me.... trying to get my weight and body fat down fast. Will be interesting to see how to it goes!!!

4 miles run
weights - legs

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9th

Tgif. A long week back at work. A crazy week back at work (someone light off a firecracker today by my office. Scared the gageebees out of me! I thought it was a gun!). I totally spaced going to the trainer to ultrasound my knees after school; I was so anxious to get out of there and my knees have been feeling good lately so I guess the ultrasound just escaped my mind. Next week!

Went to bookclub tonight: Comfort Food. I didn't read the book. I never read the book. I always have good intentions but I just lack the time. Now I have a big-ass personal training book to read for my certification; that alone is going to eat up the next couple months' bookclub books!!! Nevertheless, I had a nice time at bookclub - a great group of women and lots of laughs.

A rearrangment of my plan for the end of the week because of a miscommunication I had with Rob. He thought I was off work today (I wish) and originally scheduled weight training but our schedules couldn't connect today. That leaves weight training for tomorrow and swimming for today. I was about to blow off the entire day but remember that little annoying friend that visited me Saturday night? Guilt? At 9:00 on a Friday night, I head off to the gym. But it's cold and I have less than zero motivation to get my suit on and get wet. Instead, I opted to do some rowing and some core and arm weights. I drug Abbey with me; she can watch the basketball game on the little tv's so that was my bribe.

Rowed 3000 meters; 5 minutes on this arm machine where you turn this arm crank thingy. Harder than it looks!; 3x16 captain chairs; 2x15 step ups with arm curls; 3x12 tricep dips; calf raises.

Not a lot of calories expended but it felt good to go. I think the rowing machine hurts the back of my neck. Neck problems were a big problem with me last winter so I don't want that to start reoccuring. Makes me wonder if the rowing club I want to join over at the state park by my house is a good choice. I'll keep at it and see how it goes.

David Letterman just said that the most popular beverage in America is Tea. I'd never have guessed. I'd say Diet Coke! :). But I gave that up (aside from the one I had yesterday). My allergy attack I had yesterday is still somewhat lingering but MUCH better today.

I need to run tomorrow. If I don't, that would be 3 days in a row I haven't run. That's too much for me! I will have to negotiate weights AND running.

Happy Friday!

Weights - abs

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8th

No exercising today on plan. This is probably a good thing; I had a sinus attack around 10:00 today with about 50 kids in my office. I couldn't stop sneezing and used about 5000 tissues. I took a Benedryl about 11:00 and I seriously thought I was going to pass out dead from exhaustion. That tiny little pink pill was powerful!!! I ended up with a diet coke today, one of those 'New Year's Resolution' items that I vowed to give up to make me healthier...but I couldn't help it; without it, I would most likely still be passed-out on my desk! There are exceptions to the rules now and then, aren't there?

Made myself stick around around school this afternoon (exhausted and all) so that I could see the trainer to get an untrasound in my knee. She wasn't there. I will try again tomorrow. I hope my knees are understanding.

Have CPR class tonight, the first finale of three certifications I am getting this year (personal training, early February; RRCA, late march). I need a nap before I go.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan 7th

An easy day of interval work. Not as sore today as I thought I may be from the upper body work from yesterday; this is good.

10x400's @ 1:45 (7:00 pace)
Didn't feel overly difficult but not sure I could have kept that pace for the entire mile.
Both knees felt great! Thanks knees!

What began the year with big ideas and big plans has sort of translationed between intent and action where excellence resides. It can be overwhelming in the face of all that needs to be done, to consider what I really want to do. I'm talking about getting back in touch with the desire of my heart. That's why this year instead of thinking about what I want to do in the year ahead, I am going to try to shift my perspective and consider who I want to be, what type of runner I want to be and where I'll be by this time next year. If I can figure out how to get my 'I am's' to fuel my 'to-do's' instead of the other way around, I think it could be a year of great growth. I need to pay attention so that the way I fill my time defines who I am by default.

5 miles run

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 6th

Weight training tonight. Came home and ate a spoonful of honey. Did you read that, Rob? I ate a spoonful of honey (that's what he told me to do for better muscle definition). My muscles will be looking awesome now, right? I didn't come home and do 6 more sets of treadmill speed work, I ate my honey instead. I do listen. Sometimes. I want some serious arm muscle definition and this is suppose to help if taken within 30 minutes of weight training.

Alt Incline DB Press, 3x10@25
Seated Row, 3x10 @ 60
Alternating DB Curls, 3x10 @ 20
Bounce Pres, 3x10 @ 20
Seated UH Pull Downs, 4x6@40
ball pushups , 3x8 @ 25 (I had to take the "3" out of the 3-ball pushups because I just can't get my arms to stop shaking on those things. But I promise I will by the end of the month!!)
Set of treadmill speed sprints. Got up to 11.3% :)

I'm on a mission; I'm totally consumed right now with rapid weight and body fat loss. I think my weight is going in the right direction, after a great deal of damage I did post-St. George, but not fast enough. My goal is to be at a certain weight and body fat for an extended period of time so I can practice running at those numbers and see how I feel. I don't want to be scrambling to get my numbers down a couple weeks before Boston, I need time to get used to my body and how it works, tweek it here and there to make it ideal for Boston. I think (think??) Rob's on the same page with this. Next week, I think we're going to try something different and see how it works. I'm excited! I want my weight were it was for Big Sur (128ish) and my bodyfat a tad lower than it was for St. George (goal is 12%). Now that it's offically posted for all to see, I'll be that much more challenged to do it. I have a great deal of determination and I vow I'll get there! I have a lot of work to do and winter isn't the most ideal time of year to be doing some rapid weight loss but I'm gonna do it!!

Right knee hurting some but not too bad. Didn't hurt at all running, just after. I was good and iced it on and off at work today. Going to try to go to ultrasound tomorrow after work. I think my knees are listening. Thank you.

2 miles run
weights - upper body

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan 5th

I woke before my alarm this morning (nothing new) and laid there very still, trying to figure out if my legs were sore and/or if my knee was swollen. I willed good thoughts on my legs before I made any movement...I am very superstitious! I am overly happy to report - no major knee pain. A major feat-whew! My quads are also not as sore as I thought they may be. Soreness is deserving; the long run would not get the credit it deserves if there were no day-after-muscle-fatigue whatsoever, so I was relieved to have a little, but grateful I could walk down the stairs without sidestepping them the entire way. I went back to work today after being off for two weeks and reality slapped me in the face. It's not that I dislike my job, it's just that I enjoyed the luxury of the 7 extra hours a day that I had to play; 7 extra hours where time isn't so constraining and pulling me in so many directions. I ran after I got off work - an easy 3 miles at a very slow 9:30 pace. Felt good...but I did feel the muscle soreness screaming from deep inside louder than it had all day, revealing itself from where it was trying to hide (quads and calves). They will be more thankful in the long run that I did this to them...I promise. I also felt some pretty icky pain on my right knee while running. I just ignored it and told it I'd give it some ice tonight. That's the plan...negotiating with it. I must stick to my promises or I'm afraid it's going to start counting up the times I lied and reveal it's revenge in some major race. I also talked with the school trainer today and she is going to let me come in 2-3 times a week and do some ultrasound on my knees. For free! Yes. I don't know how I'm going to work it into my day but I will try. For my knees. Because I am going to baby those thing as much as I can when I'm not running so they will be nice to me when I am running. After all, the world is about compromises.

Met with Dennis, the computer savvy guru that he is, and worked on my blog tonight...I think I got it mostly fixed the way I want it. Well, as good as I can get it anyway. We tried, for WAY too long, to get the pink margins to cooperate but to no avail. Well, we sort of did but I won't indulge in that excitement (ha!). Let's just say this layout works. For now. Next it's time to work on my website... ugh.

A big excitment for me today is that I potentially landed my first client! Woohoooo! Thanks Marie!

Time to go pack lunches and ice the ole knee.

3 Miles run
9:30 pace
60 ab rockers

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Boston Week 16 run total: 28

Mileage for the entire week: 38
Mileage for 2009: 28
Total 2009 Mileage: 28
Weights: 2
Cross training (swim): 1

Jan 4th

Word of the day: Dedication.

My running partner wimped out ... okay, he had some aches and pains he can't seem to shake and needed to take the day off. I understand, but I couldn't help but be disappointed. In the end, it was probably for the best, I had some issues on my way back and had to stop frequently and my pace was almost at a crawl. My crawl would be almost a walk for him. Sometimes, too, it's just good to run alone....for many reasons.

Cold. It was about 18 degrees when I started running. I was dressed warm enough - at first. My problems came along when I got to the neighborhoods surrounding Wash Park and I was now running into the wind; My hands started freezing. Another issue (and not to be too graphic): wearing pants (I'll wear shorts in all weather over 24 degrees) was causing me some serious chaffing on my inner thighs. The string on my pants broke and my pants kept falling....they were hanging way lower than they should and hurt. Stopped at the Porta-potty in Wash Park (nasty) and find some carmex in my bag and apply in problem areas. Used half a jar! I wish I had my bodyglide but this seems to do the trick. Started running around the park and my hands started to go numb; I obviously grabbed the wrong gloves this morning....fleece ones would have been a better fit. Fleece-lined, wind-blocked gloves (of which I don't own) would have been ideal. My face was getting seriously cold, too. Turned directions in the park and things warmed up some...but it was short-lived as I can't run South forever; need to turn right to get home and thus back into the wind. Only the wind has picked up now and my hands are really bad. I rubbed them together, pulled my fingers inside my gloves to give them body-heat, stuck them behind my back, stopped at the car wash to warm them up inside....but by the time I got to the next park, I was getting hands were really bad. And my face was freezing. I stopped-I needed to regroup. I took my bandana, which was full of frozen snot (I'm desperate) and tied it around my face. Or I tried. I had to take my gloves off to do so and I swear, 10 seconds out in open wind was causing them to not move (this reminded me of a documentary I saw once on Mt. Everest. This guy wanted to take his gloves off on the top so he could use his hands more freely and 2 second in the open cold caused severe frost-bite and finger loss. Was I going to have black finger tips like this guy?). I put my gloves on for a few minutes just to get them warm enough to attempt to tie my bandana again. Okay, this works and after much (too much) time, I was able to get the thing on my face. I pulled down my shirt arms over my hands and this seemed to slightly help that problem. Of course, now my nose was just dripping (and freezing). The wind was blowing off my pink baseball cap. I had to take it off and put it on my waist-pack (I cringe to think what my hair looks like...yuck. I guess it's not a fashion show...but I hate hat-hair). I finally made it back to my car in 3 hours and 24 minutes later. I'll subtract about 10 minutes off of that time for porta-potty, car wash, and mega minutes spent trying to get my bandana on my face, an unofficial time of 3:14 today. My hr was hovering in the low 160's to start (which I figure is about a 8:30ish pace..maybe a tad too fast for a long run!) and fell to the low 150's in the way back (9:15-9:30is pace? who knows!). So 19-20 miles? I'll get on runstoppable and try to figure it out. I was so cold when I got home, I stuck my hands in hot water just to get the blood circulating again.

How's THAT for dedication??

Oh, I had my phone alright and thought once or twice about calling for someone to come get me but I wasn't going to let a few challenges stop me. Dennis told me this morning when he said he couldn't run that he admired my dedication (and later told me I was awesome. I love the support of those around me :) ). THAT inspires me and keeps me going.
Both my knees bothered me. Worse at first, then okay, then bad, then only left, then right, then all okay, then bad, then good at the end. Figured no need to ice, the 7 degree wind chill was a valid replacement.

I love to run. I love the long run. Even in adverse weather conditions, I love it. It moves me. It clears my head and fills it with fresh air. I may be tired the rest of the day and not moving the best tomorrow, but there is nothing I love more about my running then the long run! I can't wait to see how I fair on a proposed 50K this year! Maybe I'll even try two!

3 hours post run and my left knee is hurting some. Quads tight. Left ankle (the one I sprained back in September) is it does whenever I run far. Not too bad!!??!!

20 miles

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan 3rd

Guilt! We all know the word and what it means. I woke up today and just had a bad headache and my shoulder muscles were sore (imagine!). The thought of using my shoulders to swim was becoming mentally painful. It's been a long time since I've had no Saturday committments and decided, after MUCH mental deliberation, that I'd take the day off of exercising and rest up for tomorrow's long run. Went to the movies with Abbey (and may I add that I did NOT have any popcorn!!), came home, worked on some writing (and blog) and suddenly, I felt incredibly guilty. The pool was calling my name and I was now thinking I needed to go. So at 5:30pm, off I went to swim some laps. I couldn't have been more glad I did: the pool was warmer than just a hair above freezing point like it was last weekend (I swear, it was so cold and I never warmed up - ever!); there was hardly anyone there ( was a Saturday night for heaven's sake, only us soles with no hot dates are swimming laps on prime date night); and my son, Brendan, wasn't swimming with me so I could actually swim more then a couple laps at a time. Glad I went afterall :). I hope I don't regret that decision come tomorrow with sore muscles....but I don't think I swam enough for soreness to seep in. Calories burned, that's a good thing right now.

62 laps swimming

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 2nd

I did a crap load of weight training today. Did not have an official plan this week other than "upper body" so I was left to my own devices as to what to do - and my own devices told me that since tomorrow was a day of cross training or rest, I may as well be sore from weight training since I wasn't running. I tried to remember names of moves that Rob has given me (not my strength) but I mainly just remember the machine and the moves. I also decided each time I lift weights, I'd try a new machine; there's so many in the gym that are foreign and can be a little intimidating. Figured if I knew at least how they all worked, that's a plus in my direction come time to find a fitness career. Today's new weight machine: mountain rows...I think it mainly works your back muscles but secondary muscles are biceps and shoulders, both of which I need some work (among most). Summary of what I did today at the gym:

3x12 woodchops
3x12 step-up machine with 20lb bicep curls
3x12 sit on ball and pull-downs
3x12 seated row
3x12 mountain row machine
3x16 captain chairs
3x12 shoulder press
3x15 adductors
3x15 abductors
3x12 tricep rope pullbacks
12 dips
12 chin ups
12 toe raises

Greatly admired a woman at the gym today; she had incredible arm muscles. I want them!!! I couldn't take my eyes off her, her shoulder and upper arms had such great definition. I am inspired!!! I will work to get them! They reminded me of Kathryn's incredible upper body!

Ran about 3 miles of treadmill speed sprints. 90 seconds rest followed by 30 seconds high intensity speed runs. Need to find an official name for these (Speed spurts? Speedsters? ). If I say intervals, which is sort of what they are, I think I'll confuse myself reading my bog with regular intervals. Felt a lot better running today than yesterday! With no official name, I did 2 sets of 90 seconds rest at 3.3 with 0% incline followed by spurts of 8 @ 3.5% working my way up to 10.7 @ 3.5%. Felt good...I like the treadmills MUCH better at 24-hour than I do at Rob's studio. His treadmill feels like I'm going to fall off the back!! 24-hour treadmills are incredible! Plus, I can watch tv to distract my mind :)

Right Knee bothered me some in between sprints when I was walking. Same knee was killing me afterwards when I went to return something at the stor. I had to even modify my walking because to lift my knee was excruciating. Came home, iced it and it was a little better. Went to the grocery store tonight and it was hurting a lot again. argh.

10:30 at night, muscles are starting to get tight. Will be interesting to see if I am really sore tomorrow. I hope my knee is better by Sunday to run; I desperately need to get in a long run of 18-20.

3 miles run
boat-load of weights

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

The first day of a new year deserves a run; no matter how you feel. A tempo run was on my agenda but a few apple martinis followed by a late night and anything "fast" today is not doable; I felt thankful just to be on foot and legs running - however slow. A beautiful day, 51 degrees and sunny. Happy 2009 to all!

5 miles
43 minutes