Saturday, January 17, 2009

Academy Day

I'm not sure what's going on with my plan; I'm just winging it for a couple days until I get official word. I ran 5 miles this morning at an unknown pace - I did not wear my watch, I did not wear my iPod. Time with me and me alone; I wanted no distractions. I needed to reflect on the week. It was one of those gorgerous blue-sky filled days that I love so much about Colorado. About 40 degrees so perfect for a run. Didn't feel that great but I hung in there.

Brendan went to the Air Force Academy this moring for training with his boxing group. Wow, it's an amazing facility and Brendan got quite the workout. They got to workout with Rob's boxing coach from the Academy; he was really nice and helped the kids learn a lot of new things. Brendan said he enjoyed his stories. They did some boxing drills and got in the ring some and ended with some obstacle course contraption in the large gym. Brendan loved it! Unfortunately, my camera battery died half way through practice and so I didn't get that many pictures.

I am not feeling that well today; my chest seems tight and I'm just kinda tired. Tomorrow's race will be interesting! My plan is to run the 10-miler but if I feel like I currently do, I will only do the 5. We'll see. However it unfolds, it's the first race of 2009 and I'm excited for the start!

5 miles run

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