Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cut Week - day 3

OMG, it's late!!!! I just finished my newletter article for Rob's website and after losing it the first time around, I ended up spending way more time than I had hoped and well... it's done at least.

Day 3 and I had a rough morning. I had no morning run so got a tiny bit more sleep but once I got to work with only a protein shake in my system, I got really light-headed and a major headache. I guess this is typical. I broke-down and ate a couple crackers with peanut butter. I couldn't help it, I had to function; it was the first day of finals and I had a lot to do! Met Dennis for some serious website editing (I'm not sure I contributed anything other than: "I'm really tired"; "These lights are really bothering my eyes"; "My head hurts "; "I don't like that color"; "Can you move that over?" and other non-contributing 5 word sentences). After a couple hours, Dennis concurred I was tired by stating I looked it, so we ended our website session and I drove home, picked up Abbey, and off to the gym. I hoped the gym workout would revive me; I still had to write Rob's newsletter (the one I lost earlier. Me and technology are not a good pair!). It did - somewhat! I did 25 minutes of elliptical trainer and 15 minutes of rowing. As much as I love to row, it hurts my back. I'm sure my technique falters somewhere to a point of either 'awful' or 'poor' after a few minutes. I had a great salad at Panera, though, so all was not a total blah day. Tomorrow's a tough day and it's well after 11:00 and I haven't even started to think about what I am going to eat. I need to get up in a couple hours so off to bed I go.

Cross training: elliptical trainer, rowing machine.

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