Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 6th

Weight training tonight. Came home and ate a spoonful of honey. Did you read that, Rob? I ate a spoonful of honey (that's what he told me to do for better muscle definition). My muscles will be looking awesome now, right? I didn't come home and do 6 more sets of treadmill speed work, I ate my honey instead. I do listen. Sometimes. I want some serious arm muscle definition and this is suppose to help if taken within 30 minutes of weight training.

Alt Incline DB Press, 3x10@25
Seated Row, 3x10 @ 60
Alternating DB Curls, 3x10 @ 20
Bounce Pres, 3x10 @ 20
Seated UH Pull Downs, 4x6@40
ball pushups , 3x8 @ 25 (I had to take the "3" out of the 3-ball pushups because I just can't get my arms to stop shaking on those things. But I promise I will by the end of the month!!)
Set of treadmill speed sprints. Got up to 11.3% :)

I'm on a mission; I'm totally consumed right now with rapid weight and body fat loss. I think my weight is going in the right direction, after a great deal of damage I did post-St. George, but not fast enough. My goal is to be at a certain weight and body fat for an extended period of time so I can practice running at those numbers and see how I feel. I don't want to be scrambling to get my numbers down a couple weeks before Boston, I need time to get used to my body and how it works, tweek it here and there to make it ideal for Boston. I think (think??) Rob's on the same page with this. Next week, I think we're going to try something different and see how it works. I'm excited! I want my weight were it was for Big Sur (128ish) and my bodyfat a tad lower than it was for St. George (goal is 12%). Now that it's offically posted for all to see, I'll be that much more challenged to do it. I have a great deal of determination and I vow I'll get there! I have a lot of work to do and winter isn't the most ideal time of year to be doing some rapid weight loss but I'm gonna do it!!

Right knee hurting some but not too bad. Didn't hurt at all running, just after. I was good and iced it on and off at work today. Going to try to go to ultrasound tomorrow after work. I think my knees are listening. Thank you.

2 miles run
weights - upper body

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