Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's a Thursday

Four days after that feeble attempt at my first 2009 race, my legs actually feel like mine. Finally! Taking the day off running (aside from some treadmill sprints after weight training) certainly helped.

I had a little chat with Marie AND Renee today about falling off the wagon. Were the planets all misaligned yesterday or was it just the 3 of us that couldn't get our acts together and follow plan? I can go for weeks making wise choices about food, and then, it's like I hit a slump or have a day where I am just not there. It happens so innocuously that I don't notice it a subtle drift on a boat or raft, only to lift your head and find the shore seemingly miles away. I started out yesterday doing okay yet before I went to bed, I had eaten about every sugar-related food I could find in the entire school (without actually hitting the cafeteria - ick) and my pantry (which, according to my daughter, all we have in it is "crap" food. For an 18-year old, that means no junk-food. Still, I managed to find chocolate chips and dipped 'em in peanut butter ... very good indeed!). I told both Marie and Renee that I understood their day - I had my very own. But today was a new day and I got some much needed sleep and woke up with a a new disposition. Today was a much better day!! I hope my little pep-talk helped the girls, too, and they are sleeping well tonight!

Felt much stronger today doing my weight workout and my treadmill sprints were good. Had a hard time catching my breath after each one but I thought I ran them well. Tomorrow is a tough day.

Looks like our record high temps are soon to be just memories.....cold snap set to come tonight.

2 miles run; treadmill sprints
weight: shoulders

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