Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan 10th

Less than 12 hours after I worked out yesterday, I worked out again. Today was leg weight training with Rob...but my legs were tight and my knees weren't cooperating. Tried some hamstring push-ups and my hams instantly cramped on the first one. Stretched and tried again, this time better. Did some half step-ups and my right knee was bothering me. Stopped, stretched, repeat. A little better. Rob thinks that the muscle on my inner quad next to my knee is weak and I'm using the outter muscle to compensate. Ok. Whatever that mean. Also thinks my left leg is weaker than my right. Or was that vice-versa. I don't remember. So he'll research that to figure out what to do; I hope it's the solution for this knee problem. When I went in, my knees were feeling great but something inside me was saying that these weights were going to make them hurt. Yep. Did some treadmill sprints after weight training and those went well; I am breathing a lot better. Got up to 10.7 on the treadmill. Came home, iced my knees, sorted some laundry and headed outside to do some hill sprints. I have this hill near my house that is fairly steep (I have no idea of it's % gradient, I will have to get a friend with a snazy-smazy GPS watch to figure that out for me ). It's been awhile since I have run up and down that thing and since it was a really nice day out (40 degrees and sunny!) I opted for hills vs. more treadmill sprints. I'm not sure of the distance of this hill, a little over a quarter mile. I run up and down and up and down.... repeated 5 times and each time, I tried to run just a bit faster. If my watch and HR monitor are any indication, I was successful. That's good. A guy was out in his yard raking up pine needles as I was going up and down; I think he was wondering what the heck I was doing :).

Icing knees as I type then off to GNC to get more protein powder. Yum! Next week is 'cut week' for me.... trying to get my weight and body fat down fast. Will be interesting to see how to it goes!!!

4 miles run
weights - legs

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