Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Monday

Isn't that a song? From eons ago? I woke up feeling pretty well, despite not getting as much beauty sleep as I had hoped. Tonight's the goal to catch up. Got up and ran 5 miles at an 8:20 pace. That actually felt really good and no sore body parts of screaming knees. Yes!!!!

I've become a facebook addict, just like my Alabama friend, Shari. I think I'm going to join her in rehab. Actually, I know almost nothing about facebook and was intrigued how my friend, Becky, threw a snowball at me. Huh? I managed to throw one back at her but I have no idea how to initiate anything like that. I can't get on the thing at work (gee, do they think that we should only WORK at work??? :) ) so I came home and found all sorts of long-lost friends, including my next-door neighbor from when I was just a kid. Wow! We used to do everything together...wild memories there! Anyway, find me on facebook and drop me a note....or throw a snowball!

Met Rob and did some arm/leg/core weights and some treadmill sprints. Felt good...I just have weak arms :P. But I think I'm getting stronger...I know I'm getting stronger.

7 miles run; 5 miles in the a.m., 2 treadmill sprints
Weights: 1

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