Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan 5th

I woke before my alarm this morning (nothing new) and laid there very still, trying to figure out if my legs were sore and/or if my knee was swollen. I willed good thoughts on my legs before I made any movement...I am very superstitious! I am overly happy to report - no major knee pain. A major feat-whew! My quads are also not as sore as I thought they may be. Soreness is deserving; the long run would not get the credit it deserves if there were no day-after-muscle-fatigue whatsoever, so I was relieved to have a little, but grateful I could walk down the stairs without sidestepping them the entire way. I went back to work today after being off for two weeks and reality slapped me in the face. It's not that I dislike my job, it's just that I enjoyed the luxury of the 7 extra hours a day that I had to play; 7 extra hours where time isn't so constraining and pulling me in so many directions. I ran after I got off work - an easy 3 miles at a very slow 9:30 pace. Felt good...but I did feel the muscle soreness screaming from deep inside louder than it had all day, revealing itself from where it was trying to hide (quads and calves). They will be more thankful in the long run that I did this to them...I promise. I also felt some pretty icky pain on my right knee while running. I just ignored it and told it I'd give it some ice tonight. That's the plan...negotiating with it. I must stick to my promises or I'm afraid it's going to start counting up the times I lied and reveal it's revenge in some major race. I also talked with the school trainer today and she is going to let me come in 2-3 times a week and do some ultrasound on my knees. For free! Yes. I don't know how I'm going to work it into my day but I will try. For my knees. Because I am going to baby those thing as much as I can when I'm not running so they will be nice to me when I am running. After all, the world is about compromises.

Met with Dennis, the computer savvy guru that he is, and worked on my blog tonight...I think I got it mostly fixed the way I want it. Well, as good as I can get it anyway. We tried, for WAY too long, to get the pink margins to cooperate but to no avail. Well, we sort of did but I won't indulge in that excitement (ha!). Let's just say this layout works. For now. Next it's time to work on my website... ugh.

A big excitment for me today is that I potentially landed my first client! Woohoooo! Thanks Marie!

Time to go pack lunches and ice the ole knee.

3 Miles run
9:30 pace
60 ab rockers

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