Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Week

As my friend, Meg, from Iowa titled her email to me today, yes it is "a new week." I'll just chalk up last week as a lesson learned. I don't think I would have had issues with the whole cut-week had I not had a barrage of other things going on also. So if I end up doing it again, I'll make sure that things are much cleaner on my plate for the week. We'll see.

My feeble time yesterday miraculously landed me 3rd place in my age group. Living in the ungodly fit state of Colorado, which I believe ranks highest amongst the fit of the fit, I am honored with my rank....but still, I know I'm capable of running much better. There's another race, with the exact same course, on February 21st; I may attempt that one to see if it really was cut-week's fault or if I just somehow forgot how to run.

My legs were sore today. Really. Running a pathetic average pace of 8:40 for 10 miles .... left soreness ???? (May I just add that I ran an entire marathon, 26.2 miles, at an 8:38 pace in October). Who'd have guessed! So I went for a 4ish mile run today at just above snail's pace to help shake out the soreness. It had to be close to 60 degrees at 10:15 (I didn't have to work today :)) when I left; I couldn't pass up the day by not running outside. Had good intentions of getting a lot of stuff done around the house today but Abbey and I opted to go see 'Grand Torino' (awesome flick) instead and then I went and worked out with Rob. I am glad to be back on a plan again that is challenging yet doable. Rob stretched my overly sore legs after we did some leg weights - that felt great!! A few treadmill sprints, which were tougher than usual, ended my workout. A great day!

My boys went skiing today with their dad. I don't ski anymore; I get too cold and when I get cold, I get whiny and when I get whiny, no one wants to be around me. I know, it's not a good quality to posses, but I just am so miserable when I'm cold. I can snowshoe or run outside in 0 degrees where I constantly move to keep warm, but riding up on that chairlift where wind cuts right through leaves my fingers and toes sooo cold .... ugh! Anyway, my boys have this obsession with skiing which is evident by easily tackling double black diamond slopes. Wow. Wonder if they can make any $$ of of this passion somehow?!?! Probably as much as I can make running!

6 miles total run (4 easy in a.m., 2 mile treadmill sprints in p.m.)
Weight training: Legs

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Anonymous said...

Here's a second-try hi!
Thanx for getting back through JP's email. Yes, it has been a long long (way too long)time. Great to see that you're doing something productive and worthwhile with your training so that it can serve to motivate others as well as yourself! All of this documentation would certainly add a new dimension to what can be a mundane routine of working out. Of course one would need to achieve somewhere near the level of accomplishment that you obviously have in order to justify the interest-content! It goes without saying that absolutely NO ONE would be the least bit interested in hearing of either Jan's or my own daily or weekly workout or health diet details!!!! Running for us is such a solitary form of exercise. Neither of us could imagine going to a destination in order to run where a lot of other people are there running also. Part of that attitude certainly reflects our non-competitive personalities.
We run ... but we would never consider ourselvers runners! Once spring has sprung and our trails are nicer to run on, let us know if you want some trail-training at the 8500-9000' elevation range. We have a network of National Forest trails right off the porch forming loops of desired distances from 1 to 10 miles.