Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nowhere But Up?

There's nothing like a poor race to motivate a runner. Well, except maybe a good one.
Today was race number one of the new year. I wish I could say that it went better than it did....but on the positive side, I really don't think I can do any worse so upward is all I can go from here. And that alone is powerful in its own way :).

Despite what the the picture tells, it really was a nice day; probably about 45 at the start and only got warmer as the hour and twenty some-odd minutes progressed. Glad I did not overdress; it's always such a guessing game. Sitting in the car beforehand, I told Dennis I didn't feel that well; I guess cut week drained me. I decided I'd do the 10 miles regardless and I regretted that by step one. I ran the first mile at 8 on the dot, second at 7:45 (it was downhill), third at 8:20 (it was uphill) and then I decided I had no strength to keep up the pace. I progressivly slowed to a 9:20 crawl by the last mile and I have no idea exactly what my official time was. 1:2somthing (6 maybe?). I just got weaker and weaker as the miles mounted. There was nothing in particular that was aching or hurting or that overall feel of fatigue when you start out too fast and still have many miles left; I just couldn't move my legs any faster; my legs were just there, along for the ride, lacking any speed or power. Bummed? Probably a bit but unlike my partner in crime, I didn't set the 2009 pace bar too high and I feel that despite the ridiculous time, it was good to get the first race of the year underway so that I can grow and improve. Another positive is that my knees performed well. Slight pain in the right but nothing terrible. :)

On the opposite side of the race spectrum, Dennis performed very well and his calf and knees held up great. Yes! I think he ran a 1:11? Something like a 7:06 pace.....which is incredible. Dennis is very competitive internally so I know he's beaming and I have nothing but big smiles for him. I hope he didn't set that proverbial bar too high. My other friend, Jim, did very well also and he learned that one gets very warm running 10 miles from start to finish!! Everyone gets something out of each and every race. I learned that trying to run well at the end of cut week just isn't going to happen.
It's a gorgeous, sunny day here in Denver with blue skies (a few clouds) and 61 degrees at 4:15. It is a beautiful day all around, despite my crummy race time. I have that 'race day tiredness' going on and it feels sooo good; like a shower that cleans your outsides, a race cleanses my innards. Seeing a sub-par time on the results sheet can provide a little spark - I am excited to see how the racing year goes; I think it will be great!
10 miles run


Dennis said...

Thanks Jill, for talking me into running this race. it was a great day for running in Colorado with great views the whole race. It was a fun race. You had an incredible workout week and still ran good. You will definately shave a lot of minutes off the 10 mile snowman stampede next month. I'm not beaming but I'm not bumming either.

Anonymous said...

Love the Pepto Bismol checking out the results, I can't help but notice, Jill, that you finished 3rd in your division. So maybe you just decided to let others win the top prizes.

I often find when my running pace is a bit slow, someone has snuck an ABBA song into my playlist. Maybe that happened to you??!?? Nothing says shut it down like ABBA. I think that perhaps this is a good discussion forum, what makes a good playlist to run to.

-Up the Creek in Piney