Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8th

No exercising today on plan. This is probably a good thing; I had a sinus attack around 10:00 today with about 50 kids in my office. I couldn't stop sneezing and used about 5000 tissues. I took a Benedryl about 11:00 and I seriously thought I was going to pass out dead from exhaustion. That tiny little pink pill was powerful!!! I ended up with a diet coke today, one of those 'New Year's Resolution' items that I vowed to give up to make me healthier...but I couldn't help it; without it, I would most likely still be passed-out on my desk! There are exceptions to the rules now and then, aren't there?

Made myself stick around around school this afternoon (exhausted and all) so that I could see the trainer to get an untrasound in my knee. She wasn't there. I will try again tomorrow. I hope my knees are understanding.

Have CPR class tonight, the first finale of three certifications I am getting this year (personal training, early February; RRCA, late march). I need a nap before I go.

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elaine said...

I hope you sleep well tonight, after the Diet Coke, Benadryl, and CPR. I miss being certified for CPR. Maybe I'll be an EMT or something.

Better days are coming.