Saturday, January 31, 2009

There's a place I go when I'm alone...

My favorite place to run, by all means, is over at Cherry Creek State Park; it's right in my backyard practically. I am blessed; truly, I am. I don't have to drive there (though mostly I do cuz I live at the top of a big hill and I'm always too lazy to run up it after a hard run. Plus, I'd rather spend more time running in the park than an extra mile and back (thus two) in the neighborhood). I haven't been to the park much lately with my crazy schedule this week and all so I hopped on over today; it was a gorgeous day, 62 degrees, slight wind, and sunny. Perfect!! You can see the entire front range from this park and one never tires of it. Ever. There are paved trails and dirt trails; I generally opt for the dirt unless conditions call for them to be too muddy. Today was a tad muddy in spots as the frozen ground was thawing, but not too un-managable. The picture doesn't do it justice (and yes, I actually remembered my camera, it's not from my cell phone. It was just sooo bright out). My knees prefer the dirt over cement and you can literally run for hours on all the trails surrounding the park.
Though I run a lot at CC Park with my friends, it's THE place I love to go when I run alone because it is here I am filled with the happiness and peace of time spent in nature.
And just to prove that is was very toasty, I took a pic of my sleeveless shirt. In January! God, I love Colorado (most of the time). Wow, look at those shoulder muscles!!! All that time at the gym is paying off?? :). I have definitely lost all my summer tan!
I am going to try to take a quick nap, do some major studying, to the gym for some weight training... and then who knows what tonight!
Happy last day of January to all!
7 Miles run; maybe 8:30 pace
Weights: 1 (arms, legs, shoulders)
2 miles treadmill sprints (sic)

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