Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 2nd

I did a crap load of weight training today. Did not have an official plan this week other than "upper body" so I was left to my own devices as to what to do - and my own devices told me that since tomorrow was a day of cross training or rest, I may as well be sore from weight training since I wasn't running. I tried to remember names of moves that Rob has given me (not my strength) but I mainly just remember the machine and the moves. I also decided each time I lift weights, I'd try a new machine; there's so many in the gym that are foreign and can be a little intimidating. Figured if I knew at least how they all worked, that's a plus in my direction come time to find a fitness career. Today's new weight machine: mountain rows...I think it mainly works your back muscles but secondary muscles are biceps and shoulders, both of which I need some work (among most). Summary of what I did today at the gym:

3x12 woodchops
3x12 step-up machine with 20lb bicep curls
3x12 sit on ball and pull-downs
3x12 seated row
3x12 mountain row machine
3x16 captain chairs
3x12 shoulder press
3x15 adductors
3x15 abductors
3x12 tricep rope pullbacks
12 dips
12 chin ups
12 toe raises

Greatly admired a woman at the gym today; she had incredible arm muscles. I want them!!! I couldn't take my eyes off her, her shoulder and upper arms had such great definition. I am inspired!!! I will work to get them! They reminded me of Kathryn's incredible upper body!

Ran about 3 miles of treadmill speed sprints. 90 seconds rest followed by 30 seconds high intensity speed runs. Need to find an official name for these (Speed spurts? Speedsters? ). If I say intervals, which is sort of what they are, I think I'll confuse myself reading my bog with regular intervals. Felt a lot better running today than yesterday! With no official name, I did 2 sets of 90 seconds rest at 3.3 with 0% incline followed by spurts of 8 @ 3.5% working my way up to 10.7 @ 3.5%. Felt good...I like the treadmills MUCH better at 24-hour than I do at Rob's studio. His treadmill feels like I'm going to fall off the back!! 24-hour treadmills are incredible! Plus, I can watch tv to distract my mind :)

Right Knee bothered me some in between sprints when I was walking. Same knee was killing me afterwards when I went to return something at the stor. I had to even modify my walking because to lift my knee was excruciating. Came home, iced it and it was a little better. Went to the grocery store tonight and it was hurting a lot again. argh.

10:30 at night, muscles are starting to get tight. Will be interesting to see if I am really sore tomorrow. I hope my knee is better by Sunday to run; I desperately need to get in a long run of 18-20.

3 miles run
boat-load of weights

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