Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9th

Tgif. A long week back at work. A crazy week back at work (someone light off a firecracker today by my office. Scared the gageebees out of me! I thought it was a gun!). I totally spaced going to the trainer to ultrasound my knees after school; I was so anxious to get out of there and my knees have been feeling good lately so I guess the ultrasound just escaped my mind. Next week!

Went to bookclub tonight: Comfort Food. I didn't read the book. I never read the book. I always have good intentions but I just lack the time. Now I have a big-ass personal training book to read for my certification; that alone is going to eat up the next couple months' bookclub books!!! Nevertheless, I had a nice time at bookclub - a great group of women and lots of laughs.

A rearrangment of my plan for the end of the week because of a miscommunication I had with Rob. He thought I was off work today (I wish) and originally scheduled weight training but our schedules couldn't connect today. That leaves weight training for tomorrow and swimming for today. I was about to blow off the entire day but remember that little annoying friend that visited me Saturday night? Guilt? At 9:00 on a Friday night, I head off to the gym. But it's cold and I have less than zero motivation to get my suit on and get wet. Instead, I opted to do some rowing and some core and arm weights. I drug Abbey with me; she can watch the basketball game on the little tv's so that was my bribe.

Rowed 3000 meters; 5 minutes on this arm machine where you turn this arm crank thingy. Harder than it looks!; 3x16 captain chairs; 2x15 step ups with arm curls; 3x12 tricep dips; calf raises.

Not a lot of calories expended but it felt good to go. I think the rowing machine hurts the back of my neck. Neck problems were a big problem with me last winter so I don't want that to start reoccuring. Makes me wonder if the rowing club I want to join over at the state park by my house is a good choice. I'll keep at it and see how it goes.

David Letterman just said that the most popular beverage in America is Tea. I'd never have guessed. I'd say Diet Coke! :). But I gave that up (aside from the one I had yesterday). My allergy attack I had yesterday is still somewhat lingering but MUCH better today.

I need to run tomorrow. If I don't, that would be 3 days in a row I haven't run. That's too much for me! I will have to negotiate weights AND running.

Happy Friday!

Weights - abs

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