Friday, January 30, 2009

The Pink Gloves

I'm about to go hit the elliptical trainer. I know I always write after I workout but I am so tired and not sure I'll have the strength! 45 minutes scheduled on the trainer and I vow to do it. I am, after all, pretty devoted and loyal to my plan :). Met my friend, Karen, tonight; we were going to go to the movies but 'Slum Lord...' was sold out so we went with plan B to the mall, which was right across the street, and have dinner. I should have taken my camera...darn it... cuz we went into this store called 'Lucy', which is a workout clothing and accessories store for women, and they had PINK boxing gloves!! I'm not kidding - 30 bucks! Wow! I know there's not many people that have a heavy bag for boxing in their house but I do; Brendan used to love to box (he still does but is seriously lacking motivation right now *sigh*). It's hanging from my basement ceiling. Okay, it's not in an ideal location; it was once in my rec room but it fell out of the ceiling and I had to find a stud to hang it and the only place I could find a stud was in the storage room. Therefore, it doesn't get used often as you have to manipulate too many barriers to get to it. So my goal, in the next month, is to move it back out to the rec room where I have to walk by it daily .... or daily IF I need to use the treadmill. Anyway, temptation to buy them was pulling at me but I resisted; the blue ones I currently share with Brendan will have to suffice for awhile. Unless Rob suddenly wants me to start boxing with him, THEN the pink ones will become mandatory....despite Rob telling me that there wasn't something right with pink boxing gloves (I'm sorry, but there's something always right with anything pink)! I wish I had my camera so you knew I wasn't kidding .....I will try to do that sometime this week if I'm over that way! Had dinner at this new place called 'The White Chocolate Grill'.....I can't eat a lot of stuff on it right now cuz of my protein diet but I did have a great salad with chicken on it. The service wasn't the best but the place is pretty cool inside (check out the bar!). And IF you can eat dessert, they have some pretty awesome variations of white chocolate dishes. I didn't have any. I swear!

Karen scared the crap outta me with the test for the AFAA personal training certification I'm doing next weekend; she's taken it and said it's very tricky. Ugh. Guess it's time to get my nose to the grid and get reading!

Met another couple long-lost West Higher on Facebook tonight :)

Okay, off to do some ellipticaling!!

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