Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Facebook Running

I knew I was playing with fire when I made the comment last night on my blog that I slept well...cuz last night, I didn't. I have learned to adjust well to 5.5 hours but anything less, I tend to get a whee bit cranky. I don't know what prompts these on-again-off-again sleepless habits. I know what can keep me awake once I am, but what's waking me initially? Anyway, tonight I'm so tired that I feel pretty confident that I will sleep well.

I have not had much time to get on Facebook today but wow...what a world of running stuff I have found. Not only stuff, but PEOPLE!! Two of my favorite running-writers are there, also found a marathon moms group, and Maureen Roben; a local Denver running coach - she has helped me so much with her marathon wisdom. I can't wait to pick her brain about Boston - ha. I NEED to read that PT book this weekend but I do plan to spend some time investigating more running on Facebook. A huge hug to Becky, my friend and haircut miracle worker (thought not much miracles happening with this mess), who has given me so much insight to ... as she says "wasting time" on Facebook :). Becky, my hair is slowly getting longer, but will I ever get the 10" for 'Locks for Love'? And man, where did all this gray come from?? Help!

Got up and ran 5 (intention was 6 but I was so dog-tired that I just struggled getting going and ran out of time before I had to be at school) in an 8:20 pace. Felt pretty good...tiredness has a way of playing havoc with your running. I did get a VERY brief nap after school for a bit before I had to run off to work on my website. It's coming along pretty well I think; my cousin needs to get on and do his magic with his photographic skills. But I think it's at least functional now. After website training session, I came home and then did 6x800's. They went better than I thought...but I could tell my bed was calling me. Off to bed now....I'm already in my covers and ready to close my computer. Okay, I may have a quick comment to make on Facebook first. :)

10 miles run: 5 at 8:20 pace a.m., 5 miles intervals in p.m.

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