Friday, January 23, 2009

Winter's Back

Man, it is cold here again! I walked out of the gym about 8:00 tonight in my running shorts and eeks - burrrr! I guess one acclimates to this frigid temperature if it stays cold through the winter (except for me, I lived in the good ole Mid-West and I never want to live through an Iowa winter again thanks!), but as I stated, it was 71 merely days ago; how does one's body ever adjust? Anyway, I know it can be much worse so I'll try not to complain. Tomorrow's long run of 22 is going to be a challenge in many directions - weather being one. But I welcome the test.

Ran a few miles today at an 8:00 pace. It wasn't too bad, but I had enough by mile 4. Watched 'The 70's Show' on the treadmill at the gym; what a great show. I don't think I've ever seen an entire episode but Abbey likes to watch it so I've caught bits and pieces. For anyone that grew up in 70's, ya' gotta watch it. Funny! Did some ab weights at the gym; Felt good, arms a tad sore from yesterday's workout though. In an overall kinda tired funk tonight.

My tooth hurts tonight. I've been sneezing all day. Errr. I'm really tired .. my writing is indicative of such.

I will try to remember to bring my camera tomorrow; am planning on running Waterton Canyon and either Roxbourough or Chatfield....all very gorgeous!!

4 Miles Run
Weights: abs

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