Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day - Go Obama!

I can't believe how incredibly fortunate we are here in Denver right now with this gorgeous weather!!! January 20th and 70 degrees. It's short-lived, of course, but one must take advantage! Having the day off work certainly helps. I haven't been over to CC State Park in awhile so needed a little fix with my favorite trails; the place is magical and filled with almost 13 years of cherished memories. I don't own a nice Garmin GPS watch, though I'd like to (but would I ever learn how to figure out all the gadgets? My HR monitor is challenging enough; I need to reformat it and I have anxiety just thinking about it; instead, I let it annoyingly steadily beep because it's indicating I'm way out of my zone...when I'm really not. I somehow tell myself that the constant beeping is telling me that at least my heart hasn't stopped! :) ) so I leave the guess work of pacing up to either my HR monitor, runstoppable.com, or just how I feel (or when I get the fortunate opportunity to run with someone that owns a fancy watch. I think Dennis gets sick of me asking, "what's our pace?" every 30 seconds! I actually am learning a lot with his little device as I try to guess the pace according to how fast I "feel" before I ask and see how far off I am) . The first half of this run (2.6 miles), HR, legs and heavy breathing indicated that I was running a quick clip. Runstoppable told me average of 7:55. This is probably true. But my quads were still hurting (yes, I know. Sad!) and turning around is more uphill than it's predecessor so I was struggling a little more on the way back. I think the second half was about 8:30. So averaging the two out, I was able to hit my 8:15 mark. I'm sure that this wasn't Rob's intent when he made my schedule; I'm certain he wanted me at an even 8:15 pace ...but sometimes, good enough is just enough. I will continue to work on it.

Went to the gym to work with Marie early afternoon. She had some limited restrictions and couldn't workout long and Renee couldn't make it period so I opted to exercise my paid gym access by doing something myself. The inaugural parade was on and that alone was excuse enough to hop on the elliptical trainer for 20 minutes and watch. What a historic day; I will always remember this day... on the et...watching Obama's high school marching band and his proud, radiant smile.... Anyway, added some ab and arm weights and called it a day.

5 miles run
Cross training: 1 (probably more like 1/2)
Weights: 1

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