Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to Lose Your Child

This is twin #2 on Lake Dillion, a reservoir up in Frisco, CO. This was the day before I lost him. More on that below.

It's 10:06 in Colorado....that's P.M, not A.M. I have been in my running clothes, and shoes, since I got up at 6:30 this morning. Yet I haven't run. I've wanted to obviously, or I wouldn't have the whole attire on, but I haven't (and therefore, I also have not showered. Not so jealous now that you aren't in Colorado, huh!!!)??. And I can't even tell you exactly why I haven't run other than I just am in a total fuuuuunnnnkkk today.

I'm tired. My heel hurts. My head hurts. And today, 3 days after I ran a very challenging vertical trail race, my right calf is still screaming. That's because in a bone-head move to stay off my bum heel, I opted to run on my forefoot and toes on my right foot for the race. And just as I suspected, my calf is letting me know it didn't enjoy that very much. AND, to win the "Dumbest Move Ever" award, this is the calf I have problems with frequently after pulling a muscle in it a few years back; it comes back every now and then, especially when training's going really well, to let me know it's still there. Just cuz I can't actually train for a marathon in one solid, healthy piece now, that'd be too easy. I hear you stupid calf muscle!!!! Now leave me alone. And take the freaking heel pain with you!!!

Sorry, that was just a little frustration temper tantrum.

I can't believe I'm going to San Francisco in like 9 days. L.B. at Muddy Running is also the only blog soul I know who's running the full. He's made a list of things to take to SF. A list. What's that? I usually have my race hat on by now and am all nervous and making mega lists and super-anally organized. Not so much this time around. I did order a new top today (with a pocket for all my garb, of course), I hope it arrives before I leave. If you want to know why I didn't do anything today but lounge around in my running stuff, it's because I wasted 4-hours looking for a new top to wear in SF. This all started by trying to find a lime-green Nike running shirt that Katheen from Happy Trails and I saw at this race last weekend. It had two pockets in the back which would be perfect for my little SF race. It became my quest to find it online today (after physically searching Niketown yesterday to no avail)...but couldn't find it *sigh* ... so ended with something else. It takes time, ya know, to find something with a pocket that looks normal and is PINK. Here she is, a beauty, huh???

Actually, now that I look at it more, it looks a little long for my liking. Oh well. Anyone have any clue what the weather's like in San Francisco at 5:32 A.M. the end of July? I have no clue if I'll freeze to death or not in this thing. At least I'll have gel in my pocket for nourishment as I freeze to death.

Ok, enough woe-is-me-I'm-not-ready-for-SF.... time to move on. For today.

As you recall from my last bragging "I'm famous" blog, I was up in the mountains last weekend. My dear friends from Dallas where here visiting and got a place up in Breckenridge for a few days. I have a relative with a place up there and it happened to be available the same week they were there so whaalaa, we headed up to the high country!

It was cold the first day we were there. Some front came through and to all out there in Humidville, get this: it was 34 degrees when I woke up on Friday morning. And we were going rafting. In temperatures cold enough to form icicles. Well, I wasn't actually going rafting, my kids were, so get the in the car kids and suck it up!!! Said from one who had on 3 layers of clothing. Actually, temps warmed up quickly in our hour drive to Buena Vista, sight of the famous Collegiate Peaks (and our rafting trip):

Mt. Yale, Mt. Princeton, and Mt. Columbia. I'm too tired and lazy to look up their elevations but they're all peaks over 14,000' I think. There they are....along with my friends' van in front of us.

Brendan likes to take a billion pictures to help pass the time. Here I am driving my kids all over the entire state for a little adventure, like the good mom I am. I told you I have 3 layers on. And please ignore the double chin. Egads!!!

Another random picture taken from the car from twin 2. I think that's Mt. Sherman, but maybe not. Yes, that is snow on the peaks. In July.

Here's my babies getting ready to go rafting.

WOOHOOO, there they are drinking a little Arkansas River water! Ryan is on the front left hand side and Brendan is in the rear left hand side. The other folks are our Dallas friends (plus the raft guide in the middle back row). They had a blast.

While the kiddos and friends were out surfing the Arkansas River, I ventured out for one of my most sucky runs ever. Don't let the scenery fool you into thinking this was one of those runs where the awesome surroundings engrossed me and I ran effortlessly for 10 awesome miles. First of all, the chick who told me, "Follow that dirt trail, it's 6 miles to town so there and back would give you 12 miles you seek" lied. It was 3 to town. And the largest Horse Fly EVER decided to be my bff and bugged me those entire 3 miles to town, until it finally bit my back shoulder and I smacked and killed the stupid thing. I still have a big welt that itches like crazy.

So when I got to town, with 3 miles instead of 6, I diverted myself the opposite way of town and ran down a dirt road, which was actually really pretty and found a little stream to run by (ok, it was really an irrigation ditch. Us Coloradoans are water deprived,we'll call anything a stream that flows like one. Or lake, when it's really a reservoir). This gave me another 2 miles so in the end, I did end up with 10 miles. But they were miserable. End of story there.

Ahhhh....but alas, I DID manage to get in my 12 miles. Here comes the fun part of the day, and the title of this blog. Brendan, twin #2, the adventurous child who will put me in an early grave with all his dare-deviling mountain climbing, kayaking, wanting to hike the entire 500-mile Colorado Trail, climb Mt. Everest, and a million other adventures, wanted to take his kayak down part of the Arkansas River. The one and same river as above picture. Um, no way in hell I'm letting this child go down that thing. Alone. So we ventured into town to find out where we could put the boat in where the rapids were more in the lines of Class I or II, not IV like above. Found a kayak store, believe it or not, in this dinky town of maybe a few hundred (but it's a HUGE river sport town) and found out they have a little water park where you can put in the boat and pick up a couple miles down river, and the water is more tame. Sounds good. At the time. Here's a pic of Ryan standing at the point of entry for Brendan's river excursion. Rapids are a lot calmer here, I feel good about this.

Plop Brendan in his kayak and off he goes.....

.....Ryan and I had a little problem finding the point of exit, two miles down the road, so it took us a bit longer than we anticipated to where B was suppose to meet us. Finally get there and there's no Brendan. I'm a wee-bit frantic. There's a dirt trail running along side the river so I start running down about a half mile. Didn't see him so I run back up, thinking that maybe he just never made it yet and was back at the planned meeting place. Get back and he's not there. Run up river a bit. No B. Run back down to the meeting place, still not there. Oh God!! I've lost him. I totally lost my almost 15-year old on the Arkansas River!! You read stories about this in the newspaper but never did I think we'd be one of "those" people stupid enough to let your child go down the river and get LOST! I make Ryan run back up river...Ryan, who's having some motion sickness from the rapids on the rafting trip and is about as green as one can be. Whatever, get out of the car and go find your brother, vomiting or not! I run down river. Again. I get about a half mile down, to the point I was at before, and I SEE HIM!!! OMG, I have never felt so relieved in my life. He apparently didn't see the meet-up place (how could he NOT?? Oh, I guess cuz I had trouble finding it myself...but I was on the road, he was on the river!). So he stopped when he realized he was too far and got out and dragged his kayak behind him along the trail. Ok, y'all can call Child Social Services....I'm sure I deserve it! He's alive - yay! And he actually had the best time of his life, so he says. Me, not so much...but I got an extra couple miles running in :).

I ended the action-pack-almost-lost-my-youngest weekend with a 12K trail race in Colorado Springs - the very reason my calf has been unhappy the past few days. I signed up for this race because of the sole reason it was hilly and would help in hilly SF. Gorgeous course with about 1100' elevation climb in the first 3.7 miles. I was slow...yeah, nothing's really changed there (argh!!) but one thing I noted on this very physically demanding course was that I remained strong. Not fast, but I am getting a little stronger. I never walked except for a few steps when the steepness was just insane (around mile 3) but coming back down I felt really good (for once!) and during the last 2 miles, I was picking off people left and right. Go me! I saw Kathleen from Happy Trails cheering me on as I crossed in some pathetic finish line time. So fun to have a cheerleader! I actually really enjoyed this course and definitely need to put more trail races into my life (hear that Kathleen???!!! :) ).

The cool thing was that AJH, from Age Group Rocks, was in town visiting a friend and ended up doing the race, too, so I got to have yet another bloggie real-life meet-up! So cool! She ran incredible, especially since she had a 13 mile, 8000' vertical climb up Pikes Peak two days before and an adventure through Waldo Canyon the very day before. Kathleen wondered if AJH's friend was on a mission to kill her before the race. You ROCK, AJH!!!

That pic is Katheen, AJH and yours truly. And no, I swear I'm not pregnant...maybe it's the package of Skittles I ate that the kids bought and left out on the counter??? And not just a few...we're talking 3/4 of the bag. More on that later in another blog....

We ended the awesome day with a little brunch. I was a good girl and did not eat Skittles for brunch. Steve and Kathleen from Happy Trails, moi, AJH, and AJH's friend. Notice how nicely we managed to stand in descending heights? Totally unplanned.

So as I wrap this blog post up, I thought I'd write out my goals for tomrorow, Thursday July 15th:

- Actually run in my running clothes and not just wear them all day.

- Go to the gym and do some weights.

- Do not consume 3/4 of a monster bag of Skittles. Do not even eat ONE teeny-tiny cute pink one.

- Buy some paint and paint something in my house - doesn't matter what - just something to keep me busy to stop me from eating half my house.

- Find new songs for iPod for SF playist.

- Follow L.B.'s advice and make a SF list of things to take.

- Do not lose children.

Happy Running!


Petraruns said...

LOVE the post. LOVE it. Except for the bits describing all your various pains - far be it for me to upset you but do you think you might be on the verge of injury? That stage where less is more?

Re days where you walk around in running gear all day - unwashed - tick. Re. losing kids - egads indeed. Have done it, will probably do it again. Takes years off of your life. I am NOT a natural blonde, put it that way.

Sucky runs R us at the moment - hope yours pick up..

Anne said...

Thanks for sharing Jill...loved reading this.
I can totally relate on the adventurous kids...and wearing my running clothes all day :)

misszippy said...

Oh my--scary stuff losing your boy for a bit there! Glad it had a happy ending!

How cool you got to meet AJH? What fun for you both.

I hope your body feels better on today's run--it was probably happy to have yesterday off!

Run Jess Run said...

Great post! I know you'll rock SF! It's beautiful out there!

C2Iowa said...

Glad you found your son. Pretty scary. Another great post with pics.

Hope that you feel better soon. As you know, I know all about running on the forefoot and the calf getting angry.


Mark said...

Great post!!

Kenley said...

Congrats on getting your 12 miles in that day. You seem to have had quite the adventure with trying to find your wild son. Cheers on the finding him and all. Good luck on your goals, and have fun painting "something". Best wishes in SF and good luck with the top. Hope that works out for you and you get it before you leave. Take care!

Marlene said...

I know I wouldn't be able to resist an open bag of SKittles either.

Get that run in today!!!

Christi said...

I understand the cold and white water rafting issue. We had that problem in June and it did not warm up! BURRR!

I am so sorry I missed you in COS. I would have loved to met up with you.

Good luck with the training and I hope the pain dissipates soon!

Anne said...

Talk about an adventure week for you! I'm glad you and Brendan reunited, though I never doubted it. And I'd definitely recommend layers for the start of the SF Marathon. I do think you'll warm up and look fabulous in your new running shirt, which may not look as long once it's on.

Anonymous said...

This was a very fun post- such a great adventure! But one thing- you DO NOT have a double chin!!!!

Oh, and can you tell your calf pain, to take my calf pain, with it when it goes!!!

Molly said...

Whenever I read your posts I want to comment on everything!

Hope your funk passes soon, that's very cool that you got to meet up with AJH!

Loved your Run Like a Mother Feature!!! I reviewed their book on my blog, and Dimity commented on the post....I almost fell off my chair I was so excited.

funderson said...

I try that trick too of wearing the running clothes and once I struggle into the jog-bra I feel pretty bad if I don't get out there. Sometimes works...sometimes doesn't...

Runners Fuel said...

I've spent a day in my running clothes and didn't run that day. You're not alone.

RunToTheFinish said...

whewww I'm exhausted just reading about your entire day!

readgirl said...

Hey Jill,

We had a great time visiting with you and the boys. The time went by so fast. I loved the rafting. Now that we are back in the Texas heat I am so missing those cool days. Hope you feel better and good luck in San Francisco!


Kerrie said...

You are so funny. Glad you found him. Hope today is better!

ajh said...

First, I love that you used the phrase vertically challenging race so I know when I talk about it I am not being just a wimp!!! I am so impressed that you didn't walk! You are strong and ready for SF!

Your new shirt looks quite cute and it is all about the pockets. Where is the Niketown? Denver? I searched to see if there was one in Colorado Springs and don't think there was. But I scored big at Title Nine. I have always wanted to go to one of those and not been able to. ( just a wee bi too far)

Can't wait to see what adventures your sons have next. Are they going to SF or are you on your own? Run strong! BTW I had a totally sucky 10 mile run today that was on the bike path next to Lake Champlain which I totally love. I couldn't get out of my own way though. I have an 8 miler this weekend (race) and hope I get some of my energy back!

Loved meeting you! so much more fun to write and read these once you have met the person however briefly! Thanks for taking the time to go out to brunch!!!

Jennifer said...

Gosh you had more adventure in one short span than I have in months! I love the new shirt, I like the longer look so if you decide it's not a good fit for you, just send it my way! Wink wink! Cheers!

The Boring Runner said...

Isn't that what twins are for? so you'll always have a spare?

Lindsay said...

Love this!!! I really enjoy all the pictures.

ShutUpandRun said...

Wow I totally would have shit a brick. So glad he is okay.

Scott McMurtrey said...

exciting :)

That water looks so nice. And way to feel strong on your race. I love the mountains in CO.

Running and living said...

Glad Twin 2 is OK. Always scary for a mama, no matter the age. I lost mine a few times in various stores... Good luck in SF. HAVE FUN! And then, I agree with Petra, take a long break from running and crosstrain. I will do the same after my October marathon !

Lindsay said...

ok... wow. i'm sure if i had kids i'd do the same thing. i would've done it before they reached their teens though, so that should make you feel better ;)

also, ok hoochy mama, wanting a shorter sports bra ;) those of us with buddha bellies love the longer tanks!!

Anonymous said...

you were running all over the country where we stay when we come to CO! the cabin we use is on the side of mt. antero.
love the pics.
ps - the ark river goes by our house! ;-)

DRog said...

These twins are hard work:) good outcome for you! was thinking of you the other day your comment weeks and weeks ago regarding enjoy the moment b/c "blink" all of a sudden they are older.

no more "Dumb Move" awards!

Irene said...

You mean wearing running clothes ALL DAY isn't normal???

HappyTrails said...

Mmmmm, Skittles - I LOVE Skittles especially the new, Crazy Cores variety! :-) Hey, the new pink top is really nice (I am known to like pink) but I'm telling you, we really should've mugged the gal in the parking lot for that lime green number. Just sayin..... It would've saved you lots of shopping time and you would've also made it out for a run!!! Remember, we figured out we weren't going to leave her nekkid as she had a sports bra on underneath. We are so thoughtful for potential muggers. Hey, I also was pretty sure I was shorter than you??? Loved all your mountain pics, too. SO GLAD the lost son was found (safe). Have a wonderful weekend!

Julie said...

Hi Jill,
I always love reading your posts:)I am glad that you enjoyed your bloggie meetup with Kathleen and ajh! The pictures of the countryside and mountains are amazing! I reallly enjoy rafting so I had to smile when I saw the rafting pic:) is too bad that our races don't overlap because then we could of maybe met in San Fran:) Happy weekend Jill!

Unknown said...

Your new running top is SO cute. My only question is, didn't you want an orange one, too??? JK, I just saw that the R Skirt Girls have new orange ultra skirts. I think I might get one for SF. Ha, ha...we'll see if I pull that one off.
I'm glad you didn't lose your son and I'm glad I didn't lose my grandson!
Hope your heel is doing okay, have a nice weekend!

Katie A. said...

I love that running top! And yes, I TOLD you, you're going to freeze in the a.m. but be fine by the finish ;)
I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! 7 days!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Rad Runner said...

That shirt it AWESOME! I was just talking to my friend on my fabulous dirty trail run about sf weather.. They say high40's at very start then it gets to the 60s... I hear over the bridge it gets chilly, and a LOT of people wear sweats right b4 the race then chuck em' right b4 it starts....:) HOPE THAT HELPS!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Glenn Jones said...

Wow. What an action packed weekend. I'm tired just reading about your adventures in paradise!

SF in late July can be a real crapshoot. It's cool year round - except that right now we're in the middle of a heat wave. So who knows?

Mikey B said...

I can totally relate to feeling like you've lost a child somewhere. Aweful, helpless feeling, but so relieving when you find him/her. Glad the kayaking episode ended well.

I'm sure 10, 20 years from now you will look back at this and chuckle. Even the bit about the horse fly. :)

Current forecast for Saturday in San Fran is partly cloudy and a low of 56 degrees. High temperature around 71 degrees, but that won't be until closer to 3pm. Plenty of time to enjoy running in the 60s.

T.C. said...

Boy, your life is always an adventure! Skittles are Satan's candy--they always call my name and I am powerless to resist them! Have a good race in SF--rock that pink top!!

Christina said...

For the record, you do not have double chin. :)
I love a happy ending. I cannot imagine how anxious you were when you didn't see him.
I love wearing my running clothes all day. Sometimes I even wear my running skirt all day - you know, just in case I have a spur-of-the-moment inkling in me that I should go run. :)

Southbaygirl said...

I think we are having dinner together in SF! How exciting!

I love the top-I'm a bit of a pink and orange freak as well-and boy do I love pockets! maybe a trip to Niketown is in my future!!!

Julie D. said...

new to your blog! Love the tank? do you have the link for it online?! Look forward to following...

Julie D. said...

I meant... "love the tank!" with out the question! :)

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