Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Denver Marathon and Stuff

 Ok, don't go thinking I got all crazy and went and registered for the Denver Marathon - that puppy sold out about 3 weeks ago, otherwise I may have given it some serious thought HAD MY HEEL BEEN COOPERATING and I could have gotten in at least a quarter of the proper training.  Are y'all sick of hearing about my heel?  I know I am.  Let's just cut this sucker off and get me a new one, ok?

Nope, this weekend wasn't about running 26.2 miles but rather being there for those who were. 

Saturday was a blog-fest lunchie downtown at the Rock Bottom Brewery.  The famous rainbow unicorn bloggerman, Adam, was in town with his muy preggo (and very, very nice) wife so us Denverites had to show him that we chicks are REAL people and just as fun in person as on computerland - and get some quick carbs in Adam (and Beth's husband who was running the half).   Bless Adam's wife who had to sit there and listen to relentless running talk for almost 2 hours. 
Pre-race carb-loading.  Why yes, those not running still
need to carb-load, it's a requirement when you lunch
with anyone who is racing the next day
(Adam, yours truly, Tara, Ken (Beth's sidekick), Beth)
Thankfully, none of our injuries were osmotically transfered over to Adam.  Let's review the current 'Injured Reserve List' sitting at the table:  Me = heel pain.  Tara = pain in the ass (piriformis, joint hip thingie).  Beth = femoral neck stress fracture (She's lucky enough to don crutches so she actually LOOKS like she has an injury unlike us unfortunate others who just get to only talk excessively about our injuries).  Only because I'm such a competitive freak and have to PR at everything, let me just add that my heel injury has outrun any of you others sidelined, so yeah, I STILL got it!!  Yay that Adam did not get any of our fluke injuries but more YAY-y that he was able to hold an incredible pace and PR in this oxygen deprived state of ours.

It was really fun to meet Adam, and I was fortunate enough to find him along the course the next day and got a little speedwork in when I ran a few steps with him of his neck-breaking PR pace.

After lunch, Tara and I popped over to the expo, ya know, just cuz we're runners (or once runners - whaaa) and that's what nerdy runners do, check out all latest running gear.  We heard the tail end of a seminar with Alan Culpepper and Frank Shorter and Tara managed to show her innocent (??) youth by not knowing who Frank Shorter was.  Youngsters, sheesh!!   Though I couldn't tell you one thing I actually learned (other than Frank Shorter is not a believer in the Barefoot movement, even gave some evidence of it not - but I DON'T want to get into that heated debate!) it was still cool to be in their presence and listen to their incredible stories.  After the seminar, I managed to talk Tara into keeping Colorado's economy afloat by persuading her to buy all the things I wished *I* could buy.  Gotta love that girl!

Sunday came dark and early when my neighbor, Jim, and his family arrived at 5:15am to pick me up.  Jim was running the marathon; it was his 2nd marathon and he had redemption on his agenda after becoming dehydrated last year in the same race and um, not ending that race very pretty.  What can I say, I'm a softie and when he asked if I would help reel him in at various points along the course, of course I agreed. 
Thank Gawd  Jim's wife bought some Brook shoes so
Jim could use the Brooks elite bathrooms.  Who
doesn't want to pee like a Rock Star?!
It was a gorgeous day out and I really enjoyed being along the course and being a part of it all.  Jim did great and achieved his goals (though I'm sure he wishes he could have done better - aren't we all like that at times, hard on ourselves?).  Anyway, due to a technical malfunction of losing the course map somewhere along the way and not able to meet up with him at  23-24 as hoped, you know, when things get mentally tough, so that has been weighing heavy with me since.  I did get an email from Jim today which said, "I think overall, I ran the race I planned to run, so I feel good about that.  The whole end of the race thing was probably way harder for you guys so I feel bad about that.  I was able to go through the mental battle of continuing when everything else says stop and I think that is important.  Still I have to say a huge thank you for your help and support, it means a lot to me."  I know the few times I've had someone there for me along the course when it gets tough is so mentally lifting and am so grateful, I'm glad I could be there.  I am equally glad I was able to keep up with Jim's pace, despite my latest snail pace (I hate my heel!!) and never thought I was going to choke.

Of course I always think you learn something in every race, even those you don't run.  Here's what I learned about Denver:
  • Study course map beforehand when offering to pace someone.  If nothing else, at least LOOK at the map beforehand, especially when the course was changed this year.
  • Never ever ever ever ever ever ever lose the bottom half of the one and only copy of the course map you do have, showing where miles 22-finish are, at mile 21.
  • Never suggest to a XC child who has been home sick for two days vomiting that it would be a "good idea" to come along and help pace.
  • Never suggest McDonalds as an alternative to not eating breakfast.
  • Even if runner looks like total crap at mile 26, you tell them they look awesome and stress how proud you are of their efforts!
 Other News:
- Chris ROCKED the Des Moines Marathon, despite having a bum knee which totally gave out at mile 22 and landed him with a face plant.  He's so freaking awesome.  Check out his race report here and give him some love - his knee is being super annoying so he's benched for a few days to figure this out: http://albatross90.blogspot.com/2010/10/bittersweet-rr.html

- Andrew, despite me NOT hiring any short skirts to run in front of him, cranked out a fabulous10K, his very first 10K and second race ever.  Way to go, Andrew, very happy for you: http://runningmanwannabe.blogspot.com/2010/10/waterloo-10k-race-report.html

- Sooo, registration for Boston was yesterday, as you are all well aware.  Was I one of the crazed 25,000 souls on the internet repeatedly trying to register?  I'm sure you are all in suspense.  Some may know from my FB post, but for those that don't, I decided NO.  I didn't even pull up the registration page.  I can't train the way I want, or need, with my heel the way it is so it's not worth it to me to go back right now.  I have some thoughts on this whole BQ thing yesterday...but will share that for next post, I think.

- So, with Boston out, does that mean I'm heading for the 50?  Well, again, the heel.  Just when I thought thing were going well with it, it reared it's ugly head last week and just paralyzed me; I ended up walking, on my barefoot tippy toes, 3 miles to my house.  NOT a fun ordeal.  It's doing fine now...but who knows when it will decide to return.  For now, I'm just going to run what I can, get back into a wt training routine, and get stronger.  Hopefully 2012 will find me back on the race circuit.

- Next week is fall break.  HELLO, a whole week off work!!!  Don't be hating now!!  So what will I be doing, aside from cleaning closets (FUN!).  A trip down to New Mexico, perhaps?  Climbing another 14er?  Visiting Mesa Verde, where I haven't been in ages?  Or maybe Rocky Mountain National Park?  Who knows...a venture is indeed on the list.  Stay tuned.

- Chris K sent me an email: I made his blog roll. 

- Today's my half birthday.  No need for a party, but cash and gift cards gladly accepted.

Happy Running!!


    Anonymous said...

    happy half birthday. go celebrate :)

    hope the heel starts to feel better! sending healing vibes your way :)

    Teamarcia said...

    It cannot be your half birthday already! Weren't we just in Boston celebrating the whole one like yesterday? I'm eating a tub of cookie dough in your honor. Damn that heel already! Hugs!

    Unknown said...

    Happy Half to you, the check is in the mail!
    I love the way you keep moving forward and keeping yourself busy and involved in the running community. We can't keep you down, even with a heel issue!
    Enjoy your break next week, we're on break here too for two weeks. Perfect timing for me! Enjoy yours!

    Katie A. said...

    Happy Half Birthday! There, I said it! Hahahaha!

    You are such a trooper going out to a race you couldn't run, that takes some serious guts - kudos to you.
    You already know how I feel about Boston, I can't wait though for 2012! And you're one lucky lady with a whole week off! Enjoy it!

    Marlene said...

    It certainly sounds like you made the most of Denver RnR weekend! Runners know how to live it up, running or not. Now I hope that darn heel of yours starts cooperating SOON! Enjoy Fall Break! Didn't you just have the whole summer off? Jeez! ;)

    KovasP said...

    Barefoot tippy toes, is that a new attempt to get around the heel problem? Happy half birthday!

    Runners Fuel said...

    Happy half birthday!!

    Christi said...

    Happy 1/2 Birthday! Your present is in the mail! ;)

    Nathan said...

    Sounds like a fun party at altitude!
    Sure hope you get that heel thing figured out and taken care of. :( injuries stink.

    Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

    Nice meet up! You get to cheer on so many runners.

    You need a replacement heel! grrrr. BUT no Boston should mean 50!! I hope you can get (and stay) healthy!

    Happy 1/2 birthday!

    C2Iowa said...

    Happy Half Birthday!!!

    Mesa Verde?? Take pics!!

    Aimee said...

    The meetup sounds like it was fun! I wish I could have joined all of you! Maybe next time! :)

    I'm sorry about your heel. I really hope it gets better soon!
    And, yeah, losing a map just sucks!

    Kate Geisen said...

    Booo...heel! Glad you got to meet up with some friends and help out Jim. I would totally be that person who lost the pertinent portion of the map!

    Happy half birthday...the gift card's in the mail. :)

    Running and living said...

    Way to keep your spirits up and help others. I truly hope your heel issues will get solved quickly.

    Noel DLP said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Noel DLP said...

    Just wondering. Has anyone ever suggested Heel That Pain OTC orthotics to you?

    Tara said...

    Hahaha! I am sooo glad someone signed up for the VIP porta potties!

    Congrats to your runners!!!

    And Happy Half Birthday! Do we need to go out for cake??

    LMC said...

    Happy half birthday! What was your half birthday wish? A full new heel. I sure hope that darn thing starts healing soon! You're quite thoughtful to still get out to meet and cheer other runners. Have a great week off!

    ajh said...

    Do they do heel replacements? Let's let them experiment with the procedure on us! My baby has a stress fracture! Too much injury out there. Loved your spectator report. Glad you got lots of carbo loading in.

    Julie said...

    Hi Jill,
    I think I need to start celebrating my half birthday too! Happy Half Birthday to you:)

    I love the picture of your little blogger meet up! Everyone looks like they are having a blast! I would of totally gone to the expo too:)

    Take care Jill! Hugs to you!

    Matty B. said...

    Great post on the Denver Marathon. I'm a little upset that you didn't document the Brooks exquisite porta potty in more detail. It's fascinating.

    Also, did Adam at I am Boring make any distinction between the male or female gender of his unicorn? In his post the other day I was left with so-o-o many questions.

    Have a great Wednesday!

    Lindsay said...

    i read the whole post but all my brain can muster right now is HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY! i sent you a present, it must've gotten lost with that wedding present you sent me... ;)

    Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

    Sorry to hear about the heel. I need to get caught up. Been out of the loop for too long.

    Anonymous said...

    Half a Happy Birthday wish to you. You'll get the other half a wish in April. I'm with Frank on the barefoot running craze. But mine is not researched based. It's because I cry like a baby when I step on a pepple! Enjoy Fall break and heal the heel. Bubble Boy

    The Green Girl said...

    Happy half birthday, girl!

    Those Brooks elite bathrooms rock pretty hard.

    Take care of yourself. ::hugs::

    elaine said...

    Funzies! You are amazing at making a great story. So I think you should run the Desert Classic marathon with me on January 29. If it's any consolation, after all the physical therapy (which is over as far as insurance), my hip hurts worse and my Achilles are worse. So let's play!

    gary said...

    happy half birthday!!!! One and a Half D Glasses on their way!!!

    DRog said...

    haha LOL your "PR" injury ...
    A week off with lists of things to accomplish now Im super envious!
    "another 14" you def take advantage of living in CO I never did ANY!
    have a great rest of the week

    Anonymous said...

    I celebrate half-birthday's too :)

    Anne said...

    I never thought about celebrating half birthdays. Why not?! I like your revelations from your Denver pacing experience. (And did Brooks actually only let Brooks shoe-wearers use the posh potty?)

    Jaime Runs said...

    So jealous you got to hang with Adam and Beth -- blogger superstars!

    What was the difference between the Brooks portapotty and the regular ones?

    Jamie said...

    grr about that dang heel. i hope it resolves soon! sounds like a fun denver rnr weekend!

    Chris K said...

    You forgot to mention that it was the most proud moment of your life to make my Blog roll. No wait, I guess that was me who said that. Funny about that race in Boston...... I am way more interested in qualifying that actually running it. I guess cuz my goal is to qualify, not necessarily run. Anyway, you can run in 2012 with me :-)

    Molly said...

    I need to volunteer at a race sometime soon, with all my bitching and moaning lately, it's time to pay it forward.

    And I've got to look into that half birthday thing.....

    Emz said...

    OMGosh. I guess they make rock star signs for almost anything these days?! I'd wear a t that said that though. I do hold the family record for the longest pee [you bet cha we timed it]. ;)

    Black Knight said...

    Happy half-birthday! I like the list of the things you learned in Denver. Enjoy your break.

    Jennifer said...

    I peed like a rock star, in New Orleans. It was cool. Not sure I would pay for it though, someone gave me my sticker.

    The Boring Runner said...

    Oh man!!! For some reason I totally read through this entire post right after you posted it and didn't comment until now! Boooooooo

    First, thank you SOOO much for running with me along the course. you have no idea how fun it was to have you.

    It is so awesome all of your runner peeps did so well on their races! I'm sure it was because of their awesome coach.

    Boston Boston Boston.... I see you have another post about that, so off I go!

    Big Daddy Diesel said...

    Happy Half Birthday (just feels weird to say that)

    Looks like you had a good time