Monday, February 28, 2011

The Heel from Hell, Part 25,849

Notice anything different with my right foot?  That's my new friend, her name is Boot.

Clever and original - that's me!

So....what's been going on since I wrote over a week ago?

Well, first off, I have to tell you about the 3rd, and thankfully FINAL, Chilly Cheeks Duathlon on Saturday.  I know you are not going to believe this, I'm still a little in shock myself, but I WON my age group for the whole series.  Like in Number UNO!!!  I know, crazy huh? 
My winnings: A Road ID gift certificate, a $25 off entry to a slew of upcoming races
(Mostly du and triatlons - of course) and some Tagalons -
Anyone ever won Girl Scout cookies in a race before?
I think half were gone before I even got my bike on the
car rack to go home!
I'm not sure how I squeaked that out (and granted there were only 7 of us in the 40-49 mountain bike division - but who's counting!?!) - my heel hurt a LOT and the 50-mph winds were atrocious, but hey I'll take it.  My run pace soared to something in the snail-ish 9:00 range (wth???) but my bike pace dropped about 10 minutes from the first race back in December, and considering gale-force winds were in my face and I felt like I was moving backwards, this is pretty remarkable.

I'm thinking a small, short triathlon is in my future - heel permitting!

There she is: studly biker woman with her mountain bike in a duathlon!

Yep, that even looks like a heel-hurting, pathetic 9 min/mile pace!

 Cow-Print-Speedo-Man from race #2 showered us
with his presence, and part of his ass, in #3. 
And no race would be complete without sharing something I learned, so here's the list:
- I still suck on a bike and I still don't enjoy it.  But I am improving, slightly.
- I miss racing.  A LOT!!!!!
- My girl-bits are getting tougher (tougher??), I don't think I whined about them hurting on that damn bike seat until about mile 8.  Let's recap race #1: they hurt at mile .01.
- NEVER wear a high-up ponytail when you wear a bike helmet; the helmet thus becomes too tight to accommodate a clump of hair on the back of your head and then you end up with a headache, and massive indentation on your forehead.  That hurt way more than the girl-bits from race #1.  Ok, maybe not but it STILL hurts if you touch my forehead where the bike helmet was crammed into it.
- The uber-competitive freak I am, loves winning - even if it is riding a 4000 lb. mountain bike!

Ok, moving probably really want to know more about my new best friend, Boot, who btw, I'm already sick of after knowing for a mere 5-hours.

I'll try to sum this stupid, multiple personality disorder heel since I last left you....

The Plantar Faciitis dude at Regis University was nothing but nice and helpful and just simply put: wonderful.  He spent a little over 2-hours with me testing my foot, trying this heel insert and that heel cup, asking lots of questions.  I left with two quasi-customized inserts and told to test them out.  He was going to give me a list of "small recommendations to do at home" (whatever that was) but he was late for class and had to rush off and I forget to get them from him.  Anyway, he couldn't have been more nice and I was just so touched by all this free service.....but he told me, after I asked him if I was dealing with strictly plantar faciitis, "You are anything BUT classic text book plantar faciitis.  Yes, you do have some going on but you also have Achilles Tendinitis and a wicked case of a heel contusion with most likely a heel periosteum." 

I think that deserves some sort of award or something!!!

So I decided I wasn't running at all last week because my heel was being bitchier than normal.  I won't apologize for the word, it's the best description I can come up with.  I knew I had that race on Saturday and wanted it in a much happier state so thought staying off it was my best bet.

Well, not so much.  The heel hurt immediately off my bike.  But it was manageable for 4 miles (and let's not forget in ridiculous headwind!!).

The next day, Sunday, I couldn't walk.  Literally, if I wanted to move from point A to B, I had to do so on the outside of my toes.  This pain now decided to move to the INSIDE of my foot - I mean, why not, it's never been there before and about the only place I haven't had pain before - so seems about right it was time for it to occur there.

I decided to go for a run anyway.  Cuz that's just how illogical my mind works when it wants to run badly.


This morning (Monday), I woke up thinking all would be fine, as usually the pain from the previous day's run has subsided.  Um, not so much.  Exact same piercing, stabbing pain on the inside of my heel.  Oh yay.  There was no way I could stand at work all day listening to kids complain about whatever minor ache they had that day.  I laid in bed and called in "sick" and called the podiatrist.

He fit me in this morning, and his first sentence when I saw him was, "It's time to attack this thing more aggressively."  AGREED!!! 

He's not sure what's going on for certain but is pretty much convinced it's still a severe case of plantar faciitis because, he claims, if the facia is torn then it wouldn't hurt.  Which I don't get but I'm not the expert (though I've read enough about this stupid thing that I feel I could probably teach heel pain 101 AND 102 at school!).  I asked about a heel contusion, like the guy from Regis suggested, but he thought I'd be jumping out of my chair when he squeezed on my Achilles (it hurt, but not excruciating).

So here's the scoop:  I GET to be friends with Boot for two weeks.  I'm pretty sure I'll be ready kick her to the curb by tomorrow, but I will be a good girl and keep her through our entire 2-week bonding (walking with this thing on SUCKS!  It's definitely a workout though, the only plus!).  I GET to go have some diagnostic testing done tomorrow, which should give us more answers.  I CAN ride my bike and I CAN swim and I CAN weight train.  I should NOT, however, eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's or a bag of Cheetos (which I may, or may not, have listened to).

Oh, and can I just say that my doctor dreamy podiatrist has been so extremely understanding with my whole insurance fiasco (aka: I have none due to my lovely doctor screwing up my charts, labeling my dehydration "cancer" two years ago) and is not charging me for office visits plus I got my friend, Boot, at cost.  I swear, just when you think the world is really failing you (the heel, the insurance, the retarded doctor who freaked out when I was dehydrated and labeled me cancerous, the job....) you find yourself walking out of the podiatrist's office, limping down the road in a freaking stupid boot, almost in tears because there ARE some good people in this world who truly care!  Dr. Dreamy and Mr. Regis, both of these guys, I have been very lucky, and BLESSED, to have on my side.

I'm not even going to share the possibilities of a barrage of solutions for this skitsofrantic heel until I know what it is exactly were dealing with and what the doctor suggests. 

And I'll be honest, I'm not even going to go there myself.  I actually feel a sense of relief, believe it or not.  I'm so ready to start healing and if this miserable boot, a slew of diagnostic tests I can't afford, taking a few months off - whatever it is I need - I am so ready for it!!! 

Bring it on!  Let's get this heel healed so I can get back on the road.  Running!

As for Skyline to Sea?  Well, it's pretty obvious to me....but when I said something to Dr. Dreamy, he said, "It doesn't look promising, but you never know."  Hum.

In the meantime, I'll be hanging out a lot on this guy, who is planted smack in my living room (a year ago I would have been appalled at a bike trainer and bike in my living room.  Well, I am SO over that now!).

After all, I have my duathon title to defend next year.  I'll be ready!!

(and for all your cyclist out there, be forewarned: I'm going to have a trillion questions to ask in the next few weeks.  Thanks in advance).

Oh and yes, I am in the middle of changing up the blog a little.  The above header picture is a reminder of happier running times when I was training to run up Mt. Evans (elevation 14,051').  I want to look at it awhile to remind me I need to do whatever it takes to get back.  And I will.  No doubt!


Anonymous said...

congrats on WINNING. so exciting.

i was in a boot for a few weeks back in the day. it sucked. i feel your pain. but it's awesome you have a dreamy doctor. i want one.

Tara said...

I do not like boot. She is NOT your friend. I do like that spiffy bike though! She looks good on your new trainer!

You seriously better not have eaten the ice cream and cheetos. Really????? Bwwaaahaha! Ok, maybe this one time.

Congrats on your DU again. You are the du queen. :)

And yes, you (and the damn boot) are going to rest and beat this heel. Swim with Jill???

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Like the header with the shorts in the snow.

Way to win the race with all that stuff going on with your foot.

That foot condition sounds nasty, I can't spell most of those foot conditions you're talking about much less say them. Sounds like a long road to recovery to me, but I hope it is only a few weeks till you're good to go.

ajh said...

First I love your new header. Congrats on the age group win. You truly rock!
And a boot? Write to Emily so you can commiserate with her about it.
I love that you found those nice doctors in the midst of all the crap you have had to go through. A crystal ball would be nice so you would know if taking the time, wearing the boot, eating B+Js or not, would do it. Just heal heel! Repeat. Just heal heel because I want my friend Jill back doing what she loves best.
But in the meantime bike and swim. As far as I am concerned biking truly rocks unless you live in Vermont and it never stops snowing.

Jennifer said...

Don't worry about lovin' the boot, instead love your bike and your swimsuit! I think you may be with them longer until running can happen again.

Kate Geisen said...

Ok, I'm going to be happy for you and proud of you for your win and not bang my head against the wall bc I've been riding for two years now and can only get near the podium if donuts are involved! :) Seriously, the continuing heel pain beyond sucks, but how wonderful that there are people helping you out just because they're good people. I bet it just kind of restores your faith in the world.

Molly said...

1. I am NOT surprised you won your AG for the DU. what other letters can I put in here? YAY!

2. sucks about Boot, Boot is going to help. But don't wear her in the pool, you'll sink.

3. your smiley header is the cutest

4. Tagalons huh? If they were Samoas I would have eaten the whole box.

: )

Danielle said...

Awesome job winning your age group!
I feel your pain on the boot. I have been out of my boot (stress fracture) for 2 weeks and still have another to go before I can try running. ahh! Hope the boot helps and you're back to runningm and not lugging that cute boot around, in no time.

Julie said...

Great new header!

So so sorry about the boot! I hope this is what you need to get it straight!

Big congrats on the win! I forgot that race was this weekend I would have liked to come out and cheer! Oh and see the guy in the strange speedos. LOL!

Neil Zee said...

Sounds like the start of good stuff! Congrats!

DRog said...

Numero Uno,

er um - I mean

Tri and Du in your future! agreed
LOL@ showered with presence AND part of a$$...LOL!!!

you get the heel award:)

great attitude youve got the right mojo rollin I hope it pays off

lets get this heel healed

now eat lean
lean lean lean just enough carbs to light the fire (pilot light not a bonfire:)


Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Nice win Jill! Injured or not - you rocked it!

I'm excited about your new round of testing. Hoping this leads to the answers you are searching for. My heart truly breaks for you. I know I would feel exactly the same.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Great job on the win!

I had the same issues as you last year. Me and the boot, besties for awhile. Walked like a pirate for awhile. I could tell you more or you can email me at with any questions

And sorry about the insurance crap. ugh.

Evolving Through Running said...

Congrats on the victory!! PF blows, but you'll get it under control. Best part of that post was the podiatrist helping you out despite the other doctor's screwup. Faith in mankind and medicine restored for the time being. Good luck with the healing.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Well, Hello Miss Boot! You better do your job and heal JIll's heel! Please.

Yay for Dr. Dreamy and Regis guy! There is hope and we are all hoping for you Jill!

And Yay for 1st place even if it did mean that you had to see that cow ass man.

Oh, and cheetos and Ben and Jerry' kind of binge eating! What kind of Ben and Jerry's? My fav is Half Baked (well, the ice cream, not me what about you?) and Phish Food. cheetos? Crunchy.

Caroline said...

numero un! congrats!
that is great.. I LOVE the new header! beautiful picture! and what Amanda said...there is hope that is the most important.
hang in there dear!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

First off, your new header is gorg! Hello legs!!! Love it!

Congrats to you on your win--but I'm not enjoying you new foot gear!! Ick! "Heel" fast--okay, bad joke.

Average Woman Runner said...

nice job on the AG award!

winter is a great time to focus on the bike & swim, anyway, right? bike = fast leg turn-over while running. for reals.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the award! wOOt!

stupid boot. :'( been there. wah..

can you set me up with cow-dude. he may be just up my alley. :p

love the new header! coolieooo

Unknown said...

Wow, a little bit of booty and a little bit of boot! That cow guy has some guts! You do too, you've been through so much, I get it that you're just relieved to be doing something for the foot and keeping up with your rad biking and swimming.
CONGRATS on the race, you rocked it!!! I see many more of these in your future :) !

Paul said...

Hi Jill,

I like the new look!

Sorry about Das Boot. But it might help.

Co-worker that had stress fracture had to wear one for 2 months and use crutches. So, could be worse 8/

Now now, don't be too catty about 9 min paces. For some of us that is pretty snappy ya'know.

S2S a no go? Awwwww.... Say it ain't so.

Next year for sure!

Char said...

You know boots are so IN at the moment. One of the girls in my squad has just gotten one (stress fracture) and has to wear hers for 6 weeks. I hope this works - it certainly is aggressive.

Karen R said...

Love the header!!

And congrats on the win :)

Bubble Boy said...

I know you love boots, but this is ridiculous! I have no problem with using bitchier, it is periosteum that I struggle with! Get well, soon. Congrats on the 1st place finish!!

Kerrie said...

I don' know what I'm more appalled by: you having to wear the boot or a doctor that incorrectly marked dehydration as cancer. I mean, what? Can't the insurance people and doctors clear that up? That's just wrong.

elaine said...

Hey I have a boot like that! But I've never won a duathlon. Oh yeah, I've also never ran a duatholon. And I have a bike trainer in my living room too: FAIL for me. But I am inspired now....

Amber said...

i would pay good money to have my bf wear cow print shorties. Oh and he could run the urban cow in Sacramento. that would be a sight.

Congratulations on your win!! :D

Raina said...

Can you strap a snowbard to that puppy? If so, give me a call. Maybe I want one too!

All juesting aside, i am glad you got some REAL answers.

And most importantly, FANTASTIC work on your DU- even with the nemesis heel! Looking forward to the tri debut.

Raina said...

Jesting...I meant jesting.. or Jousting maybe?

Johann said...

Wow, a real champion! Congrats! Now this boot better do the trick because I have to plan well ahead for my 100 miler in the USA. I really hope this will pass soon. Cycling and me = not friends.

Anonymous said...

Age Group Winner! Age Group Winner!
Rock on! Now go get your foot fixed.

Adrienne said...

1st off Jill you are so tough for dealing with this and still going out and kicking but in your race! 1st place! Can't get better than that.

2nd I'm so sorry about the pain and more about the frustration--freak. Glad you have a doctor who is helping you out but I know even the "at cost" stuff is expensive. Really hope they can help your heel.

Chris K said...

Looks like you are now the Dualatholon Goddess.

New header: Nice. Were you a Hooter's Girl?

I think you Boot should be called Booty, after my favorite hobby; Booty Calls. C'mon kidding.

Two weeks only? Huh, I wore one for 8 weeks last summer.

Anonymous said...

You are quite incredible!! Number one in your age group!! Holy wow!

I can totally relate to the sense of relief. I remember when I got my bone scan and final diagnosis of my femur fracture. I was a relief because I knew at that moment what I could and couldn't do, I knew now the time was to heal. I still got mad and cried like a baby from time to time because of not running my marathon and I wound up with a really weak left side of my body but hey..

As for the winds.. UGH!!!!!! Jill make them GO AWAY!!!

Christi said...

Congratulations on your Du win! You are a goddess!

Good luck with your healing. I am so happy that there are still good people in the world that can help you.

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will Travel said...

Ugh, seems like you can't catch a break on this one!

Hopefully between the boot and the diagnostic work, you'll be back on your feet come summer and ready to train for some great fall races.

Marlene said...

Congrats on winning your age group in the du series!!!

But boooo on the heel. When I saw the thumbnail of your boot pic pop up in my feed, I immediately thought NOOOOOOOO!

I'm so glad you are getting good care and FX that this is all it takes. Hang in there, girl!

Kenley said...

Wow, Congratulations on the win Jill. That is just amazing and I bet you are so proud of yourself as well, heck, I know I would be. I was enjoying the read, up until I had to regurgitate upon seeing the guy in the cow suit. yuck. lol. jk. I wonder about you sometimes, I tell ya. Was very funny though. About the foot, will keep you in my prayers for a safe journey towards recovery and that you may heel up soon. Take care and thanks for sharing your running a biking moments.

A Prelude To... said...

Woot for the du!!! You are awesome!

So much going on with your foot! WOW!
Isn't it amazing how important our itty bitty feet are and how many little things there are that can go wrong with them??!!

I love your header!

Shana said...

1. Blog looks awesome.
2. Boot is a bitch - but maybe with a stash of help.
3. Way to go on your DU!!
4. You're a stud.
5. Like the bike.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

I think the boot looks great. Especially since you got a free visit and diagnosis that would have cost 200.00 or more without insurance here in Las Vegas. Tons more if X-rays were involved. Enjoy the boot! It will make you healthy again.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

HEY LOOK I CAN COMMENT AT WORK.... you werent pulling my leg like I thought you were

- First, congrats on taking 1 overall in the series, doesnt matter if there is 1 or 500 in your AG, fact is, YOU RACED AND YOU WON!!! No one can ever take that away from you!!! Ever!!! Says who, says ME, who won his triathlon series this year. We are in that elite club now.

Soooo... after you won, did you consider retiring, saying you left the sport on top, as a champion and start you Hall of Fame campaign, I did for a day (more like an hour)... then was reminded I was hopelessly addicted to this sport and pulled a Brett Favre.

I thin I need to live in your neck of the woods and race for GS Cookies

I am a cyclist, ask away, anytime, you have my email address

Jenn said...

Part 25849 bahahaha! Her name is Boot! Bootylicious!!! At least you find some humor in it! Your Launch foot looks good:)

SUPER CONGRATS on the AG win! I've won my AG in two 5K's. One had 2 people, the other had 3! A win is a WIN!!! Never have I received a prize as fine as Tagalongs!

Oh my-cow print Speedo man-No words.....

OK-the heel. My word, you are like a medical textbook. You had me at contusion. I'm so thankful that you've had some good people to work with. Finally, some real hope though.

Oh-and I would just LOVE a bike trainer in my living room. I totally stopped caring about my house as anything other than a functional place about 2 years ago!!

Good luck with Boot! I'm so anxious to have you back recovered!! Love the header!

L.B. said...

I think I would be a bit more sympathetic to your plight if you hadn't have posted the picture of the speedo-wearing dude. What were you thinking posting that??


Well, I do hope that Boot works out for you. It seems like a difficult situation but it's a means to an end. Just have faith that that's the case.

funderson said...

LOVE the new header and the big WIN..nice...
Not such a big fan of your boot..I hope it does the trick though.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Wearing the boot has to suck, but, hey, you WON! And you got girl scout cookies! I think every race should hand out girl scout cookies at the end.

misszippy said...

Way to kick duathlon's ass! Very cool.

Love the new header/hate the boot.

One other thought on tears--a full tear doesn't hurt much, from what I hear. A partial does, though. Just another 2 cents.

The solution is out there and you will find it.

Petraruns said...

47 comments? SHeesh!

Cow ass - I would run fast to pass that.

But girlfriend 1st place AG is FABULOUS! Just think what you'll be able to do once DA BOOT has done its job.. Sounds like you've finally got some really good (and kind) people working with you on your heel. Hope it pays off soon. Enough time of you in the sunshine

That photo of you is GORGEOUS! How lovely is it where you live? Lucky girl. XXXX

Unknown said...

Oh, the boot. I do not miss it one bit. Your damn heel neads to HEAL already!! Sending positive healing vibes your way.

Teamarcia said...

Sheesh I look away for a second and all this happens??
First WOOT for the win! Very studly indeed--I love your strong, victorious header pic--You are and always will be Queen of the Mountain.
Now for that boot: I don't like it but I love your attitude toward it. Whatever it takes to get you back running long and speedily is well worth it right?

Mark said...

Jill, I am really sorry to hear about this set-back, but glad to hear your great attutude in your writing. I have struggled with achilles tendonitis and found it will heal albeit slowly...frustratingly so...I wish you quick recovery!! And back to the races!!!

Katie said...

Congrats on the DU win!

Love the header as well :D

Sorry about the boot :(

RunToTheFinish said...

way to go superstar!!

i like the speedo, maybe I will race in that next time, couldn't be much shorter than some of my running shorts :)

injuries are stupid, i've been cussing at mine all day and it hasn't once appologized or gone away

Suzy said...

I like the name of your boot! I hope you and Boot can have a somewhat peaceful co-existance for only two weeks and then you can break up any way you want.

Anonymous said...

boot =(
tagalongs =)

Unknown said...

Great job on beating all the other ladies in your age group. Woot! Woot!

I sure do hope the boot helps give your PF the boot. That is one stubborn injury, isn't it?

The Boring Runner said...

Hooray, Age group!!!

Booooooo Boot. that sucks - but if it helps heal, it will be WELL worth it.

that picture of the dude in the speedo will haunt my dreams.

Julie said...

Hi Jill,
That boot never looked as good as it does on your foot:) Sorry about the boot but it will help you in the long run.

Woo hoo! Congrats on the Du win Jill!! You are doing so awesome...heel issues and all! Go you! I am so proud of you and know that you will always be a trooper and come out on top! Keep up the great work! Love and hugs!

Lindsay said...

Tagalongs. Best prize ever!!! Umm pretty sure tris still involve running you crazy pirate (with your one leg).

Congrats also on the Most Intense Heel Issue ever!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Ok, you should have a bonfire to burn that boot when it is time. I sure hope that good guy can get your hell (oops, that should be heel, not hell but i'll leave it mispelled) healthy so you can do what you love ... RUN!
Great job on the du series that you won. Fat tire bike division, or whatever, you WON!

Aimee said...

Ugh..I tried to comment yesterday and it wouldn't let me!!
So, woohoo for winning in your AG for the chilly cheeks series! That is sooo awesome!!

Yes, yes, a tri!!! :)

I'm so sorry about the boot, but hopefully it will help your heel heal! And, I agree with should definitely burn it when you're done with it!

Anonymous said...

I love the trainer!

As said prior in email, I am sorry you are having so much shit with the foot. It sucks. I can't make it better. And that sucks too!

Keeley said...

Hey, nice boot. =)
CONGRATULATIONS on winning your AG!!!
Oooh. Tagalongs.
Mmm, trainer. Worse than a tm, I'm tellin' ya, for brain rot, but way better than nothing. =)

Emz said...

Dear Boot,


Thank you,

*I do freaking love the cow undies/things.

Terri said...

Ugh on the heel, but hooray on the win! At least you're getting some good help! Oh, and speedo boy is frickin hilarious!

trailturtle said...

I could never have the guts to wear a cow print speedo like that!
I hope the heel/AT is doing better with the boot. I want to do a DU sometime. Congrats on the award. You should keep that number 25849 - it had to "come from somewhere"--maybe it will win you the lottery sometime ;)! Rest well, Ann

The Green Girl said...

This is going to be random.

I love love love the new header. It rocks.

Cow-Print-Speedo-Man is a little terrifying.

I am so sorry about the ongoing saga of the heel.

Congratulations on the win! You go, girl!


Black Knight said...

Congrats, you are the most popular running blogger: a lot of comments!!!
Wow you won, you are more famous again!
Sorry for the boot, I hope you get well soon.
Cow speedo? No comment......

Ewa said...

OK, I blame it on blogger for not displaying your posts when they arrive. So I am late with congratulations.
You rock but your 4000lb bike could lose some weight. Bike diet or something?
I know that boot! I used to wear it for my Achilles problems. I had to wear it at night too but we did not get along. It was either sleep of Achilles. After two weeks I chose sleep.
Love your pic with Mt Evans.

Cory Reese said...

That Speedo picture is easily the funniest thing I have seen all week!

Andrew Opala said...

boot is sheeety!

header picture is nice

Tagalons? what's dat?

How many races did you do a year? I like the idea of training right now, and a race every so often to clear the sinuses. But I think I may be catching the bug, and I feel worse and worse for you. Running has become such an important part of my life it makes me sad to know you are injured.

Hang in there kido!

Heather said...

Boot = stylish
Cow print speed = not stylish.

Please put a warning before you post a pic. like that again!

Seriously I really hope the injury vanishes in quick fashion.

Unknown said...

So sorry that you have to be friends with the boot. OMG, it is better than having to wear that awful cow print speedo...that dude must have lost a bet or something! Sending you lots of "get well fast" vibes!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Yes! You should totally blog about your tempos!! You need to post SOMETHING in march!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. This is "Cow Print Speedo Man." My sister was courteous enough to alert me to all this smack talk, albeit a year after such terrible udderings were uddered. I just find it terribly unfortunate that none of you or your boyfriends have the confidence or baddassness (in my team, HORSECOW's, lingo we would call this steely nards, as that is what we have) to sport such spectacular attire. I will also have you know that due to the fact I am more streamlined in said attire than you all, I took 2nd place overall in Chilly Cheeks #2 and 3rd overall in Chilly Cheeks #3. The glory of these results can still be found on the event website. So I am truly sorry that you are all envious not only of my tactful style, but of the superior racing stock from which myself and my other HORSECOW teammates hail from.
@termite: Let's go out.
@Amber: I'm better than your boyfriend cause I'll wear my cow print shorties for you for free.
@Kenley: You better watch your language young lady.
@Jenn: I do tend to have the speechless effect on women quite often.
@Petraruns: good luck, I am faster than you.
@Emz: Thank you kindly.
@The Green Girl: I'm actually rather friendly.
@Heather: You are not stylish.