Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Never rely on the girl with the map

Keeper of the map!!
So, y'all know I've been biking.  Me, runwithjill, biking.  Not my first choice (ahem) of endurance sports but one does what one must do to maintain a tiny ounce of fitness (most of it is loooong gone).  So a couple months ago I started riding with Christi on the weekends to prep for our upcoming hilly Elephant Rock 64 mile ride, which is in a mere 12 days (yikes!!!).  So I needed to get in another long ride before the big day approaches so this past weekend was the day to get 'er done.

I have absolutely zero clue how one approaches a long ride...does one taper for it like you do a marathon?  How long should my long ride be this weekend, the weekend before the race?  Help all you bikers out there!!!

That was just a mild panic attack....back to the story:  Christi couldn't go on Saturday and I had plans for Sunday afternoon so when Julie of you just have to tri asked if I wanted to join her for a 60 mile ride, I was all over it!  Yes!  I need the miles and the company would be awesome. 

Julie and I have never met before and really have only been reading each other's blogs for a short time, but we chatted like we've known each other for decades - I love those types of instant friendships.  I'm certain we'd have a blast in a Mexican restaurant with a couple margaritas behind us :).  Julie is about to embark on her first century in a few weeks so I got the brilliant idea we should ride the shorter course of her upcoming ride.

I printed all my maps of the course and was ready to go, studying them in great lengths glimpsing over them quickly before we set out.  I was venturing onto uncharted territory for me and I didn't relish the thought of getting lost and tacking on more miles with only one Honey Stinger bar and a few chews.

But that's exactly what I did - get us majorly lost.  Many times even.

Did I ever mention I have a minor in cartography???  What the heck is cartography, you ask?  Why, it's the study of map making!

So about 3 miles in was our first of probably 400 pulling out the map and checking where we were, by mile 4 we had already missed our turn.

Mile 12, I managed to fall (hard to believe) while pretty much standing still - but major bonus points on that fall cuz now I'm sporting a matching owie on my other knee and I'm more symmetrical now.

Lookie there, matching knee scars.  The right is the new one, the left is the one I mangled up
a few weeks ago.  Nice, huh!?!   And what the heck is wrong with my right knee all buldging ugly like that?

Somehow I managed this lovely on the back of my calf.  No idea what caused
those pretty scratch marks
So after I pick myself up and we enter the cute town of Golden, we're about to start our 2000' 4.5 mile climb up the infamous Lookout Mountain.  Julie was fearful; it is notorious for being tough on bikers legs, but it is jammed pack full of them - I was in awe at how that road was full of cyclist going up (and down) the thing.  I don't fear these things, I just suck at all hills so I just go as slowly as possible as not to rupture a lung or pull a quad muscle.  The thing really wasn't as bad as I was anticipating, all I though of the whole way was, "Push down with the quads, pull up with the calves."  I don't know why that helped, but it helped keep the legs pumping.

We finally got up to the top and it was such a gorgeous view:

View of the town of Golden from the Top of Lookout Mt.

View of the Rockies from the top of Lookout

Julie and I relived to be AT THE TOP!!!
I was actually a little more afraid coming down the backside of this mountain, it was steep and it was windy and the crosswinds were just ridiculous and making my bike wobble.  No doubt my physical therapist will tell me tomorrow, "That's because you're core is weak, Jill...."  Yeah, yeah, yeah....

Get to about mile 20 and I'm pulling out the map.  Good thing Julie was looking over my shoulder, otherwise we'd still be way lost right now in the town of Evergreen as I'd have had us turning right instead of left, as the map indicated.  Hate it when that map gets upsidedown!!

Get to the very bottom of that mountain and pull out that dang map again.  Let's turn right and go into Morrison, seemed like that's where everyone else on a bike was going.  This brought us along Red Rocks Park, famous for it's amplitheater and where I ran last summer running up and down the stadium stairs.

Hey Julie, where are we?
At least the background is pretty, eh?
Later that night, Julie told me we never should have been in Morrison.  Opps.  And an even bigger opps was when we left the town of Morrison, I was sure we were suppose to be on this trail that followed the highway....despite the map not really showing us that.  So we got on the trail and realized we're now at Bear Creek State Park, where we weren't suppose to be ... so we take this road which "looked" good.  About 2 miles in and 30-mph crosswinds ready to knock me out, we realize we are nowhere never close to where we're suppose to be.

Back track to the state park....only to realize I've LOST THE DAMN MAP!!!!

Oh good Lord!

Probably for the best...like that map was totally misprinted and not getting us on the right path anyway :).  I asked the park entry dude how to get on the bike path since I knew eventually that path would lead to the path that would take us back to heaven on earth: our cars!! 

Eventually we made it back, with distance PRs for both of us: 66.7 miles and some ungodly number of mega hours my butt sat on that tiny bike seat.  Does one ever get used to that thing cuz wowzie, my butt hurt those last 10 miles.  Bad.

Sunday, I was pretty lifeless but not really sore, just tired.  I ventured over to the state park near my house and attempted to run on some of my beloved running trails over there.  My calves and quads were pretty heavy (remember my chant up Lookout Mountain?  Yeah, it was payback time for Jill) so after a couple miles, I felt my form going all sucky and my heel started to complain.  Uneven terrain with stiff legs was not my brightest idea....but at least I remembered those trails I hadn't run on since last summer - and I didn't need a map.  And I was running. 

I wanted to say a quick note about last week's post on shoes.  I loved all the comments and thank you dearly for all your support, encouragement and kind words about how I'm running again - means a lot to me!  Shelly said it best, "Right now you are needing to give more to your overall wellness, running will be there when your body is ready to allow you to jump back in. Maybe it won't be a the pace you did in your 20s ...but it's the sheer joy of running that you want for a lifetime. Races and places are great but being part of this lifestyle is what it is all about."  So true!  Thanks, Shelly!  I am not going to go after a race right now, not even going to THINK about one, not until I feel I am ready and that's not going to be for a very,VERY long time.  And I'm ok with that.  I think.  More on that later, but on the Nike Free thing: my problem with my heel is not solely due to improper footwear - I have issues with overstriding, as I discussed in a previous post, and I also have imbalances in my hips and gluts, which I will definitely touch on in another post when I understand more.  These issues may, or may NOT, be shoe related but shoes have played a major role in my heel hell and all I can say is that my heel has felt better RUNNING these past 3 weeks than it had ever in the many months I took off prior ... I am building strength in my feet and I couldn't do that without the shoes I am wearing, strength I couldn't get in a non-minimalist shoe.  I don't know if they'll be the shoes for me forever, very doubtful if I ever get back to the marathon world, but they are the right shoes for me right now - they are giving me the strength back I so desperately need in my feet.  How cool is that?!?!

For an excellent article on which running shoes are best for you, click on this link here (please click on the link and "like" the article, I'd greatly appreciate it): this guy, Ron, has been instrumental in getting me back on the road running again and with his guidance, I am certain there will be a positive outcome.

5 months ago my podiatrist told me not to run .. yet in the very same breath told me that time off from running may not necessarily do any good.  Finally, after months of heel hell saga, I have found the source to my problem, something I begged my podiatrist to look for, yet he didn't have the resources to - nor the desire to.....

I am running some, I am gaining my strength back, I am learning.  I have been blessed with this blog as it has reached the right people who can help me more than any professional I've forked out major bucks to.  I am now cautiously hopeful!!

Run strong, friends!


Anne said...

I'm a little late on the shoe post...your Nike frees look great. You had asked for the name of my previous shoe and I completely forgot to come and answer that...sigh. Crazy busy these days. In case you still care, they are the Saucony Type 4A :)

That was some bike ride you guys did. Great job! You are definitely getting some major workouts in...even if part of that was not voluntarily. So glad to read that you are running again!

Christi said...

Great ride! I have done Lookout Mtn and it was a blast.

Hey, we are riding Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Send me an email if you are interested in joining us on any of the rides! Julie can come along if she would like!

Teamarcia said...

I am gasping for air just looking at that beautiful pic!
Ouchie on the falling and scratches...looks like riding is more treacherous than running.
I know you'll find your way around all the heel/overstride/hip imbalance obstacles around you. In the meantime hang in there and lets plan that Mexican getaway!:D

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

The pictures from your ride are stunning, so I can only imagine how beautiful it was in real life.

I could never sit on a bike seat for that long. I'd need padding for the padding in my shorts.

Your dedication to healing is inspiring, Jill! Thanks for the link to the article, too.

See.Kate.Run said...

Maps suck... well maybe not all maps but the ones that are not correct - those maps suck. :P I am glad you two found your way back and are not still out there looking for your cars though!

I really liked what Shelly said "it is the sheer joy of running that you want for a lifetime" it is so true.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You would total fit in with Team ROll, one of the requirements is being directionally challenged.

I emailed you and told you about my tumble and I go lost, not lost, but wrong turn a with a newbie on the bike. It happens and its actually fun to do, like we are kids again, just exploring.

Kate Geisen said...

Awesome ride, Jill! What beautiful scenery. I am soooo map impaired. Thankfully, all of my longest rides have been on marked courses, otherwise they might have been a LOT longer.

Eventually your butt will realize that you're going to keep riding no matter how much it complains, and then it'll finally shut up. When I did my first century, I got to mile 85 or so before I was even a little uncomfortable. We'll see how that goes on my new bike with my much smaller seat. :P

ShutUpandRun said...

Sounds like quite the ride!! I used to do Lookout all the time when I lived in Denver, but never turend it into a 67 mile ride or whatever amazing distance you did that day!!

So glad you have incorporated some running back into your life. I would agree - don't get tied into what used to be - go from here. Love running for what it is and the fact you can do it at all. Hopefully you will be doing it for many years to come.

A Prelude To... said...

What a fun time! You gotta get lost once in a while - it makes for better blogging!
Wish I had been there with you two - sounds like it was a great ride!

Adrienne Langelier, MA said...

Oh, wow! I just got off my bike this morning and am seriously envious! At least I didn't get lost LOL:)!

misszippy said...

Jill's gettin' her groove back! Woohoo!

Awesome ride there. You'll be surprised at how much that will do for your overall fitness. Just stay off the ground.

See you in a month!

Anonymous said...

OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!!! I can't read a map to save my life either! I just ride up and down the stupid giantic hills out here by Schriever AFB!!! Beautiful Ride Jill! YAY!

Marlene said...

Oh that is something I would do! I am geographically challenged... never trust me with the map. ;) Sounds like you had a great ride and experience nonetheless, despite the ouchies!

Downhill SCARES the bejesus out of me. I ride the brakes like crazy!

Caratunk Girl said...

Awesome ride!!

I am a good map reader - because I am a forester and it is my job, and I just love maps - but I still get lost sometimes (in the woods at work, and elsewhere) I always get back. I say, if you made it back, you were not really lost, you just got "turned around" ha ha.

It is funny when I hand friends a map as I am driving and ask them for directions, they NEVER can do it. I guess it is just something you either know or you don't.

Sounds like your groove is coming back Jill!

Johann said...

Awesome! Like misszippy says it will be great for your fitness. Also as misszippt says, stay off the ground!:) Take care Jill, you are moving forward!

HappyTrails said...

You are one bad cycling chick! Woo-hoo for you! Great job on all the wonderful riding you are doing. It will keep you in shape until you are back at 100% running and it sounds like you are on your way! Another 'visual' I learned years ago on how to 'spin' smoothly on the bike is to pretend you are wiping your foot on a doormat at the bottom of each pedal stroke. We might try a ride on Sunday - maybe we can get a group together - although my body isn't quite ready to do the stuff you are doing! I will email you later....... I am SO HAPPY that things are coming along with the new shoes/foot strengthening etc and RUNNING!

Heather said...

Sounds like quite the adventure.
I am glad you made it through.
I am with you on the booty pain. I am trying out new seats currently.

I am glad your shoes are helping you get back to running. Take it easy!

Jenn said...

Cartography-Bwahaha! I definitely would have had to google that!

66.7 miles! WOWEE!! So glad you're more symmetrical. Always worth a scab for that purpose......ha!

Great writeup Jill! I always look forward to your adventure filled posts that make me feel like I'm riding in your bike basket and being a part of your ride! Great opportunity to meet up with Julie!

Have a great week Jill!

Caroline said...

66.7 miles !!!!! beautiful pics!
makes me want to get a new bike and go for a ride!
I left mine in Quebec, I am without a bike for 11 years now
I love the header!

Anonymous said...

wait, do you really have a minor in that? if so way cool.

we should get together. i have really good directional skills so i'd take care of you :)

Julie said...

Wow you told that story much better then I did!!! I was laughing through the whole thing! I had a great time and can't wait to do it again. And I will be carrying a debit card for a stop for food!

Mexican food and Margs for sure!!!

Yea for strong feet!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Holy mileage Jill! glad you had a buddy! Weren't you just using the sun to navigate?! ;)

I hope you are okay after that spill! But, the positive is even scabbing. :)

ahhh, CO is scenic!! Love that state, not the Buffs ;) Remember, I'm a NE girl!

Aimee said...

Woohoo for your LONG bike ride with Julie this weekend! I read her post about it too! I know getting lost isn't much fun, but I couldn't help but laugh about the map problems b/c I could totally see that happening to me too!

RunToTheFinish said...

yet another reason to stay on foot, biking makes it easier for me to to get lost :) Overall though I have to say it's moments like this that create amazing stories, great memories and great bonds

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

love cycling actually. if the roads where i live were safer i would be doing much. which is none right now.

Char said...

I guess that just because you can make a map doesn't mean you can read one. It just shows that you're a real woman because we all know that real women can't read maps. Nice bruises and scabs!

Raina said...

Just wanted to tell you that thanks to the last post of yours (and this is a good reminder too), i am putting my feet into a lower heel a few times a week. Thanks Jill!

ajh said...

You are going to do a 64 mile ride Yikes and good for you! Ha Ha. I just asked the question about tapering on my blog. Symmetrical bruises - only you! Do you have clipless pedals or whatever they are called?

Wish I lived closer so I could ride with you!

Glad you are getting some running in. It certainly means a ton to be able to do it.

The Green Girl said...

Wow, go, Jill! What an adventure.

Your poor legs.

Ransick said...

Beautiful pictures like you are biking through a post card. Might be time for a nav system or GPS enabled phone for finding your way :-)

Bubble Boy said...

Note to self, do not get directions from Jilly B!

Anonymous said...

love you new blog background and pic. :)

don't ever race with me if i'm in charge of a map. EVER.


Black Knight said...

It is not too bad to get lost in a such beautiful place with that landscape.
Sorry for your legs.
Great pictures.

XLMIC said...

I would have been laughing so hard if I had been on that ride with you! O, man... what a comedy of errors!

Glad those shoes seem to be working for you :) Clicked and 'like' for Ron :)

Anonymous said...

Bike With Jill! I like it. To be followed up with "Core With Jill" aftger you win the Core Challenge!

Anne said...

That's certainly one way to push to a new PR on the bike. And I had no idea there were schools that offered concentrations in cartography. (Not that it did much good on this particular excursion, I know.)

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will Travel said...

Ha, I always leave someone else to take charge of the maps, because I don't trust myself at all with navigational challenges.

Good luck with the ride next weekend! Wish I had some helpful taper hints for you.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

More insights into all that is Jill. Geographically challenged! (pssst, me too! I got "lost" in a 5k in my home town. not.kidding.)

I am in awe of your biking distances. Even when I did bike I never dreamed of going that far. Enjoy your ride!

Thanks for the shout out. So happy my words could touch you. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Lindsay said...

Umm. Please don't send your kids to the same school you got this "map certification" from... They need to be functional :-p

Well I am glad you made it back eventually so you could amuse us with a story. And only 6 extra miles - that's pretty impressive.

Suzy said...

60 some odd miles on a bike? Girl, you are crazy! I'd give up after 1 mile. However, I think you should ask for a refund on your cartography minor! Beautiful pictures, as always.

Emz said...

Oh man "maps" is a FOUR letter word in my house.

Awesome distance any way you ride it. :)

Loved seeing you on Aimee's blog.

Jamie said...

What's a map ;). I rely on gps way too much to remember how to read a map. Glad you found your way back!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Okay, this is what happens when I don't read my blog roll and get so behind on the blogs I love! What? I've missed two Jill posts! Good grief!! Forgive me Jill! Gosh this is awesome!! You look beautiful too...seriously, like you were meant to be a hot bike chick all along...that pink shirt, the background, your helmet...it all just looks Awesome! And the view! Wooo weee. I don't know how you did it but my butt would be the least of my worries compared to my dead vagina!! I can't ride more than a few miles without my hoo hoo falling asleep! Awesome job even if you did get lost! Ha ha. made me laugh. I'm off to see your shoe post!

C2Iowa said...

The next to last picture is the best. Needs the cation: Ahh shiX. This things is printed in ancient phoenician.

Good to see you writing more often.

Colorado Gal said...

Just found your blog and I love it! I'm a Colorado gal too and I'll be at Elephant Rock next weekend also :) I have yet to do Lookout Mtn but it's definitely a classic. Have you gotten a chance to do Flagstaff in Boulder yet?

Good luck next weekend!

Paul said...

Hi Jill
Loved reading ur shoe post....me also a big fan of flexible shoes including Frees as u probably know ;)
Hope the feetsies are getting better each day!

Chris K said...

Hmmmmh, so Paul likes those Frees too. Well, if Paul AND you like them, then just maybe I should give them a whirl. I could return them if I don't like them.

Funny about the map Miss Cartography.

Tell you what, being lost in that scenery would not suck. Beautiful.

Molly said...

okay, I'm caught up now! I hope the Nike Free does the trick for you, it makes sense that those will help you get some strength back in your feet, and I love to hear you're cautiously hopeful! I have an issue on my end now, and it sounds like I have to go in the opposite direction as you, with more structure.

Dude, you lost the map?! And don't tell me the butt soreness doesn't go away! I'm about to pad my rear end with tissues.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Cory Reese said...

The pictures of your legs = ouch!

(Great post!)

Coy Martinez said...

This was hilarious! It almost sounded like a Griswold biking adventure!

I'm horrible on the bike but just from looking at those pics, I would have gone along, even if I wouldnt have been able to walk for a week!

Irene said...

I'm not much of a map reader, either, mostly because I don't run with reading glasses or mono-vision contact lenses. I just can't see the danged map! Teehee... I take it to mean you really didn't get too lost since you were able to return home and do a blog post. ;)

My computer has been acting up, so I'm playing catch up with my blog reading right now. I'm glad to see you getting back out there, biking riding and running. Great tips for shoes!

Matching owies!

Unknown said...

Maps?! What a waste of time, especially on a bike! They aren't meant to be held while one teeters on two wheels!
Glad you are staying busy and in trouble, as always! I'm sure you are excited about summer vacay! I know I am counting the days!
Glad your shoe situation is working out...this whole foot/heel thing puts a cramp in our lives, doesn't it?!
Big hugs!

Sherri said...

You attack biking just like you do running! Your truly amazing! How about Rag Brai???? Super fun times...so I hear1 =)

Andrew Opala said...

if you ever heal up Jill, please take a picture of your legs and post them ... we aren't just interested in your injuries ...

- your mystery reader

Kate Geisen said...

Hey, I can still mountain bike with you...I fall plenty then. :)

FYI, I looked up and answered the biathlon/duathlon question in a comment on my blog.

Terzah said...

Hi Jill--Thanks for your comment on my blog last week! Your blog looks wonderful (love the views of Golden). Looking forward to following!

Tricia said...

ouch!to those legs, but the scenery is beautiful

The Green Girl said...

I've discovered the best way to roll my calves is to put The Stick across two foam rollers (I have my good PVC core one and a flattened one) like a bridge and then I sit on the floor and I roll my calves out as hard as I can.

I'm not able to get a good, deep calf massage on the foam roller alone and I can't physically roll The Stick as hard on myself.

Matthew Bradford said...

You are such a bada*s and clearly so loved! Look at all them comments!

I love remembering all the places I used to trail run in your post. Heading out to Morrison and Lair of the Bear; going to Red Rocks and running the trails up and around; going to Apex Park... ahhh.

So glad you're writing again! I never have time to skim my reader but yours was the first name I went to tonight!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Some people weren't meant to have maps I guess, but you live in a great area for biking, unless that person hates hills or mountains. haha

Congrats on the mileage PR!

Anonymous said...

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