Friday, December 2, 2011

The Not-The-Worst-5K-In-My-Life-But-Pretty-Darn-Close RR

ARGHHH!!  HATE Blogger!  Sorry for those that read the first edition of my RR this morning before I finished it.  "Save" button is to the right of the "Publish" button...will I ever learn?'s the final draft.....

My XC Son, Ryan; fellow blogger, Tara; the big man himself; the 5K hater
You may be thinking I (we) ran an early Jingle Bell 5K.... but you'd be wrong, we actually ran the Wobble Gobble (or Gobble Wobble?) 5K in Littleton.  Santa was just there so that we could give him our early Christmas wish lists (he knows I've been exceptionally nice and never said any "bad" words during this trying year with my foot :)).  My wish was that I wouldn't die in the race - I hadn't run this fast in a couple years and my exercise-induced asthma hates 5k's.  Tara was hoping she wouldn't puke - she wasn't feeling all that well race morning.  My son, Ryan, wanted a sub-20 race - the overachiever he is.  Brat!

But let's back up a bit before the race, just so you get the full picture.  An few email exchanges between Tara and I....

6 days before race day:
Tara: Do you want to run one of the turkey trots around town on Thanksgiving?
Me: Absolutely NO.  I hate 5k's.
Tara: Okay.
We have some pretty deep and intellectual conversations, no?

4 days before race day:
Me: Okay, let's do one of the turkey races, I need some speed work and no better way than coughing up a lung on Thanksgiving morning.
Tara: I'm not sure I want to anymore, I hate 5k's.
Me:  Me, too.  Whatever, let's do it anyway, it'll be good for us.  If it doesn't kill us.
Tara:  Okay.
Seeing a pattern here of highly intellectual conversations?

3 days before race day:
I register Ryan online but did not register myself as Tara was going to do that.  Don't ask.

2 days before race day:
Tara: OMG, race registration is closed!
Me: Holy Crap!  Ryan's going to be the only one running....
We spend the next several hours (and I mean HOURS) scrambling to find out if we can still register for the race or if we have to eat the cost of Ryan's entry and run a different one.  Delusional us thought maybe we could actually place in our AG if we ran a different race.  Hahahah.  Like I said, delusional!).

We finally got things straightened out, the race registration was super stupid and closed the race a half day earlier than on the website....they obviously don't understand that 12:00pm is NOT midnight.

Race day:
I wake up feeling miserable.  Severe sinus garbage going on for over 3 weeks and just not mentally into this thing. I go and pick up Tara at her house, Ryan in tow.
TaraI feel like crap, I have horrible stomach issues.  I'm not running.  I hate 5k's. What's your goal for the race?
Me: Survival!  Seriously!  I hate 5k's.  I ran 3 miles last night with the last mile at an 8:00 and really struggled.  I don't think I can sustain a sub-8 for 3.1 miles.  I suck!
Tara: I hate 5K's (x6390)
Me: Me too (x6390)
Ryan: 5k's ROCK!
That kid needs some serious therapy, obviously!

As Ryan and I went to pick up our race packets, Tara gets a change of heart and decides to run the race despite her icky stomach.  The weather was brisk but not overly so and I think we dressed perfectly for the conditions (how that happened, I'm not sure, I am usually over or under-dressed!).

Myself and Tara, about to go tear up the course!  Right!
This is a small race.  Massively small (219 to be exact).  Fellow blogger and Coloradoan, Katie, had run the inaugural race the year before and emailed me a course description (thanks, Katie) and said they didn't even have chip timing.  This year they did have shoe chips so Tara and I lined up with some guy holding a Crayon made "8:00" sign.  I told her it was probably too ambitious for me, there were only about 20 other souls in front of us (and Ryan would be one of them, of course), but looking around, we were by FAR in better shape than those around us.  I mean, seriously!  I don't think half those people had any clue what the hell the "8:00" sign meant.  Sort of like in 2007 when I ran my first marathon in 5 years at Dallas and I ran with the "4:30" sign guy for a long time wondering how anyone in the world could run a 4:30 min/mile for 26.2 miles and why we weren't running a hell of a lot faster.  Go me!  I figured it out around mile 5 (when I kicked that "4:30" guy to the curb thankyouverymuch).

Off we go.  YAY!

I try not to take out too fast.  If you knew of my past racing nemesis, you'd be laughing at this statement.  But I tried to just run controlled and steady and not cough up a storm....once I start coughing, then the race is basically over for me.  I get into a good, steady pace behind a black shorts and Vibram 5FF guy and feel pretty good.  I have no clue how fast I'm running (remember that whole Garmin thingie issues I have?) but there are mile markers spray painted on the path we were running and I hit mile 1 at 6:33.  WTH????????  I am almost certain I can't run a 6:33 even if I were offered a billion bucks to do so.  Not right now (okay...I know you want to hear it - again - so here goes....."in a past life, yes, but not this current one".  You're welcome!).  

Now, the logical side of me said: there is absolutely no way I ran a 6:33.
The illogical side of me said:  Wow, I think I can run a sub-23, maybe even sub-22? if I can keep this up!!

Mind you, I think the last sub-22 I ran had to be pre-twin era (they're now 16).

Does all simple math become a class in partial differential equations when we race?  I swear, I'm a somewhat educated person.  Mile 2 I hit in like 17:30.  That's the first time it dawned on me that mile 1 was pretty much off, I waw working way too hard to be running a 9 min/mile.  But I'm feeling pretty good, not coughing yet, and thinking I had a good chance at a sub-25 (secret goal...which in reality, is sooo so soooo sad!).

And then it happened.... mile 2.5ish and the cough starts.  Oh God!  Please don't make me start walking.... Mr. Black Shorts and 5FF guy pulls ahead and I start my crawl to the finish line pretty much hating every second of that last half mile.


7:50 overall pace.
12th place female
4th in my age group. Why is my AG so highly competitive!?!?!?
Tara finished just a behind me - stomach cramps and all.  Kinda hate her! 

Ryan got his sub-20 and ran a 19:18.

I got some great speed work in.  I didn't die. Tara didn't puke.  A hot chocolate toast was was in order....and bonus, Santa had candy canes so I dropped mine in my post-race hot chocolate and the coughing subsided.

Santa is a miracle worker!

Post Race:
Tara: I hate 5K's.
Me: Me too.  We should do them more often.  Like maybe find a Jingle Bell one in December.
Tara: Definitely!

When I got home, I popped on Athlinks just to see if that was a Personal Worst 5k for me.  Oh hell no....

Colorado Rockies Home Run For The Homeless 2010CO5/2/103251807:5324:30+1:11+2:02
Scream Scram 5K 2009CO10/23/091717707:3023:19+0:51+0:51
That Dam Run 2009 - Run-5KCO3/1/0929457:1322:28-1:11P.R.
Scream Scram 5KCO10/24/08113837:3623:39+0:26+1:11
Colorado Rockies Home Run For The Homeless 5KCO5/11/083191127:2823:13-9:38+0:4

Nope, that PW title goes to the 5k I ran immediately after my return from the 2010 Boston Marathon (highlighted in yellow).  You know....The Boston Marathon where I my foot injury fiasco from hell first started.  Whatever, worst is still worst and this race wasn't my worst....I had a whole 10 seconds to spare even before that happened.  Woohoo!!!
BTW, I probably ran about 30-40 5k's and 10k's that do NOT show up on when I lived in Alabama in the early 90s.  Why, I'm not sure....I guess Alabama doesn't partake in the Athlinks program, but dammit, I ran those in the SUB-20 range and I WANT them there so I don't look like a total sloth!!!  *sigh* 

Though the Gobble Wobble wasn't my PW 5k, I fully understand that I am not in ideal racing condition right now - not even close - and this race reiterates Carlsbad is just going to NOT be the race I had originally hoped....and that's okay, it really is.  In 2012, with my Brooks/Boulder Running Co gig (I start on January 1st) forcing me to race a plethora of smaller local races, I am betting this pace is going to go down.

Nevertheless, I had a great time - thanks Tara for twisting my arm and making me cough a little.  And will we be doing that Jingle Bell 5k this month?  Ah....probably not.  But one can never say never (Maybe we'll see Mr. Turkey there!).  First, I have a little race this weekend, a bit longer in length, and apparently on snow-covered trails.  Oh joy!!

My front yard, taken moments ago.  About 8" of fresh white stuff.  Bleh!
Finally, if you haven't signed up for the 2nd Annual Holiday Blog Gift Exchange and want to do so, please head over HERE to sign up.  This will most likely be my last reminder before the deadline (Monday, December 5th at NOON Mountain Standard Time).  I think we're up to 145 participating.  Wow!  If you wonder where I am on blog land lately, it's me working on this exchange...emailing every single new person.  Anyway, will be in touch sometime next week with your blog exchange info - yay!

Run Strong, my friends! 


Char said...

This blog is like a really good book that you haven't been able to put down but someone's torn the last chapter out of. Did you reach your goal? Did Tara reach hers? What about Ryan? And did you all live happily ever after?

Anonymous said...

I've always believed that Thanksgiving races are best run last minute.

Anonymous said...

I've always believed that Thanksgiving races are best run last minute.

XLMIC said...

No fair!!!! What happened?

Liz said...

Did the doorbell go in the middle of writing your blog? When can we find out what happened next? The suspense is killing me!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - you must have said something absolutely horrible about the race. I can only assume Blogger felt it necessary to censor you - what happened on race day?

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Is this like one of those Tarrantino movies where you are left imagining what happened?
Also, this is way to short for a Jill post.
Regadless, congrats on the 5K. You look great and happy!

C2Iowa said...

Cliff hanger -- call "foul"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara said...

Bwhahaha! Shortest post I've ever likey since I'm sooo far behind. I have decided that the only productive thing that I will do today at work is get caught up on blogs. YEP.

Yucky 5K and one of my worst ever; need some time spent out of zone 2 and some speedwork.

Ok, I'm going to get dressed and make the snowy drive into work. Groan. I will come back and catch up when I get to work. I also need to e-mail you....what a freaking week.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Its Gobble Wobble

Congrats on the race

Matthew Smith said...

I'm not a big fan of 5k's either! I don't want to pay to go run 3.1 miles with a bunch of faster people... It looks like you had fun anyway!

Caratunk Girl said...

I TOTALLY agree - 5ks are HARD!!! I really hate them....I actually believe that marathons are easier.

Congrats on the race though!! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Christi said...

Congrats on your race!

Colorado Gal said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaiiiit, come back!! What happened?! You're killing me! :)

ShutUpandRun said...

My guess is you made those race bibs on your home computer and just came out to watch?

I hate 5Ks. They stress me out and make me want to puke.

juanitagf said...

I hate 5ks...for basically the same reason you do. That hacking up a lung hurts... However, I am doing The Boring Runner's Freeze Your Thorns Off in January. Cold weather and a 5k = hackng up both lungs...

Tara said...

Haha! I love this! What a fun recap of our stupidity! (and we are totally stupid).

And if I had known those damn stomach issues would turn into an urgent care visit, I would have just skipped this bugger. NOT. Why? Because I am stupid!

See ya at the jingle 5K? :)

Tara said...

P.S. I still hate the 5K.

Julia said...

ahhhhhh. i hate 5ks as well. haha. i swore them off this past summer and i think i have run at least 3 since then. who am i!?! i love your all's conversation recaps. hilarious. i think you did awesome! congrats on 4th in the AG! and a great pace!

Julie said...

I think you guys rock!

ajh said...

I think you're speedy fast! Love all the conversations! I"m curious what a small race is for you?? And we almost never have chip timing. Because our races are small. I am thinking my Sunday race of 1200 is big.

Ransick said...

Congrats on not being your worst 5k. Sub 25 is fast for me and sub 20 is crazy fast. It's all a matter of perspective.

Laura said...

I've been roped into running a 5km in March...I haven't done a 5km race in ....4 years maybe?
I expect pain.
That's a lot of snow...I am NOT READY!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You a freakin 5k fast!! I think you did great.

Congrats to you all.

So excited for the exchange.

Bubble Boy said...

145, WOW you are popular!! Nice run! I love 5K's.

Brett Martin said...

Yay for not being a PW :) I don't think I know anyone else who keeps track of those though haha.

Also good job at the 5k, its funny how you describe the race as small enough not to have chip times because I think that's how all of my local races are. We obviously need more runners down here!

Molly said...

you guys kill me : ) I really do hate 5k's, I've only done one in my illustrious running career. Congrats!!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Nice Job Jill! Oh, how I hate 5ks. A big fear of mine. But I'm ready to face this fear sometime really soon. NOt sure I'm in sub 20 mode but whatever I run, it will be good for me to do something that scares me. I see I missed the first time you posted. ;)

Betsy said...

Just stopping by after seeing you followed me....good stuff here! I love the I hate 5ks so I'm doing it. I'm the same way....I hate it so I'm doing it and it makes no sense.

Also new to CO about 2 months ago so may have to hit you up for some good training route suggestions!

Marlene said...

I am CRACKING UP at the commentary. I have had similar conversations so many times. Before/during every 5K, I swear I will not "race" one again. But we always go back...

CONGRATS on the not-PW. :)

Terzah said...

At least 5Ks are over fast, right? You did GREAT! I'd love to see your Alabama times, too. Stupid Athlinks. See ya tomorrow--fun fun ahead for us!

GZ said...

Athlinks is not a 'Bama issue. It is a 90s issue. Pretty infrequent to see any 90s result up there.

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will Travel said...

Ha, I love all the Cliffhanger comments - I missed yesterday morning's post but loved this final draft. I've never raced a 5k but I sort of felt like I did after reading the recap!

pensive pumpkin said...

I saw the original come up in my reader, but it disappeared and I went wah! LOL Now I know why...

You really crack me up. Thank God you finished the post or I was taking google DOWN!!!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

You and I feel the same way about 5Ks. Good thing the pain is only temporary, and doesn't last for hours. I must say, I think you ran pretty good all things considered. Like you said, it's a good speed workout.

Oh, I'm surprised you only took 4th AG if there were only 219 total.

RunToTheFinish said...

you are a goofball and I mean that in the nicest way.

conversations with husband are more like. I am going to sign us up for a 10k.

him: oh..
Me: that's ok right
him: uhh sure

he doesn't run :) except when registered

Jenn said...

I laughed out loud at this at least 10 times! Love the pre-race commentary! OK-so my 5K PW is worse than yours!!! YAY! Just once in my life I would love the damn coveted sub 20 and you have many!!! Yes, Athlinks didn't get hardly any of my PR's. They don't even have Boston. WTF. EVERY slow half marathon etc. I've run is on there though-ha ha!

Great job on the race Jill! Congrats to your speedy kiddo too!! OK-I'm so out of blog world right now and so behind with everyone but what are you running this weekend?

OMG-finally a picture I can relate to on the bottom here!!

OK-good luck this weekend! Congrats again. Thanks for being super Jill and putting all this time and effort into the gift exchange. You are appreciated girl!!

funderson said...

BAH! I'm too much of a slacker!!! :) Actually...I WAS thinking about a LV recap. We'll see if I'm inspired.

I see that you all got all the snow...damnit! We haven't gotten a peep for a month. It's sad really.. Way to go on muscling through the 5K, fast pants!

See.Kate.Run said...

Nice 5K!! I have never run a 5K that fast before! I bet it felt great! Congratulations! Love the snow!! :-)

Black Knight said...

In my opinion it was a fast race and not only a speed workout. Congrats.
However the 5k is the most difficult race because you have to push from the start.
What is that white dust in your front yard? I have never seen such thing .....

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

I saw the first post and I was glad I already knew what happened in the race!! Glad the info I gave you was helpful. It looks like it was a lot more organized this year. I think I will be there next year, that is unless I break something else!!

Teamarcia said...

I hate 5ks, except when they're over, especially if I puke, which is often these days.
Love all your snow! Apparently we're getting ripped off with tons of rain instead.
You still did great!

Jennifer said...

I hate 5K's too! But always feel so good after them. Weird. Kinda like going to the dentist, but way cheaper. Not that I ever go to the dentist. You and Tara and the boy look fabulous! Sub 20, yikes! That is some fast talent. Love you!

A Prelude To... said...

Love your interchange with Tara! HA! And that story about the 2007 marathon was fantastic :-) You are SO me!

Jenny said...

Well done! :)

Raina said...

Not sure how I got here so late. You slipped my radar. Please forgive!!

You are so funny, Jill! I love the conversations here. Hilarious! and the athlinks thing is perfect. They always have the PWs, don't they??

Great hussle. Way to cough out a lung too :)!!

Irene said...

Blogger won't let me post!

Irene said...

Of course it let me post AFTER I posted that first comment.

Kudos for doing that 5k. I'm not liking the 5k distance much these days, but yay for you! I slept in that day...

TX Runner Mom said...

LOL, does anyone love 5ks? I don't think so (well, except for Ryan). Great job on getting it done, even when you really didn't want to!

Andrew Opala said...

I love the play by play superwoman.

I hope that one day I can run as fast on your sh*tty day as I do on one of my good days.

Kenley said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with the rest of us out here. That is so awesome! I have never done a 5k in my life, I don't think, so that means no. I loved the emails. You run strong too and take care.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Your legs look killer in that first pic Jill! Thank you for organizing the exchange! Fun stuff!

Congrats to Ryan for the sub-20

The Green Girl said...

Oh, Jill, I could not stop laughing at this post. You girls are too freakin' funny.

I love how you're in shorts and tee's and then you post a picture of snow.