Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Post-Carlsbad mindless chatter

It's been brought to my attention (ahem) that I haven't posted in a couple weeks.  Hum.  I have a valid excuse, really I do.  I've been computer-less.  Again.  About 3 weeks ago my laptop decided it didn't want to charge anymore.  I took it to the computer hospital and the doctor assured me it was a small fix, just needing a new jack.  Turns out a simple jack is really a whole circuit board and $450 to fix.  What!?!?  I decided it was best if the thing just died and I'd get a new one.  It hasn't arrived yet but I've pretty much stalked the Dell "Chat" center and am now on the watch list so that no one will chat with me there anymore.  I have been told the new laptop should arrive tomorrow.  We'll see.

It's not that I can't get on the desktop computer at home, I can, but I have limited time on it (sorry I haven't commented much) due to two 16-year olds who think they have priority doing homework combing social media sites.

But more so, ya all  know how much I like to include pictures and I'm too stupid to figure out how to upload pictures off my camera without taking the little memory card out and popping it in my laptop.  So pictures on today's blog are courtesy of Google Images (is that illegal?).

So, what's new since I returned home from that sweet marathon in Carlsbad....

  • Band geek son had a band thingie down in Colorado Springs a few days after I returned from CA and so I went for a nice run/hike at the Garden of the Gods.  Pictures from the event are on my camera but I'll steal a few for this post and re-post some later.  It was a gorgeous evening and I had a nice hike but no way the legs were going to run much.  

  • View of the Pikes Peak summit through some redstone rocks

    • I ran a 5k 6 days post marathon.  If anyone wants to know how to run a personal worst, just sign up for one 6 days after trashing their legs running 26.2 ill-prepared miles.  That will do it!  I ran the Yeti Chase 5K in 300 degrees below zero with hurricane-forced winds with tons of hills.  Race description said it was mostly flat.  They lied.  Or maybe it was my really tired legs which made me think the hills were actually mountains, who knows, but my Nike watch time of 25:59 is now officially my worst 5k ever.  I'm okay with this actually....I told Tara the night before when we were swimming I just wanted to run about 9 min/miles and use it as a little recovery run.  But we all know how that plays out once the gun goes off....when I hit the first mile in 7:37, I knew this was no easy recovery run....and my legs let me know at mile 2 when I hit a 8:40.  Woohoo!  Overall pace: 8:22.  I used this race as Adam's virtual Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K - I hope they have category for "soonest 5k after a marathon" and I win boatloads of cash!
    • I bailed on a Super Bowl 5K last weekend due to a crap load of this stuff the day before:
    No sense in making my PW even worse than last weekends'.  It was free so not a big deal...still, I wanted to use it as some much-needed speedwork.
    • Due to above white crap, I ran 15 miles on my treadmill today.  My legs finally felt good.  But I chaffed on my lower back where my shorts reside.  Um...in the 300 years I've been running, I have NEVER chaffed here.  Huh?  Then I got the added pleasure to sit on a wooden seat at the library for 2 1/2 hours post-run while I used the library's computer to get some work done.  I received some interesting library patrons looks when I sat sideways in the seat and then again later when I stood and hunched over to type.
    • I have a 1/2 marathon this weekend.  I'm not sure why I signed up for it other than it was free and there was hardware involved.  Speedwork, free, hardware - I'm in!  I have no intention of "racing" it - I'll just use it as some tempo work - or perhaps ice skating lessons.  I am volunteering at registration before the race (thus the freebie entry...never hurts to ask the race director if you can have a comped entry for some volunteer work :)).  Today I got an email detailing my volunteer duties and the RD just happened to enclose this tidbit in the email:  We will fill the race shortly and we've even gotten some of our Olympic marathon team coming out to compete. Um...I will pull a SUAR if I happen to see Ryan or Kara or anyone from THE Olympic Marathon team...I'm guessing she means the Colorado team who ran the trials, which is still mighty impressive and pretty cool.  Unless, of course you're competing with them.  I wonder if I'll come in last place!?!  I'm so wishing I would have signed up for the "walking" division.
    • In a moment of temporary weakness, I signed up for the Chicago Marathon last Friday.  This absolutely does not mesh well with the Pikes Peak Marathon the end of August.  I received an email on Friday morning stating the race was almost full after opening 2 days earlier and all I could think of was how I didn't want to miss out on registration.  So I registered.  I obviously need some sort of racing interventionist to sit down and slap me.  I have no idea what I'm going to do about Pikes Peak and Chicago.
    • Speaking of moments of weaknesses....I'm doing a 50k in Iowa in a few weeks.  Um....this is sort of comical - I hope you're all laughing!
    • I am going to be a head coach for the Girls on the Run program.  We start training on March 5th and the girls' big 5k race will be May 12th.  I'm so excited about this opportunity.
    • Finally, I'll be running with the team I'm racing with this year, Team BRC, on Saturday morning and I've contacted the group coordinator and they are all IN on running for Beth's virtual run in honor of her cousin, Sherry, who was abducted while out for a run last month in Montana.  We'll all be sporting the bibs as we run....I hope you'll all be doing the same.

    Run strong, my friends!!



    Tasha Malcolm said...

    Oh my, you have been busy and will be even more busy in the coming months! I can't wait to hear which Olympians show up to race.

    pensive pumpkin said...

    I get the jitters when races open registration too, and I haven't even run one yet! LOL There are three I want to run in the fall, but I am FORCING myself to wait until after my first half just in case I hate it and never want to do it again. It is sooooooo hard not to just sign up!!!

    Garden of the Gods is so beautiful. I want to go back to every pretty place I've ever visited and see it differently as a runner. *whispers* like Pike's Peak.

    Dreaming is so fun. : )

    Cory Reese said...

    You have the most awesome mindless chatter. The Yeti sounds slightly miserable even if it wasn't 6 days post-marathon. I'm not a fan of every cell in my body freezing solid.

    Chicago? Awesome. Upcoming 50k? Brave and awesome. And the Girls on the Run? As awesome as a Slurpee or Hostess crumb donuts. Now that is saying something!

    Char said...

    Does this post mean that you managed to wrestle two teenage boys off their social networking sites? Well that's your resistance training done for the week.

    I was hoping Adam would have a 'shortest legs" category for his FYTO 5k. My Bubbles would have won it for sure. And I would win the 'most patient' walker category because it does take her an inordinate time to do even one k.

    Colorado Gal said...

    Holy running woman!! I love how you just register first, think about it later! I need more of that in me :)

    Average Woman Runner said...

    Wow! Crazy schedule, you are going to have so much FUN!

    XLMIC said...

    I think you need to sign up for a couple more races...there are a few weekends that are just EMPTY! :P Woman...you are nuts :) Glad you're getting your legs back...and hope your new computer arrives tomorrow!

    Petraruns said...

    I get that same panic when a race emails me like that - do you think that's why they do it? That's how I entered a half ironman. Ahem. Anyway.

    Girlfriend you are racing - a lot! I am SO envious of Chicago - I've run it twice and love it. Wish I'd known... But seriously - pick a cool race in 2013 and I'm going to start saving for it.

    Matthew Smith said...

    That was an impressive post! You covered everything swiftly and efficiently!

    Sorry that you computer died, but I always like an excuse to buy a new one. That's kind of exciting. I hope you get it!

    The Garden of the Gods looks like an incredible place to run. BEAUTIFUL!

    Even though 25:59 was your worst ever, that's still not that bad for a 5k...especially on toasted legs!

    Yuck! You got a ton of snow! I saw it on the weather and thought of you. Actually, Jenn and I are flying out to Denver to see some of our really good friends this weekend, so we'll be in it with you!

    Great idea to volunteer and get in a half mary for free! That's genius!!! I should try that. I hope you meet some Olympians!

    Chicago Marathon! That's awesome. I didn't pull the trigger on it last year, and I"m regretting it. This year, we'll be back in the south, and I didn't want to drive back up here.

    Thanks for getting us all back up to date with everything going on in your life. You're busy!

    Jenn said...

    Bullet comment for a bullet post:)

    That 5K post marathon is really not bad at all considering! Especially in 300 below. I love people who lie about course descriptions. Like how Boston is ENTIRELY downhill for the first 6 miles. Net downhill-yes, entirely downhill-no.

    300 years of running and you've never chafed where your shorts reside! Good God, I have a permanent scar there!! Kudos on the 15 TM miles! I need your library. My library Nazi limits me to 30 minutes.


    Seriously, I ALMOST did Chicago and then decided against it! Shoot!! I actually think I'm not going to do a fall marathon-gasp....50K does sound desirable though:)

    Awesome about Girls on the Run!! You will do great with this!

    OK-enough bullets. Best of luck to you with your half this weekend! Nice to see a post from you again!

    Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

    Awesome that you are doing all this racing. Nice to get speed work in with no expectations. Happy your body is holding up - this is the most important thing.

    Chicago - I considered it, but will most likely do my backdoor marathon again.

    Good luck with the half! And stalk some celebrities for us:)

    Big Daddy Diesel said...

    Good luck this weekend!!

    Ummm 50k?!?!

    C2Iowa said...

    I see how it done now --- place gun to head, pull trigger; THEN think about what I have done. Sweet. Chicago - very intersting.

    As for the 50k - I thought that you were going to drag me along?? After yesterday's workout; I may be dead last in March. My knee is still a bit angry.

    You have a busy spring for yourself.

    Lindsay said...

    Umm yeah you can get a laptop for $450 or less these days. I would have dumped it too.

    I've done a 4-mi trail race and a marathon a week after a marathon. Neither were fun. I bet a 5k isn't either. :)

    Umm. You need help. Pikes and Chicago?!?

    Mark said...

    It is good to see your running calendar so booked up!! Have fun in the half!

    Liz said...

    What are you talking about - your 5K time is awesome after a marathon! It sounds as though you are enjoying the snow as much as I am. 15m on a treadmill must have been extremely tedious - well done!

    Christi said...

    Yay, I have missed you! Glad to see you are busy and having fun. Keep up the great work my friend!

    bobbi said...

    CHICAGO!?!?! YAY!!

    Um, I'm a little excited about that :)

    Christie said...

    BUSY lady! :)

    First off, all of the hiking photos you post make me insanely jealous. Utah has some pretty fabulous scenery but I think Colorado just might have us beat!

    Not to long ago you had pain, and now you are rocking 2012 already - plus Pikes and Chicago?? Wicket crazy :)

    Christie said...


    Johann said...

    That is still a good 5k time in my book. I've never run an official 5km race (only 10k and up here in SA, 5kms are always fun runs), but I've done some 36 min 5k runs after ultras the day or week before. Please remind me here...have you done many/any ultras? 50km is a great distance, I love it! All the best with the half. What date is Chicago? I have a 50km mountain Challenge on 8 September.

    Teamarcia said...

    You'll be fine in Chicago post Pike's Peak because it is truly flat and fast, not like those liars who tout their 'mostly' flat courses. You'll use different muscles. Nuff said.
    Looks like a fun schedule for a racing machine!

    Happy Feet 26.2 said...

    I'm loving all of the racing.... I'm anxious to get back to it. Sounds like you have a fun-filled 2012 ahead of you.

    bummer - my friend that I went to Houston with, signed up for Houston too. I should have, but decided against it for a smaller fall marathon which is yet to be determined.

    CautiouslyAudacious said...

    What a great pic of Pike's Peak I love Colorado Springs. Looks like you are going to be very busy training!

    HappyTrails said...

    I just mentioned to Steve last night, "Where is Jill?" - and well, here you are! What half are you doing this weekend? And what 50k in Iowa? In March? Hopefully in an area where they are thawing out! :-)
    BTW - we only got 3 or 4 inches at our house from the blizzard - Yay!!!

    brg said...

    omg! you are totally crazy! I can not believe all the racing you are doing. yeah the yeti had mountains for sure - it wasn't just your imagination. ;)

    I'm sure you'll figure out a way to crush the Pike Peak Marathon and the Chicago Marathon.

    I've never chuffed myself running (but i've only been running 5 months) but once I rubbed all the skin off the top of my tailbone and started bleeding by doing 356 situps without stopping. (I haven't seen a need to do that again...)

    Good luck this weekend at the Ralston Half!!!

    Marlene said...

    Personally, I'm glad you had a moment of weakness and signed up for Chicago. Can't wait to meet you!!!

    Wow, those red stone pics are gorgeous.

    SupermomE13 said...

    You are such a slacker! When are you going to stop playing it safe and sign up for some races already? (TOTALLY KIDDING!) :)
    I love it! You are awesome!!

    We seriously need to end up at a race (or two or three!) together soon. I am running the Denver RnR marathon in September so maybe I can meet you then?

    Karen said...

    Using the half marathon as a tempo run or ice skating lessons...haha. Awesome! :)

    This whole post is really funny. Sounds like you need to eat more chocolate to prepare for all those tough races. A woman always needs more chocolate, right?

    Jennifer said...

    Hey sweetie! Thanks for you sweet comments on my blog. Holy cow, look at you with all those races planned. Of course you'll fly through all of them. Funny you should mention the lower back chafing, that happens to me but only in the summer. And lastly, I am totally impressed with the long runs on the TM, but then again when I see all that snow I might even break down and run on one too. Thankfully snow is not a problem for me. Love ya!

    Kathy said...

    Wild woman!!! Seeing those beautiful pics of Pike's Peak is only making me itchier for spring!!!
    I ran a 5K the week after Portland ... with a cold. Not my best time either. Why do we keep doing things like this when we really do know better??

    Suz and Allan said...

    Good luck with your half this weekend and all of the other things you have going on! You are super busy!

    misszippy said...

    Is there a race you AREN'T doing sometime soon? You are a machine! Making up for lost time?

    If you get to meet Joanna Zeiger (she ran the trials) tell her you know me. She used to live in Bmore and is an amazing athlete--been to the trials in marathon 2x, once for swimming, and has a 4th place from Olympic triathlon in 2000. And super nice.

    Terzah said...

    I heard about that Yeti 5K, and I heard your time was actually damn fast for that course (and you had just run a MARATHON)! :^)

    I hope the other patrons in your library are normal. We have a lot of weird regulars in here (yes I'm sneak reading blogs at work--bad form I know). I know you'll be glad when that new laptop arrives.

    It looks like you have an awesome spring of racing. Have fun with the Olympic hopefuls this weekend. :^)

    Denae said...

    Great stats! Good Luck Sunday! Hope to see you there!

    Kandi said...

    I keep seeing registration open for these fall marathons and I'm finding myself interested... which means that I can totally see myself running a 2nd marathon at some point in my life. I'm just trying to not sign up for one this year. Maybe 2013 will be the year of marathon #2 for me. I never thought I'd be tempted to run a second one since I barely wanted to do a first one!

    Jason said...

    I see you are taking my theory on recovery then.....I'll recover when I'm dead there will be plenty of time then.

    Get your Twinkies in you between Pikes Peak and Chicago and you'll be golden.....just like the cake.

    Julie said...

    Yea for a post from Jill! :)

    After taking another look at your schedule I can see what you won't be doing this summer...riding with me. :) You are one busy crazy lady and I'm looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. I'm thinking I'll come down to the finish line (I will have to come and see the olympians finish! :) )and we can go from there.

    Oh and soooo very awesome about the GOTR! They will be very lucky to have you as a coach!

    ShutUpandRun said...

    Glad you see you back. Man, you have some serious running plans coming up. I continue to be inspired by all of the races you do!!

    Thanks for the shout out about the run for Sherry...glad you will be able to be a part of it.

    Raina said...

    I can totally relate to the whole computer thing. I need to get a replacement soon. I have a bad feeling this one's going to bite the dust soon and I am going to be attempting to blog while chasing 3 boys around a library...not a pretty sight.
    Wowzers, have you got yourself booked! I will stay tuned to see how you manage with Pike's Peak and Chicago. If anyone can do it- you can :)

    Kenley said...

    My desktop crashed and so I just got a laptop and forwarded all the files on c drive. I HATE DELL. lol. A 50k coming up. You are just awesome Jill.

    ajh said...

    You have the snow I want but don't have!

    You are a race signing maniac. Glad you can sign up for races again! Have fun with it.

    Kate Geisen said...

    My 5K goal this year is now to try and work towards achieving your personal worst! :)

    You crazy girl. BS you're not racing that half. I predict another post that goes..."I know I said I wasn't going to race it but the adrenalin got the best of me..."

    Chicago, huh? What are the chances I can come spectate and cheer for all my crazy friends? Probably slightly better than Colorado, but only slightly.

    Hope Dell gets you the computer before they get you a restraining order. :)

    Irene said...


    I hope you take time out to smell the coffee... or is it roses?

    Ditto on the 5k thing. My bro and sis want me to run in a 5k in April and I have no intention of signing up, unless I'm suddenly able to shave off 5 minutes from my 5k time, which will bring me up to normal...

    Take care, Jill. You don't need any more injuries!


    Neon Blonde Runner said...

    Wow, you have like 500 races coming up, you are crazy. Love it!

    And 15 miles on the treadmill? Yes, insanity confirmed :)

    Ransick said...

    The pictures in the Garden of the Gods are gorgeous! They look like a post card.

    Wow, you have been and will be busy! You'll need a sherpa just to blog all these races for you :-). A personal bloggin sherpa might be a new profession. Kinda of a like a caddy for a rich endurance athlete :-).

    Bubble Boy said...

    U amaze me jilly beans! See you in March.

    Aka Alice said...

    You make me smile...and seem pretty sane in comparison. Next time my husband looks at me like I'm crazy for running as much as I do, I'm pointing him toward your blog!


    Black Knight said...

    A lot of persons would like to have 25:59 as PW in a 5 km.
    Those moments of weakness are usual for the runners, I did the same for the Marathon of Rome and I wasted my money but you will do it!
    15 miles on a treadmill are a torture: you are an inspiration.
    Good luck on the half this week-end.

    Tara said...

    Oh yay, so you ARE going to be the head coach for Girls on the Run? Sweet....glad that is all straightened out.

    I had no idea you were signed up for Pikes Peak MARATHON this year. Girl you are nutso. That race just makes me tired just thinking about it. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to run both races!

    Kristin Bradfield said...

    Hey, we all have a PW occasionally, it keeps us grounded :) At least you're running! Yay! I think if I had to share my computer with anyone other than my cat trying to cozy up to it for heat, I'd die.

    Paul said...

    Wow, you are a racing fiend now!

    All that snow...please send it to the ski slopes!

    Very jealous you signed up for Chicago, should be fun as long as the heat stays away......gonna do that one someday with my bro-in-law (a native).

    But possibly even more fun, and way less people is that 50k. Capped at 150 runners! You'll never see each other!

    Not fun: 15 miles on dreadmill. Kudos for getting that run in!

    Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

    Okay, I steal pictures all the time. I think it is illegal but since only like 10 people read my blog I don't think they are going to come after me!

    Where are you running with BRC on Saturday?? How far are you going? My hubs is working but I might get someone to watch the kids so I can run. If I can't I guess I will be sporting it on the treadmill. Let me know where you guys are running!

    Aka Alice said...

    Oh, I'm back...because I tagged you in my blog...and because I miss you :))

    A Prelude To... said...

    LOVE those stolen pictures!

    You've got quite a lot of running coming up, girl! This is going to be a fun year!!!!

    Anne said...

    So that's who Sherry is! I saw some other runners online who did the virtual run and thought maybe it was someone battling cancer. Did they ever find her?

    Amanda@runninghood said...

    Gosh, it took me forever to get here. Sorry. I have no excuses when it comes to computers since we have plenty...I've just been having a hard time with blog reading. Holy MOly girl, you are signed up for so much. And I actually don't think your 5k worst is all that bad even without a marathon right before. Ha! Great job on dead legs. Man, that's a crap load of snow...I kind of miss all that for just a minute until I remember what a pain it is to run in and get around in. One of these days I plan on adding Chicago to my list. I have thought about registering for New York since this is most likely the last year that I will be able to get in with my times since they are changing the qualification times. I wonder if it is already full. Oh, and so cool about the Girls on The Run! I've thought about looking into this! Anyway, so happy to see that you are running Jill. I only see you getting stronger.

    GZ said...

    So how did that half go this weekend? It was CHILLY out with all that humidity.

    Re: the kids and the computer ... my kids often insist that use of the computer is some sort of god burning bush requirement that an eleventh commandment for various assignments. At least that is what they were told in gmail.

    On the Right Track said...

    Hey! Thanks for the follow and nice comment on my blog! I just made your 500th follower...holy cow!

    I stink at uploading/downloading? pics fromt the computer...

    good luck with Chicago! I am hoping to get back to running soon... curious to know what type of injury you had?

    looking forward to following you and reading more about you!

    2 Slow 4 Boston said...

    I recognize those views :-)

    I just can't keep up with all these races you're getting into now.

    I never realized you were this crazy to do all these races sooo soon after a difficult marathon. Maybe you're just hard core. Or maybe just trying to make up for lost time.

    Enjoy that snow.

    Molly said...

    If anyone can tackle all these races, it's YOU! you're going to have a blast.

    and yeah, that is a weird spot for chafing!!

    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

    Was thinking about you when I heard CO was getting blasted with snow! And like Molly stated, YOU can run these races....though I could never try a 5k after a full mary!

    And, you are running Chicago? I can't believe how fast that sold out!

    Nitmos said...

    Running 15 ona treadmill is like doing 50. Congratulations on your ultra.

    TX Runner Mom said...

    Gorgeous pictures!

    Anonymous said...

    You're doing CHICAGO??? YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky duck! I get chaffing when I run over 13. Under my bra line, my legs, shorts.. drives me nuts!

    Neon Blonde Runner said...

    Oh don't know if it's new or not, but I'm loving the snowy theme here!!

    Coy Martinez said...

    Dont you go feeling alone for a second. When it comes to race registration I bust out the crazy and irrational. Price and travel mean nothing in my head if there's something I want to do. Racing makes fools of us all...and champions as well :)

    I went back and read your marathon report. I loved it! It might have been your slowest but it beats the heck out of painful I bet.