Wednesday, April 3, 2013

15 Weeks to Silver Rush 50: Random Stuff

Start of the Leadville Silver Rush 50
I really hate putting 50 random, useless things about my dull life in a blog post (like that's stopped me before), but I'm not in a 'writing mood' this week so rambling (and long) this will be....

Due to some issue with my iron, I get to go to the doctor bi-annually to have some blood drawn; today was that lucky day.  I get dizzy and almost faint every single time with this simple procedure so the nice nurse had me sit down on a kid size chair while she asked me 539 times if I felt OK and if I needed some juice.  She couldn't find a vein so she poked and rolled the needle in my arm a couple dozen times until she struck gold.  Or blood, whichever came first.  I got a pink, sparkly Band Aid after, so I called the day good.

My entire family left in existence, basically all live in Colorado.  My parents are long gone but my aunt and my two bothers live here.  A couple cousins.  And my niece - who, much to my delight, works as a rep for Coors and gets as much free beer as she wants.  I rarely see my family, despite their close-ish proximity.  One of my brothers doesn't really speak to any of us so it's weird he joined in on our Easter festivities.  I think family holiday get-togethers are wonderful because they remind me why I don't see more of them.  Anyway, they somehow got wind I was doing this crazy 50 mile race with insane vertical at altitudes that make my rib hurt at just the mere mention of the 10k' start line, and they wanted to know why I'd do such a thing to myself.  You'd think after 35 years of this running gig they'd have it figured out, but like I said - there's reasons why my family and I don't see one another often.  I told them, "Because it will hurt.  A lot."  The end.  My darling niece who graciously shares her Coors freebies with me said, "That's the best answer, ever." She is the only family member in my imaginary will: she gets all my running shoes when I'm gone.  Lucky girl.

Hello, antihistamine, nice to see you're back.  While I was at the doctor to get my arm amputated off with a needle, I told my doctor that I'm having mother angry headaches again and a persistent cough at night.  He reminded me it was seasonal allergy season and, well, wasn't I top of his list of allergy sufferers?  I told him I was abating that crap this year by cutting out some gluten and thus will be happily allergy-free this season.  My pink, sparkly Band Aid and I went home, laughing at that doctor and his silly accusations.  I spent last night from 3:00-5:30am sneezing and blowing my nose 4783 times until I finally cried Uncle and took a Zyrtec. I've been in a fog all day, I hate that shit!  As much as I hate cold and snow, Spring isn't exactly my friend.  I think I'll go eat a piece of bread.

I ran into another blogger last week.  Well, I didn't literally run into him, but rather planned to meet him when I heard he was visiting my state for a week.  I've never met Mike, so to impress him, I headed to our little luncheon date promptly post tempo run, full of body odor and salt drizzle down the side of my face.  I'm shocked he didn't call the police.  Or the homeless shelter.  But we had a nice lunch (despite my sensitive stomaching protesting cheese; irritates me that pizza and I can't be good friends) in a quasi-cool (if you know the right places to go to) old gold mining town, and had some good ol' conversations for a good three hours....and I didn't even have any alcohol to help my normally introverted self suddenly become this crazy endless speaking old lady talking about nothing (much like this blog).  Thanks for the lunch, Mike - and the delightful conversation.  Maybe next time you're in town, I'll take a shower before our meet-up, or at least bring some deodorant.

Brendan headed to NYC on Friday to play with part of his high school band at Carnegie Hall.  How cool is that?  This pic below was from a band concert a couple days before he left.  And yes, I came to the concert directly post long bike ride and look like hell.  You're probably thinking by now I never take a shower and rush all over the damn state.  That would actually be a somewhat true thought.  But B's looking pretty good, so that's all that matters.  He's due home any minute now from five activity-filled New York days - I absolutely cannot wait to hear all about it.  I'm probably the only person on the planet who's never been to NYC.  I have no desire to really go other than to say I've been there.  And see my son play his trumpet at Carnegie Hall.

The coach had a hill running clinic on Sunday, which I dutifully attended, mostly for fear I'd be banded from sending future 10-page emails to him on how much I hate hills, if I didn't attend.  I got to learn a bunch of cool new tips how I can kick some Leadville butt, and was in geology heaven with the monolithic red rock and Red Rocks Amphitheater as our background.
Source: Stolen from Tim's blog without his permission
The clinic was great and if I weren't so damn tired right now I'd be more prolific about all the tips I learned, but suffice it to say that on my almost 3000' run/power-walk/crawl after the clinic, I incorporated those tips and definitely noticed a difference in my effort and subsequently, speed.  Thanks for finally bringing that clinic to Colorado, Tim.  If I don't die in Leadville, I'll make ya' proud.

It was a gorgeous, sun-filled day, and I was just absorbed in the task at hand and suddenly realized that this trail running thingie is actually starting to become more enjoyable for me.... despite the fact my shoes are eating my feet alive. 

Best part of the day, hands down, had to be second trip up the 1500' climb, when the fatigue of these hills were setting in and my pace and attitude were equally declining rapidly, a "kid" of maybe 27 stopped me and said he noticed I was on my second lap back up this beast, so I stopped to talk to him for a few minutes.  He didn't have a shirt on, and his dog was cute - I couldn't resist the rest-stop.  He said he climbed this trail almost daily and then proceeded to tell me if I ever wanted company to come and join him...and oh, by the way, we could grab a beer together after.  Oh yeah!  Then, on the way down the second time (ugh, my quads were screaming!), I ran into a guy I used to run with occasionally - a very long time know, when I used to run fast. er.  Before my f-ing foot zapped my speed.  I guess the second trip up was worth it, even though I can still barely walk three days after that little 3000' climb.

Hi Craig, so cool to run into you!
I knocked out a little mile swim PR the other day - and I wasn't even trying; I was just swimming, stopped the watch at a mile, and there it was.  Solid.

I get asked a lot about my numbers: mileage, vertical gain, hours, etc.  It probably wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done signing up for a crazy beast like Leadville 50 when I had already committed to the Boise Half Ironman 5 weeks earlier than Leadville.  No one said I was smart, especially me, but I think the biking, which is clearly my weakness, is helping me recover a bit quicker with my running.  No, I'm not training nearly as much on the bike as I should be, and I'm tired as hell - constantly, but I feel great running, and that is my main focus; I just hope I can hold on to this high I seem to have been magically (finally!) given.  Here's March's numbers...

Vertical climbed: 17,469'
Miles: 224.22
Hours:  Too tired, nor do I really care right now, to add it up.

Vertical climbed: 4351'
Miles: 210
Isn't your bike mileage suppose to be 3x your run mileage for a triathlon? Whatever.  And I wonder why I am such a weak cyclist?!?!
Hours: ~13.
Avg Speed: Pathetic!

Miles: 3.46
I'm okay with this low number, swimming is not my weakness, but I'd be good if I got in the pool for longer swims now.  I'm sure it won't happen though; I hit that mile and I'm instantly want out of the pool.  I did manage 2050yds the other day though....go me.

Okay, Brendan just walked in the door so time to wrap this up (I'm hearing big sighs of relief) and go hug my kid.  Look what he brought me :) ...

Run strong, my friends.  And please, run a hill or two for me, too - I need it.


chris mcpeake said...

great march numbers! Keep it up.

Yes I am coming back to Leadville this year to finish what I started or at least have some more fun ;-)

Johann said...

I'm in a very busy spell at work so my blog reading and writing has gone out the window a bit. But then again I would also be rambling a bit. You had a great March Jill. Mine was not bad either but I must admit I feel slow and old this week. Keep it going my friend!

Matthew Smith said...

Wow! You've been killing it out there! Way to go on all that training. You make me look lazy! :) Keep up the good work!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

I got a little woozy just reading about her rolling the needle around!! Ouch! Sounds like you have a busy schedule and some great training ahead of you! Love the pics!

Robin said...

How exciting for your son...that sounds like an awesome experience! Love your photos as usual, looks glorious! Keep up the good work. Love reading about your adventures.

Local Mind Media said...

You were going very strong on the 1,500 ft of climbing we were doing together. Seriously. Just think, you get your revenge on me in just over two weeks!

sllygrl said...

Hi Jill - you commented on a post on my blog awhile back when I qualified for Boston - thanks so much! I noticed from your foot picture that you use the Brooks Cascadia 8 I believe...This will sound so very odd, but I'm wondering what size shoe you wear. I bought that shoe and it did not work for me - so rather than leave it in my closet I thought if we wore the same size I could just give them to you - free of charge, I hate a shoe to go to waste. They are 7.5's - let me know, maybe we can meet up to run at some point and I can hand them over if they will work for you! Good luck at Silver Rush - I did that one last year and it was great!

Coy Martinez said...

Can I borrow your mile swim time? I'm 3 minutes behind you. I need all the extra leverage I can get! HAHAHA!

I can totally relate with showing up to functions right off the bike or from a run. I always get looks from the other parents. My daughter is just use to it at this point :)

bobbi said...

You are having a helluva year ALREADY! I can't wait to see how it all plays out - you are looking super strong right now.

(you've run damn near my yearly mileage so far just in March. show off! :) )

Terzah said...

Great stuff, Jill! And I recognize that pizza place....jealous....

Your writing is always funny and good, even when you don't plan it. :^)

Kate Geisen said...

You're a rock star, yes you are.

Jealous Mike got to meet you, though the way my life is going, you may see him again before I do. Seems like it's all

Your training sounds like it's going AWESOMEly...well, except for the way you're neglecting your poor bike a little. lol. Actually, you probably have as many bike miles as I do (not I'm stressing out wondering if that's true) and I have that beast of a race in 2 months. TWO MONTHS. Yikes.

Hey, what's life for if not making somewhat dumb race decisions based on what you WANT to do rather than what exactly fits the plan? That's pretty much MY M.O., anyway. And I TOTALLY get you about family. Seriously, I'm pretty much ready to never talk about running, racing, whatever ever again around family or coworkers. It's been a little exhausting being around people who are supposedly "close" to me and don't get me AT ALL.

But wait...this is your blog, not mine...


Karen said...

Oh my that is a lot of miles! I guess that's how people train for 50 milers though, right? :)

I'm with you on the allergies thing. If I could cut out a food to get that fog to go away, I so would, even if it was chocolate. I'm on a nasal mist antihistamine right now, works better than the Zyrtec for me.

Char said...

You're not the only person on the planet not to have been to NYC. But you've got less excuse than me.

Char said...

You're not the only person on the planet not to have been to NYC. But you've got less excuse than me.

Unknown said...

Hi Jill!!!! I'm on spring break so I finally have time to read a few blogs! So happy you're doing well and making me laugh once again, missed it!
On my way to your chilly state this weekend, burrrr!!! Staying in Co. Springs with my bff and racing/dying since I haven't run in elevation since...never! I also have been down to running only a few times a week for the past month so this will definitely be a challenging race! Call me if you want to get together :) !
Would also love to see Happy Trails love-bugs...we'll see what happens!

ajh said...

First, I love your header. Jealous you got to meet Mike. He's one of my favorite bloggers. He's great for advice about triathlons. Congrats to your son. And NYC is great - one of my favorite places to visit. I never get to go for long enough though. You are going to be the most fit woman in Colorado! You go!

Ransick said...

It was great to meet you! Funny you consider yourself an introvert, I'm one too yet set up a couple blogger meet ups. I really enjoyed hearing about your ambitious plans for this year. I might just live vicariously through you for a while :-).

You are going to do great at Leadville with the solid training you are putting in. Nice to have a big goal or two like you do.

I've never been to NYC either and really don't have a desire to. Maybe it's because we are introverts.

Tasha Malcolm said...

Your March training numbers are super impressive Jill. Great job!!!

You must be so proud of your son. What an honor to get to play at Carnegie Hall!!!! That is awesome.

I also love meeting bloggers IRL. So much fun!

Teamarcia said...

How fun you met MIke! Did that snow globe make it thru security? Then again knives are allowed now aren't they?
Thelma you are a beast and are going to slay that HIM and 50 miler. No doubt! So proud of you!

Teamarcia said...

How fun you met MIke! Did that snow globe make it thru security? Then again knives are allowed now aren't they?
Thelma you are a beast and are going to slay that HIM and 50 miler. No doubt! So proud of you!

C2Iowa said...

Jill - I'd run a hill or four for ya; if I knew how to run.

Anonymous said...

"I think family holiday get-togethers are wonderful because they remind me why I don't see more of them"
Love it! I can totally relate - sometimes it's easier to love family from a distance!

Jenny said...

Amazing numbers!! You are an inspiration! :)
Can't wait until August!! I will be in the heart of marathon training so I hope we can get some runs in together!

Cory Reese said...

Funny how a hill training can look so awesome and so miserable all at the same time.

I am so glad to read this post to know I'm not the only baby who passes out when I get my blood drawn. I work in a dialysis center so when I have my blood drawn, it has become a spectator sport because everyone likes to watch me get pale and sweaty while trying to stay conscious.

See you soon!

sllygrl said...

Hey Jill - I sent you an email to gmail - just in case it went to junk!

Paul said...

Hi Jill,

Whoa what an action packed post! Let me try to remember all my thoughts reading it..

Re: allergies...have you tried Claritin? (or the generic version) You have to take it once a day but I find that it works pretty well and I basically don't feel any side effects. Don't need the Zyrtec. I only take it once the mustard plants start blooming here.

Iron problems? Looking at your training for the month I DONT THINK SO. Maybe you have TOO MUCH iron and so they are draining some off to give to share with everybody else?

Seriously what a huge amount of training per month. You GO girl!

I await with envy, respect and trepidation your upcoming 50 miler. I have ideas on doing one this fall but I want a nice flat one please! ;)

Cool that your boy got to go to NYC ..
I never liked the idea of NYC but then I met my now wife Toni, who went to Barnard there, and she took my by the hand and showed me the place properly.

Now I love going there to visit.....probably someday have to run the NYC marathon, sigh. ;)

Good luck with your Half'll put in a solid time in your group I'm sure!.

I think they say riding is the most important leg, right? , and you need to be in the 'aero' position to really do that justice. I find that too scary and also hard on my back to do...can you do it for long periods?

Cheers from ur friend,

Anonymous said...

Jill - seriously - you are knocking this training out like a champ and dealing with all sorts of things you find difficult - hills, bikes ... NICE WORK girl! I am so full of admiration for everything you've achieved so far and can't wait to see what this summer holds for you.

As for family holidays proving why you don't hang out together more - ha! Snap, girlfriend! TOTALLY get that.

GZ said...

Hear hear to the comments above. Solid consistency is king and the numbers show that.

Interested in how the trumpet gig went down.

Black Knight said...

The start of the Leadville Silver Rush 50 is scary.
Congrats on a great and tough March.
No time yet to run hills here.

Julie said...

Girl you are sooo on track with your running! I am so very happy for you that things have turned around. I know you are going to do great at Boise! You must just be thrilled for Brendan...what a great adventure/achievement for him.

Anonymous said...
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Raina said...

What a lot in this post!

I hope your Easter went well and that your sister knows how lucky she is :)

How awesome that your son is talented enough - and works hard enough to play carnegie! That's quite an accomplishment. He must have gotten that passion from you.

Looks like a TON of vertical gain in your training. You will be ready for Leadville- and for a hike with that 27 year old. :)

I don't think i'd be too worried about the bike with all the running you are doing.

Glad to hear from you- you are welcome to test the cascadias out in some Oregon mud any time you like :)

Raina said...

Forgot to say- how awesome that you got to meet up with Mike. He is such a nice guy! I bet he didn't mind your un-showeredness at all :)

Adrienne Langelier, MA said...

Look at you and your son! Climbing mountains, Carnegie hall, and a swim PR. Ok I'm jealous about the swim speed:)

Keep on running, climbing, and doing epic S#!%!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Suz and Allan said...

Other than the needle episode it sounds like everything has been going great for you guys. Congrats to your son for playing in Carnegie Hall-what an accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

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