Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's Cookin'

That'd be a couple pics of my kitchen. I just did the dishes so they're piled up in the sink, I hate a cluttered counter...which it always is (I have three slobby kids!)

Ok, so I've been tagged a couple times (or more) to revel things about me recently. Which I'm not really very good at, but I understand how we all like to get to know more about those we frequently support, encourage and stalk. I know a couple months ago I was tagged to reveal 7 things about me, which I totally avoided and made my friends write 7 one-word adjectives to describe me. I still do not consider "emotionally needy" ONE-word so we can just eliminate that one from the list. Yay.
Anyway, MsZippy tagged me to show what was in my fridge. Really. I thought this was excellent - I've been meaning to clean and purge all thing with fungus growing on top in my fridge for months. Man, the jars of pasta sauce and black beans I threw out with mold! Ewwww! So no more mold, not more spots of ketchup (how does ketchup get on the inside of a fridge is beyond me), no more sun tea drips everywhere.

There she is, the outside. What a beauty, huh? Black. A few pictures of some special races, one with my kids and a 5000 gallon container of Cheetos (don't ask), a pink 26.2 magnet (of course!), 3 yellow duckie magnets (for the 3 kiddos), and 3 Christmas card examples my daughter painted....which we never sent out cuz I couldn't get my act together after the Tucson Marathon. But I like the paintings so there they stay. And a calendar of Rockies games (duh!).

And here we are inside. This is after a major clean-up - you'd never know, huh?? Still a mess, but oh so much better than it was. Here's a few highlights of what's lurking inside, top to bottom: sun tea (make it practically every other day), Almond Butter (yum!), peaches, Parmesan cheese sprinkles (a staple for any pasta I eat, since I really don't like pasta - this helps), BBQ Sauce (a must-have for my almost daily grilled chicken breast), eggs, yogurt (Dannon Lite and Fit, or CarbMaster from King Soopers), light cream cheese (not mine, I don't care for cream cheese, unless it's loaded with sugar and made into cheesecake :) ), cat food (I also don't eat this, but I bet it's high in protein!), salsa, tortilla shells, turkey lunch meat, and various cheeses and bread in the crisper (does one need to keep bread in the crisper? I always have...just cuz I hate it on my counter cluttering it up), and tons of fruits and broccoli and spinach (I'm not a huge veggie eater, but I love fruit. Fruit in Colorado isn't the best either :( ).
And now the inside door. I cleaned every single one of those shelves just for this picture; you're welcome! Highlights: Chocolate syrup....duh!! How else would I have chocolate milk after my long runs? Ketchup, of course. Salad dressing. Orange juice. Mustard (yuck!!!). Turkey hot dogs (my kids. I swear!!). Notice anything missing? Yea, I'm out of milk. Anyone on their way to the store and could pick me some up?

So there ya go. Hungry yet? Well, nothing exciting like red velvet cupcakes or anything...but I manage to keep my weight escalating regardless.

Now PLEASE don't anyone ask me to take a picture of my basement!!

And remember the disastrous cake I attempted a couple weeks ago? I'm proud to say I made my first-ever strawberry-rhubarb pie!! Yessiree! And it was sooooo good. And 911 wasn't not even called to put out the flames! I even managed to put my pickle slicer, which I've never used but have owned for a good 5 years, to good use by giving it a cute little lattice look. Yeah, I have skills! The daughter's boyfriend's mom gave me some rhubarb from her garden. What the heck do I do with it??? PIE, of course. It was devoured in about 10 minutes. And I wonder why my weight won't go down??!!


Running's been going okay this week. Weight training's been nil. I don't know why, I just am in a little bit of a motivation slump this week.

I've been running with an autistic boy from school for a cross country running camp, though. How cool to get paid to run, huh?? It's just a couple days a week. A first I was really stressed because the cc coach told me he was running faster then my legs currently want to run these days. But turns out, he's really not so speedy yet, so it's just a nice, easy run for me. I should be doing double workouts since these ones haven't exactly doing much for me, but I haven't. Oh well. It's just one of those "ugh" weeks and hopefully I can pick back up next week.

Having run for like 10 days straight (maybe why I'm in a bit of a motivation slump this week???), Monday my legs didn't want to move so I just did 6 easy. Tuesday, my legs were really stiff again so I have no idea what I'd do. I plopped on my treadmill, ran a couple easy miles to shake out the stiffness, felt pretty good so I set the treadmill to a 2% incline and a 7:24 pace and decided to just run and stop when I got tired. Beings my last 5K in May was way slower than that, I had no expectations but hoped to last a mile. Ran 3.5 miles and picked up the last .5 to a 7:00 pace. Are you kidding me??? Wowzie...that's faster than the pace I ran last fall with the autistic boy in the track meets. Later that day, while on cloud 9, I went to the gym and did my only weight training for the week, and it was about half of what I normally do. I have GOT to get back on the weight training track, I know it makes a HUGE difference in my performance.

I can't believe 2010 is half over. What happened to June, btw??? Here's my mileage for the first half of the year: 983.21 miles. Thanks to Mr. Lung Fungus and Ms. Heel Pain, this is not half of my 2010 miles, which was a goal for the year 2010. Oh well, that's how it goes. We'll see if the heel lets me pick up the mileage when I return from SF and can get that number up. The past two weeks, I've hit 50+ mpw...which I hope I can keep up with. We'll see.

Tomorrow I'm going to get up early and head to the high country to do a little mountain long-run. No real reason to go up there other than I want a change of pace, and I want the coolness of the mountains. I am zapped by the heat here, I do not tolerate running in it well, and cc camp is in prime heat hours. I'm hoping for 21 miles tomorrow, we'll see. I'll be sure to take some pictures, though, and let ya all know.

Oh, and I was tagged by Anne at Asthma and the Gift of running, to write where I hoped to be in 10 years. Here goes: I will have run my 40th marathon and at least one ultra, and I'll be done with those. I'll have run marathons which are my bucket list such as The Great Wall of China, Greece, Dublin, and London, to name a few. I'll also have run Big Sur over and nailed it this time!! I'll be 15 lbs lighter and stop being an emotional eater. My allergies will have mysteriously vanished. My kiddos will all have graduated from college and have landed big-time money-making jobs so they can support me and I no longer have to work. But mostly, we'll all be happy! Oh, and I'll have bought a little beach cottage overlooking the vast blue ocean where it doesn't snow. AHHH!! Bought, of course, by those highly-successfuly, happy, children of mine!

Tag, you're it. If you haven't been tagged to show off your fridge, time to do so. And I'd love to hear where y'all will be in 10 years. You all are welcome to my cottage by the sea for a little run anytime, of course!


Anonymous said...

beautiful pie! and what a clean kitchen too :)

AM! said...

i ain't showin' my fridge to no one! ha! just kiddin'. maybe I'll do so someday.

enjoy the long mountain run tomorrow. sounds like a good therapy run to me. i'd LOVE that!

Christina said...

Clean fridge. Mine is a disaster and I am scared to clean it.

DRog said...

Your running seems Great, no heel pain? hopefully it is getting better.
Good lookin fridge you could go on MTVCribs!:)
Like your 10yr list and bucket runs now I have to add to my list thanks, haha
Have a great weekend

Jennifer said...

I don't even want to look in my fridge... Your running is looking very good sore legs and all! Maybe we can run our ultra together, you fast, me slow! BTW sweeeeet looking pie, oh I am lusting after it!

ajh said...
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ajh said...

Finally cleaned my fridge two days ago. Love the pie! And I esp. love that you used the pickle thingie to do it! I need to make a pie for my hubby with some rasp. And getting paid to run is the best!

I hope to see you soon in Colorado. Email me at and I'll give you my cell phone number.

C2Iowa said...

Great post. I thought that everyone kept their bread in the crisper. I always have as well. Not liking pasta and veggies? :( That is too bad.

Love the pics.

7:24 pace to shake out the legs? Too fast for an old guy like me.

Anonymous said...

I'll surely visit you in your cottage. If you have pie that is. I like apple.

Julie said...

Hi Jill,
I am loving your kitchen counters:) My fridge is a total mess! I would have to clean it out before I would take a few pictures of it and show in my blog. Yes, it is that bad:)

I love all of your goals for 10 years from now! I can totally see you doing an ultra and loving it:) I think it is so cool that you want to run in other countries too! Cheers to rich kids who can support us when we are old:) I hope that you have a fantastic weekend Jill!

Teamarcia said...

Beautiful kitchen--who wouldn't wanna bake a pie in there? Seriously? I don't clean if I show mine it'll be dirty. I actually found a jar of pickles last night that expired in 2009...since when do pickles expire?
Hey is ajh doing the o2 Gasper 1/2 with us??
Nice running and fun bucket list. I have some of the same things in my bucket so maybe we'll have to knock those out together!

Christi said...

The pie looks very delicious! My great grandma used to make strawberry rhubarb pies and I loved them. Me not so much. It sounds like too much work!

Anonymous said...

Now, I'm hungry for pie!! Wait...I'm always hungry for pie.

You are a running machine Jill!! New shoes still working?

Anne said...

You've just inspired me to clean my kitchen, starting with the refrigerator!

Kenley said...

Love the counter top! Cream cheese is not my favorite either Jill. You have a lovely fridge, Mine is light yellow, not mine, didn't pick it out, was already in the apartment. lol. along with the 1960's stove. lol. As far as chocolate syrup, I should give that a whirl, right now, I am on a nesquik fix. lol Take care and thanks for sharing your fridge.

Whitney said...

Yes, in 10 years, I would also like my allergies to disappear. 10 days would be even better.

Katie A. said...

LOVED this post!
I just cleaned out my fridge - it's empty AND clean - I should do this post :) Actually, I've been cleaning like a mad woman because your coming! LOL!
Nice job on the running this week speedy mcspeedy! I love running fast on the treadmill at the gym - you look like such a badass when everyone else is dying! Hahahaha!
Hope you run went well today! Miss you! I'll call you later!

Genesis said...

i dislike a cluttered counter too! you know ive always wanted to try making rhubarb pie...its just too muck work.

Irene said...

What a nice big kitchen with a lot of counter space! I have little counter space in my kitchen, and it makes prepping food hard when there's more than one person.

Fridge picture... Not gonna happen!

That's a pretty pie!

Sherri said...

I always love your posts! I don't know if I dear show my fridge...but I should just to beat fear!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

When I saw the title of this post, I was a little worried after your "fire inside the oven post"! But I'm impressed - rhubarb pie! And it's so pretty!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You couldn't even find my fridge will all the things that are permanently attached to it! photos from when Army son was a baby! NEVER MOVED!!! I'm weird like that...I am the girl who cried over having to get rid of the hot water heater because my father had worked on, touched and written on it!!!

I love your 10 yr projections! I'll join us in the child bought beach house!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Nice looking pie. I'm jealous! I, for the majority of the year, have a "no baking rule" at my house. I can't control myself, so I try not to tempt myself.

Happy 4th Jill!
Nice Mileage!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

That pie looks so pro! Maybe you could have a small bakery attached to your little cottage on the sea in 10 years. I'll be sure to come by and go for a long run and have some pie after. Gotta earn it!
I'm not so sure about the fridge show and tell. My fridge is pitiful in every way.
Wow! You have really put in some serious miles this year. Good job!

Marlene said...

For some reason it is so fascinating to see inside people's fridges. :)

MMM that pie looks tasty!

And don't worry, I'm sure your basement is not worse than mine. :S

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,
Heard about your blog and some of your running endeavors, via Kathleen :) Sounds like we have crossed similar running paths :)) Maybe the three of us can get together sometime! I leave for a few weeks on vacation, but hope to run with Kathleen upon our return... would love to meet you!

Lindsay said...

i'm gonna come be your roommate in the cottage, k? thanks.

your fridge looks good to me! there is actually food in it... novel idea! i have the same 26.2 magnet. i'm going to "put it on my car" one of these days... but you know, it needs to be washed first.

T.C. said...

Great looking pie! Why can't veggies and other sugar-free things look so appealing??

Glenn Jones said...

Sigh. Strawberry rhubarb pie and running in the high country. Do you have an extra room?

The Boring Runner said...

Mmmmmmm, huge bucket of cheetos.

Strawberry rhubarb pie is my FAV. (Although, i like things that are a bit sour/bitter.)

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

My wife would not forgive me if I showed the fridge, even though it is usually insanely clean. Sorry.

Nice bucket list of marathons. I would also love to do the Great Wall.

Wow, you almost had 1,000 miles for 1/2 year. I was about 200 behind you. Nice work!!!

Molly said...

I've tried to make a pie crust like that, but with play dough. Yours is beautiful!

I am so impressed with your mileage, way to go!! That would be cool to run a marathon abroad, I was thinking of running the Niagra Falls Marathon, it's an international race since you go in and out of the US and Canada, your bib is your passport, cool huh?

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Thanks for the post. I REALLY appreciated the quote. I totally can relate to it. thanks!

Scott McMurtrey said...

Mr. Lung Fungus and Ms. Heel Pain are a bunch of crotchety old folks - I don't like them.

I like that pie though.

Unknown said...

Hi Jill!
You have the cleanest fridge in town, I bet. I was almost inspired to scour mine but then I remembered it's summer. Maybe next week.
How's the heel? Training? Kids? I can't believe it's already July, time flies when we're busy and livin' life.
We'll have to catch up in SF. It's just a few weeks off, I can't believe that either.
Hugs and I also loved that quote...

funderson said...

I don't know...I just got some sweet bing cherries from my CSA over in Hotchkiss, Colorado and they are ding-dang good!

Rad Runner said...

The fridge pick! Good one! Love the clean counter, I am all about it! Its rare, but I love when its there...
Hey so whats this I hear about a blogger meet up for sf?:)