Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pre-San Fran Randomness....part 1

I can't really contain a thought for longer than 3 minutes as I try to wrap my brain around the fact I'm entering another marathon in 2.5 weeks, in less than ideal condition. Again. Remember when I returned from Boston and I said I would never enter another marathon ill-prepared? Hahahaha....people should remind me, and make me accountable, to the things I say.

Nevertheless, I'm actually not biting off everyone's head, as is usually par for the course, pre-marathon weeks. I know I have nothing to fear... aside from my heel screaming in pain for 26 arduous miles. And my body revolting the distance I haven't trained well for. Minor details to be worked out when they occur. Oh no, not "when", I mean to say IF they occur. Yeah, that sounds better....I'll just deal with these things IF they occur.

So here's a list of things swimming around my head to share. May or may not be running related, and may or may not be related to anything at all.

- I couldn't find my camera cable to download pics tonight and searched the entire house 15 times over. I blamed all people younger than me who reside in the same house I do. Its ok, they're used to it. I even told the nice woman at the grocery store I couldn't blog tonight because I couldn't find my camera cable. She was very unsympathetic. She wasn't sure what a blog was(yay, I got some milk....I have missed my Kashi Go Lean morning cereal). I finally found the cord directly under the chair in my bedroom. I didn't put it there, I'm kinda anal about keeping all my cords in one handy place.

- While combing the internet for running-related whatever, I came across an article which basically states you should never run longer than 2.5 hours (or about 16 miles) for marathon training. http://www.wellsphere.com/endurance-training-article/a-look-at-the-long-run-and-marathon-training/161956. This article follows the Jack Daniels plan of the long run never being more than 25% of your total mileage...and unless you want to run an 80 mile week, you can't run more than 16 miles. I understand the concept, but I don't necessarily agree with it even though I love Jack's VDOT training ideas. I also sat at a seminar in Boston last year where some big-wig coach (totally escaped my brain right now) told us if you want to not hit "the wall" at mile 20, you need to train past the 20-mile mark so you are mentally prepared for what your body is about to physically face and can plan accordingly. I like this idea and it's what I usually instill in my marathon training plans. I am not able to for San Francisco though. I haven't incorporated hardly anything I believe in for SF, but that's another story which we're blaming on the heel. Anyway, all this conflicting advice just brings me back to the theory that we're all an experiment of one and what I love about being "older" and having run so many marathons is that I know what works for me....and I love helping others reach their marathon goals by all my experience and knowing there is not ONE PLAN that works for all.

- My mountain long run on Friday turned into a little bit of a flashy swim. Start of my run in Idaho Springs, lovely blue skies

Clear Creek (above), the river running along the road I was running and the road (below)(Marcia and Katie and SHANA!!!....this is the exact road you'll be on for the race...and the river you'll run along :))

View from my car at mile 17.5

I was all over the map with this run. I wanted hills and concrete to emulate SF a little bit so I started in Idaho Springs, an old gold mining town, which is the finish line of the half I'm doing next month (along with a few bloggie friends :)) and run to Georgetown, which is another gold mining town, about 11 miles UP the road. 11 up + 11 down = 22. Perfect. Started out feeling great but it quickly got warm and the hills got steep and I got whiny and tired and my heel was screaming and I forgot my Cytomax and yada yada....when I got to a tad under mile 9, there was road construction; the road was down to one lane and I didn't relish playing chicken with traffic going both ways on a one-way street, so I decided I'd just go back down to my car and run a few miles around town to give me the 21 I was seeking. This would also allow me to stop at the gas station along the way and get some electrolytes. Shhhh, don't tell, but I stole about 4 oz of diet coke from the soda fountain. But it did the magic trick and I suddenly felt great and continued on my way down the hill (but oh man, I was soooo slow. ugh). With about 2 miles to go before I got to Idaho Springs, I notice the sky is suddenly getting dark behind me. Before I could get to my car, the black cloud opened up and just down-poured. And it brought thunder and lightening with it - nothing like a little lightening to get the legs moving faster and I ran as fast as I could to my car. Thank God for the road construction at mile 9 is all I can say about that....I'd still have 4 to go if Ididn't turn around eary. Anyway, I thought I'd wait the storm out cuz CO is notorious for fast moving storms, but as I sat in my car for about 10 minutes, the storm wasn't letting up and my legs were starting to cramp, so I bagged the rest of the miles and went home. I was kinda bummed because I was actually finally feeling well and anxious to see if the legs had 21 miles in them but running in lightening in the Colorado mountains isn't the smartest thing. Not that I'm known for doing all things smart...but lightening just scares me. Thoughts of doing another 4 miles later that day on my treadmill crossed my mind but it never happened. No reason other than my legs actually felt good and I didn't want to trash them so I could get in another 20+ miler this week.

- I'm attempting that 20+ tomorrow on my basement treadmill - I'm done experimenting with the long run on concrete to see how the heel feels. I already have 2 chick-flick movies picked out to watch on my treadmill journey: Elizabethtown and Sweet Home Alabama. Yep, I'm one of THOSE girls.

- I'm going to spend a couple nights in SF with a girlfriend I went to high school with. I haven't seen her since I graduated (a VERY long time ago). We reconnected on FB. She lives 4 blocks from the start line - SCORE! I'm then going to invade Katie A's house for a couple nights....she owes me BIG after that little Boston incident at mile 23 ;). How cool is that, though?? Friends(and mooching free places to stay) all via this crazy computer world.

-Speaking of blog stalking, a lot of bloggers are doing the SF full or half.....we need a bloggie hookup. If you're running SF or visiting or live there, email me and let me know dates you'll be there and if you'd like to get together for a blog coffee or something (runlikeagirljp@gmail.com).

- I think the monsoons have moved into Colorado this past week. I have never seen so much rain as we got on the 4th of July (my kiddos were in the street with fireworks nevertheless, in full rain gear). My last week's french-toast yard now looks so nice and lush. And I can temporarily turn off the dang sprinklers. Water bills in this town are ridiculous! Water here = liquid gold.

Ahhhhh, green (the backyard, de-french toasted!)

I've been seeing these rainbows daily with all this rain. I'm thinking it's a lucky sign for SF (from my backyard)!!

- I gave the legs a rest today and went to the pool to swim laps. I hate to swim. I used to swim in high school and college. I hate looking at the tiles at the bottom of the pool. If they'd just have a DVD player to watch sappy movies, I'd be set. I swam 1100M before thoughts of slitting my wrists set it, so I left. At least I swam the entire time, whereas when I go with Tara, we just talk and I get in like 400M.

- I desperately need something new to listen to for San Francisco. Ideas? Anybody? Please???

- I'm really not much of a dog person but the daughter's boyfriend has a dog I really love. Meet Remy, he's so cool.

Ok, I have a million other random thoughts about SF, and not, but it's past my pre-20 miler bedtime so off I go.

Happy Training!!


The Green Girl said...

Congratulations on getting in your long run! That Clear Creek is absolutely amazing - it took my breath away.

I love how you stole 4 oz of soda - that cracked me up. I wondered to myself how many people know what 4 oz look like? Ha!

I sent you an email with my contact information so we can try to meet up in San Francisco! I'll be with Rad Runner Girl.

Miz said...

maaan Now I wish I were doing SF :)


saundra said...

I haven't seen Sweet Home Alabama, but Elizabethtown is a great movie! Have you seen Valentine's Day yet? I highly recommend it for passing the time on a treadmill.

Johann said...

Lovely photos. I love my long runs and will even run further than the race distance if I feel like it. As long as there is time to recover. Good luck with the rest of your training for SF.

Teamarcia said...

So my strategy now is to be so distracted by the scenery that I don't notice there is no 02 to breathe!
Sounds to me like you are more than ready to tackle SF. Cannot believe it's that close already--where is summer going?
Awesome you're staying w/Katie a bit! Nice!

C2Iowa said...

Thief! Way too funny. I am still laughing. lmho

Sounds like a good run to me. Esp. being able to see rivers, etc. Pretty boring out here - bean and corn fields everywhere.

Sweet Home Alabama is a pretty good movie. Good luck on the TM.

Laura said...

20 miles on a treadmill? You are amazing...
If you get any listening ideas...post em as i am in need of new stuff as well.

Jamie Crosby said...

Good luck with the 20 miler on the mill, I can never watch a movie on the treadmill I get too involved and end up almost falling off!

Christi said...

Good luck with SF! FYI, I love Sweet Home Alabama so I must be one of those girls too!

misszippy said...

You're killing me with all those thoughts...you are a serious energizer bunny! And 20 on the treadmill I cannot even imagine.

You'll pull SF out as you always seem to do--I'm so impressed by it. I have to be so prepared to go into a marathon and would not have the confidence to toe the line if I didn't. Hats off to you!

ShutUpandRun said...

I think the woman at the grocery store took your cable and hid it. That's why she acted all unsympathetic. Game face.

About the long run distance - I think it's a personal choice. I wouldn't want to go into a marathon without at least one 20 miler under my belt and several 18s. I think it's more about time on your feet than miles. If I can go out on a long run at a slow pace but I'm out there 3.5 hours then I feel like I can run a marathon.

ajh said...

Some great pics esp. the rainbow. I've been watching the CO weather and I am seeing lots of afternoon thunderstorms! Yikes! I have a very healthy fear of lightning so I hope I don't get caught in it.

Great pics from Idaho Springs too!
Can't wait to meet you!

Michelle said...

Go to www.runningskirts.com. Click on their music link. They have great lists of music to choose from and buy on itunes. It did just the trick for my last marathon!

ps--you're going to do great!

Anonymous said...

good luck with the 20 miler on the treadmill. i like your movie choices. while i'd never watch them on their own, i think any type of action/mystery movie i'd want to watch would just be not-relaxing on a lr...not that lrs are particularly relaxing anyway hahah

and i've been really into jay-z lately. i don't run with music anymore but he's been putting me in really good moods :)

Whitney said...

Glad that the lawn isn't French Toast anymore. And I must say... that sounds delicious now. I might have to make that for dinner tonight! :)

DRog said...

Dont worry...your heel will only MAYBE hurt a portion of SF? not the full 26 like you mentioned?!! Was thinking of you this morning as I was on the treadmill again, pain free. The treadmill has been my friend over the past month...It is helping...appreciate you and your attitude toward running the TM has helped ME! -- good luck on your 20miler you can do it! Great Pics

Anonymous said...

what about me?
i feel left out. :-(

Jennifer said...

Jill, you are funny and crazy and I want to be just like you when I grow up as a runner and can jump in a marathon and run without any regrets! Have fun with your super-short SF training!

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

Sorry I won't be at San Fran to finally meet you in person. Unfortunately I just don't have enough time on the new job.

Irene said...

You pretty much nailed it when you said

"...what I love about being "older" and having run so many marathons is that I know what works for me..."

All of those theories don't mean much if they don't really work for you. :) There's nothing better than knowing yourself, and that does come with experience.

I love movies I don't have to think about when I run, that's if I have to put in treadmill time. I'm also one of those girls.

Pretty rainbow picture!

Something new for San Francisco? How about something old and forgotten? Into 70s rock instrumentals at all? I've just added "Hocus Pocus" By Focus. I also have "Cliffs of Dover" By Eric Johnson. If that doesn't float your boat try "Unstoppable" by Kat DeLuna.

Have a good one!

elaine said...

Mentally I need the distance in my training, dunno about physically. My head gets in the way when I get to the longest distance I have ran in training. More long runs or races for me. So best of luck at SF!

Sherri said...

SERIOUSLY? Your going to run 20 miles on the treadmill...AWESOME!!! I for one am thrilled to know that I only have to run 25% of my race mileage...GREAT NEWS!!!
I hope you have a GREAT time in SF!!!!!
There was more I was going to comment on..but my kids started yelling at me at zapped my memory! =)

Anonymous said...

20+ miles on the treadmill. Wow.

You. are. awesome.

Molly said...

I have to watch mindless movies on long runs too, Clueless is a fave! Otherwise I don't know what I would do without Bravo TV! Good luck with that 20 miler!

Rad Runner said...

Adore rainbows- priceless.

Does it make you feel better if I told you I lost my atm card this weekend? At least you lost your cable and found it :) I canceled the card within 30 minutes of realizing it ran away.

Yep, well I am certinly running more then the 16 miles I just ran last weekend (in order to prepare for my first full)

S.F. is awesome, its going to be great, and thats that, no debating there. Its S.F. for goodness sake :)

Julie said...

Hi Jill,
Who doesn't love Sweet Home Alabama? I love that movie too:) You are going to great at San Fran! Just don't stress and run relaxed. Just take it all in and you will enjoy it!

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your neck of the woods! The picture of the river and rainbow are breathtaking! It makes me so bummed that I can't make it:( Have fun and take lots of pictures! Love and hugs:)

Anne said...

What kind of music do you like to run to?

Like everyone else, I am impressed with 20 miles on a treadmill. Seriously.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

I have a beef with running plans from so-called running guru's. I think they are useful if you have not been running in awhile or at all with the goal of completing an HM or Full. After that is completed, I just think running is personal. You know your body best. You know your limits and capabilites as well.

Middle Name Marie said...

Hi Jill!

I just found your blog and I want to wish you good luck in San Fran. I can't believe you are doing 20 miles on a treadmill! That is ambitious; good thing you have some sweet entertainment lined up.

I am currently training for Chicago in October

Lindsay said...

hello twin :) i have said the same thing after every marathon. even some shorter races too. "i'm never doing this again". riiiiight. piss poor training and all, i still find myself toeing the line again and again. one of these days i will get a full training program in before a race... hopefully.

Glenn Jones said...

I'll be in touch about a meetup in SF! Nice photos. I'm jealous....

Emz said...

completely awesome!!

Enjoy the 20 on the mill!! I do 99.99% of my training on my treadmill and it hasn't failed me yet!! I love it!!

but....... I guess when you have places like that to run [photos] . . . . amazing!!

Anonymous said...

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