Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Era, Week #1

I don't really have any earth-shattering breaking news to share which is going to make you all magically injury-free, super runners like last week's post (I hope, you all called your local sports physical therapist though and made an appointment to get a muscle imbalance test!).  The drama with the daughter is slowly being laid to rest (and best news, she found an apartment downtown to share with a new friend so will be moving out in a week.  Trust me, this is a good thing at age almost 21 - but I will miss her).  Ryan managed to have an asthma attack at the weed and dust infested pre-state track meet last week and thus lost his varsity spot for this week's meet.  Its ok, we knew this would happen and as Ryan said, "I'll just fight for it back again, mom..."  Love that kid!  The other son's still busy texting his girlfriend, nothing new there....so I thought I'd just post about my first official week back to marathon training.  A new me.  I want to examine my critical statistics in several key categories on a daily basis so I might as well do it on the blog.  Maybe someone will get something out of it.  Maybe not.  I may do this each week.  I may not.  I really have no clue what to do with this blog....I guess when I have a thought, I'll share.  Or not.  I love simplicity.

Let's pick the week apart and see what my brain thought about each workout (in pink italics below):

Easy Run: 6 miles + 6 30 sec sprints uphill, drills downhill
Felt great.  Nothing fuels the legs like the first day of a PLAN!  I did run 12 miles the day before so the legs were a bit stiff, but whatever, it's day one, no one alters a plan on day one!

Thankfully, on day 2 one CAN alter a plan.  I fully intended to get to the gym and lift weights; unfortunately too much drama daughter stuff which left me teary-eyed.  Mirror hogging body builders hate puffy-eyed out-of-shape runners using "their" machines.  I didn't even do one single PT exercise *sigh*.

Progression Run: 9 miles, last 4 quasi-moderate
Day 3, alteration again.  Plan was to do 10 miles, last 5 "moderate".  I was happy with the 9 miles and 4 at "somewhat moderate" pace.  All it takes to derail a plan is a daughter who's going through a rough period. 
30 minute core strength work w/physical therapist
No way to avoid 30 minutes of an ab-killing workout then being the only sole stuck in a locked room with one very masochistic physical therapist. Ouch.

Easy Run: 6 miles + last mile @ 1/2 MP
Note to self:  Just because you feel fantastic, do NOT start an "easy" run hard and then make it harder by implementing it into a progression run into a sub-9 minute mile.  Never!
25 minutes weight training
Though I know weight training is the absolute quickest way I am going to get stronger, I absolutely hate it.  It doesn't even matter that I'm a certified personal trainer, that is irrelevant.

Progression Run: 8 miles, last 10 min moderate (which turned into a death march)
Today's sucky run was brought to me courtesy of Thursday's easy-run-turned-into-some-sort-of-apparent-PR-attempt run.  I knew when I woke up and my legs felt like Jello this wasn't going to go so well, so I decided I may as well start it off with a bang and just death march at the end (I'm pretty good at this tactic, lots of experience), that way it actually turns into a successful run :).  My Garmin died about mile 3 (who knew you had to update the software on those things to make the battery last more than 20 minutes?), which was a good thing because I didn't want to know my pace those last three miles.   The only positive out of this run, aside from the fact I actually COULD run 8 miles after I logging more miles already this week than I have in a year, was that around mile 4, I saw a woman in front of me running and I zeroed in on her as my target, and I did it - I passed her.  Stupid, internal competitive ego I have! 
Bike: 8 miles (to and from gym)
Car-less due to daughter locking her keys in her car, late for work, and thus took my car (more drama, yay!).  Probably not the best choice to go for a margarita after the gym when one has to ride their bike home. 
Swim: 1600M
I'm a pretty firm believer that swimming really helps stretch overly-worked running muscles (I do a lot of laps on the kick board).  I had no goal to swim an entire mile, but when I got close, I couldn't leave without doing so.  I mean, really....isn't there a rule about that somewhere?

If you call it that. I was at the pre-state XC meet from 7am - 3pm where I was on my feet the entire time and running back and forth from the start line to the finish then standing at great lengths between events bringing the runners through.  My legs were so achy by the time I finally left.

14.06 miles "easy"
I got some wild hair after reading KC's blog about how she cranked out 17 miles running circles around her 1/2 mile neighborhood block that this is what I was wanted to do.  Thankfully, my block is a mile around (or so I miss-thought, it's actually .97...ugh) so the goal was to do 14 laps.  I'm a wee-bit fearful of heading out too far from my house, memories of past attempts to run far when the heel flared up and left me limping 6 miles home fill my head and I just need a few confidence building good runs I think.  Anyway, I put some water and Cytomax at the end of my driveway and away I went.  Lap 1: the "tiny" hill leading up to my house was torture.  Long gone are the days when this hill was barely a blimp on the radar screen, now it's a mountain and I could feel it big time in my glutes and hamstrings.  9:41.  WTH, 9:41?  How come I can't crank out a 9:41 pace when I'm gagging on a lung on the treadmill at a 10:31 pace?  Holy crap, I was stunned.  I tried to turn the pace down, but lap 2 was 9:33.  This is supposed to be a LSD easy run, I haven't hit the 9's on a run in well over a stupid year - this is not where I need this pace to be and it was becoming apparent that old taking-out-too-fast habits do not die easily.  The next few laps were in the higher 9s and then a couple in the low 10's, where I wanted them, but by lap 9, my glutes and hamstrings were killing me from the monstrous baby hill.  I cried Uncle and gathered my crap at the end of the driveway and hit my basement to finish out the 14 where, btw, I couldn't even get close to the 9:41 pace I ran the first mile without feeling like I was going to faint.  I ran 5.33 miles at my faithful treadmill 10:31 pace and called it good for 14.06 miles.

Week 1 Totals:
Run: 43.06 miles
Weights: 1-hour
Bike: 8 miles
Swim: 1600M

Summary: Overall it was a great first week.  My heel held up well and my legs, though fatigued by the end of the week, did their job.  I guess what's messing with me most is the pathetically slow pace.  But when your foot hurts and you take many months off from running, you get a lot slower. This is a fact.  When you spend most of that time swimming and biking, your running doesn't get any faster - no matter how studly you got from many bike falls earlier in the spring.  I'm not complaining.  Really, I'm not.  Running pain-free, doubling-over with side stitches from a 10:30 minute mile -- beats being laid up with excruciating heel pain. I love it!!  But if I could run now as fast as I could have two years ago, I'd love it a tiny bit more.

I have no idea how long - or even if - I can get my speed back; I see minuscule improvements but I question sometimes if I lost the best part of my racing season with a two-year hiatus.  I'm 48, is this that magical place in running where getting faster diminishes?  Though I have some ideas, I'm not exactly sure; but I'm ready to take this little adventure on the road to find out....what good is an adventure if you're already certain of the outcome anyway?

Let's bring on week 2, I.  Am.  Ready!!
I didn't exactly take any pictures to share, who wants to see a picture of Surburbia USA as I do 9 laps around my block?!?  But, I did download a new song to my iPod, and I listened to it at least a dozen times during those 9 laps.  Do you play a new song you like repeatedly until you grow sick of it like me? Anyway, enjoy...it's a great song, and I love the video!!

Run strong, my friends!


Cory Reese said...

I LOVE the idea of your Sunday run - staying close by home and doing laps. You've inspired me to do that for some of my longer runs. Sounds fun!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Oh my! You're not kidding around with your first week back Jill! Good grief! 43 miles is about what I'm doing mid training cycle. maybe even the end of it. I need to work on building up to more miles (gradually) next time. Really enjoying reading about your comeback. Exciting! Glad things are getting a bit better with your daughter. What plan are you doing??

Average Woman Runner said...

Wow - that is an impressive first week! Nice mileage. I'm going to be building s l o w l y. But some is better than none. Might start w/ training for a 5k which is a fun change but I will MISS those LONG runs. :(
Nice job getting back into a plan. PT tomorrow at 7 a.m...

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will Travel said...

43 miles in your first week! So so glad to hear you're back at it - enjoy!

Kristin Bradfield said...

That's a heck of a first week, congrats! My "good" foot, which has steadily become my awful foot, is hanging on by a thin thread. But thankfully with Ironman training I only run three days per week and topped out at about 41 as my longest. I will need another few months off now to mend... again. I'm still a lot slower than I used to be, but agree with you, I'd rather be slower than not be able to do it at all!

GZ said...

My block is a third of a mile. 14 mile runs get you really weird looks from the neighbors (yup, I have done it).

First week back, first week done, more to come. It will come. The speed will come. Keep at it!

Laura said...

Holy...what a first week back! You are amazing....

Anne said...

When you're back, you're back for real, that is one awesome first week of training!! Go Jill!! I do hope things get a little smoother at home for you...

Loved that video :)

Adrienne Langelier, MA said...

How's that for a first week of training?! Nice work, especially for rolling with the punches while you're at it. When we do our best to balance and keep things in perspective, this is where the magic happens on the run!

Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY?????? You're telling me you couldn't have run that half on that mileage??? Honey I ran 2 weeks prior to that race and ran 25 miles! I had NO training.

C2Iowa said...

43 miles on your first week back - crap I cant even do that now! Nice job.

I really liked Thursday's report - you know why. hahaha me and wgts.

Friday should always be Margarita day; just saying. Too bad I gave up on the beer and marg's.

Looking forward to next week's report.

Johann said...

Super week Jill! This is so great! Yes, bring on week 2! "I love simplicity" - I try to live my life that way.

Julie said...

Oh my friend...you are AMAZING! :)

I can not even begin to imagine running that many miles in a week...heck my monthly total is not that much more!

I have to agree with the swimming feeling good on tired running/biking muscles....not that I've been in the pool since...well maybe my last tri. :)

Liz said...

I can't believe you're back running 14 miles - fantastic!

Christi said...

You are doing great! The speed will come so don't doubt yourself. I know you will get fast!

HappyTrails said...

You made your first week of marathon training!!! And a 14 mile long run to boot! The speed will come back, once you start getting steady miles back in the bod, no worries. And don't EVEN mention the age thing. That's not going to be an issue for you. I am SO incredibly happy that you are coming back..... Praying that things will smooth out with the daughter. The stress from that can't be helping your comeback. Hugs this week! :-)

tahoegirl said...

43 miles for week 1? Holy smokes. Welcome back!

Tara said...

Next time you run laps around your neighborhood, give me a call and I will come be your cheerleader (i might have to make fun of you too) each time you make your round. I will take pictures for your blog too!

I'm just kidding. Great first week girlie, yay for 43 miles!

On to week 2!

Marlene said...

-your son is awesome. go get 'em!
-I missed your last post in a frenzy of trying to catch up (sorry!), but glad to hear that things are better with your daughter. it's a hard age!
-AWESOME on your first week of marathon training and that the heel is holding up!

Jason said...

That is awesome. Way to get right back to it including the go out too hard part.....i think that officially means you are officially back.

Anonymous said...

love this clip!

prayers for your daughter, sometimes a bit of separation is a good thing. it may take a week or so, but you'll be fine. ;-)

(i'm stealing this clip)


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

wow! You are not kidding about being back to running! You are rocking it!

Anne said...

Sounds like a really strong start. Glad to hear you backed off the repeats when it didn't feel right...wondering why the TM made it feel better, though. And glad your daughter's in a better place now.

Kandi said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic week of running.
What is a "pre-state" meet? I ran cross country in high school in MD and we didn't have this event. I love your son's attitude about working to get his varsity spot back. I enjoy reading about his running accomplishments. It takes me back to my high school days.

Kandi said...

Oh, and there is a trail around the lake right next to my house that is 1.34 miles long... I tried to do 5 laps one day and only made it 4. It's really hilly though and tough on my legs and mind. I do miss the nice, flat mile loop that I used to run at the community college near where I grew up (we practiced for high school xc there).

Lindsay said...

How do you get 25 (now 26) comments on a post with nothing earth-shattering?

43 miles is a damn solidweek. I'm almost jealous. (But really still enjoying my 2-mile runs). I just need to quit eating as though they are 2-hour runs...

Heather said...

Way to jump back in to training lady! Nice workouts.

I'm heading to Denver for Thanksgiving - have any Turkey Day race recommendations? :)

Char said...

How on earth did you get your daughter to consider moving out? I still have a 24 and 22 yo at home and I really want one of their bedrooms so I can finally get some decent sleep (can you tell the snoring kept me awake last night and I couldn't run this morning cause I was ruined).

Jenn said...

Woot woot Jill!!! Nice work. Grabbin' the bull by the horns. Might I say I love seeing your training spilled out here. Keep this up! Great week!

I've been doing this lap thing a lot with my freakin' glute too. My loop is 4 miles but my house is directly in the middle so I can cut a run short on all four sides and hightail home if I need to.

You know I totally relate to that feeling of doubling over at a slower pace but at least being able to run. As much as I HATED seeing my pace coming back from my hip injury, I just loved the feeling of my chest burning and sweating and RUNNING!

Best of luck in week 2!!

ajh said...

Great job! Lots of miles. I could NOT do that many repeats. Don't really have a "block" to do them on but I could go up and down my road. I have done that when I thought it might lightning but not for the mileage you cranked out!

Ewa said...

Are you sure you need to train more? Week 1 and 40+ miles? Girl, you are amazing.
Running laps in the neighborhood reminds me of an ultra in NYC. If I remember right, the runners run around a block, yes, one block for several days. I did 11mi once on 1mi look in my neck of the woods and by mile 5 I thought I was going to scream.
Good luck with the rest of your training. You are certainly more structured than I am. :)

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Running always sucks the first couple of weeks, but, as you know, pretty soon you will be flying! Hurray!

DRog said...

WTG Jill!!!
u r on it

way to get in the pool

great job overall

love it :)


Emz said...

Woman. You. Are. Rocking. These runs!!

So. Freaking awesome!!

RunToTheFinish said...

holy wow.. I feel like you went from injured to all out hauling ass. I was pooped from 1 progression run of 14 miles and you are doing multiple in a week...wow...wow..wow

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Good job for week 1. Rome wasn't built in a day, or in your case, rebuilt in a day. You'll get you groove back, you already came a long way back from injury.

Kate Geisen said...

Thank you for telling me! I had to check my blog feed. Yes, you're still there...but now that football season is starting my husband is hogging (read: occasionally using) the computer for his fantasy football team and not leaving it all to me. :)

Anyway. WOW on the miles! I know you're a personal trainer and all, girl, but is it a good idea to throw yourself in like that? Yes, I'm prejudiced as I don't think I ran that many miles EVER in a week of my marathon training, let alone the first week, but we all know there are reasons I'm slow and a big one is that I'm LAZY.

If your daughter moves out the way my son has moved out, you'll see her even more now. Yesterday I asked him, "Didn't you move out? Why are you here?" And they say I'm not nurturing! :)

Molly said...

I just did some planks, for five minutes. Your 30 minutes makes me cringe!

Fabulous week of training, how great is it to have the first week done?!?

I have a race trip to CO on my wish list, and anytime you want to come East, you've got a place to crash!!

I'm training for the NYC Marathon baby, it's a dream come true :)

Black Knight said...

I agree, swimming helps stretch overly-worked running muscles. I got this injury because the swimming pool is closed and I could not stretch the muscles of the back and the neck. Swimming in the sea is different because the movements of the head are different (to check oftne the direction) and the back-stroke is almost impossible.

Mark said...

Awesome!! It is so good to see you posting such a great running week! I am following!

Raina said...

Love reading your week here, Jill! The notes for thursday are funny :) and very true.

You are up to 43 MPW! Fantastic! 20 weeks of training- where will that put you for your peak? So happy things are going well for you.

Unknown said...

Oh, you're back!!! Your mileage is AWESOME!!! Thanks for the email, I had to read your blog to catch up, sounds like all is going well! This is going to be a fun winter!!

Kenley said...

I have ran 20 miles on the high school track last year. At night. That is a lot of fun. ........not. I saw the same things 80 times. lol. Glad you are doing well.

See.Kate.Run said...

Wow 43.06 miles!!! That is intense! Someone is hard core back to what they love. :) I am glad things are settling down for you and your daughter.. Young adulthood is a major transition time and it can be rough.

I really like that song. I might have to down load it now. I love it when I find a new song and then listen to it again and again. :)

Irene said...

I loved seeing all the running! Yay! For someone who is getting back on track you sure logged in some decent miles! Woohoo! I am inspired!

elaine said...

wow, you are RUNNING. Not me so much. Bailed on StG. Good job to you.

The Green Girl said...

Wow, you do not play around, girl. I got tired just reading this!

For the record, I swear a 15 minute mile on the treadmill is like a 10:30 mile outside for me. Okay, I exaggerate slightly, more like a 12 minute mile.

I tried to do a 10:30 on the treadmill this week (that's my goal place ::winks::) and I could only do one mile. That's right, a single mile.

But I digress. Congratulations on easily getting back into those 9's. Your speed will be back before you know it.

Bubble Boy said...

So good to see you on the road again! Be careful drinking and biking, BUI is an embarrassing charge that will follow you all your life! One day you said you sucked on your run, but you unsucked on the very next run!

Petraruns said...

Jill you're amazing. Love it. Can't believe you're back on track will you just QUIT about your pace? That'll come. You run now girlfriend. The pace will come.

That video is amazing. Thank you!

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