Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 2 / Random mindlessness

Bike: 18.5 miles
Run: Easy 4.5 miles
"Easy" was tough, my legs were tired after bike ride and previous day long run.  Also need to slow that easy run down.  Didn't I mention this last week, too?  Let's see if I can't go 3 for 0 next week.
Run: 2.5 miles (warm up for weight training)
Weights: 45 minutes
Run: 11.5 miles "progression" run.
I thought I was going to barf when I picked up the pace after mile 6.  So progression turned into a 3 mile faster run from mile 6-9 and then slow, as in mega slow, to the end.  *sigh*
Run: 6 miles Easy + 6x30 sec hill sprints
Swim: 500M (the pool water was sooo warm, I was melting - in a pool!)
Weights: 45 minutes
Run: 8.1 hilly miles
Legs felt pretty tired at the start but I quickly felt better and ran this route at a 9:45 pace, which shocked me.  I've been running this route a few times this summer and this is a PR by a long shot.  YAY!  I felt very strong at the end...another shocker!
1500M swim
Run: 16 miles.  14 miles @ 9:46, 2 mi cool down.
9:46?  for 14 miles?  HOW?!? I don't run that fast.  Yet.  I ran with my neighbor; he ran a few of my long runs with me when I was training for Boston in 2010, and he is a lot faster than me (now); I felt like I was pushing it a little, but time was flying (I really don't run with others often) and I never felt like I was pushing too hard.  Definitely fatigued at mile 14 and thus just ran 2 miles slow at the end to cool down.  A big confidence booster run!
Week 2 Totals:
Run: 48.6 mi 
Bike: 26.5 mi
Swim: 1.18 mi
Weights: 1:30:00

I like it!! :)  Overall, my legs felt really good this week and I continue to be amazed how well they are holding up.  As for the foot, I feel stiffness in my heel after a run, especially many hours later if I get off of it for any  length of time, but compared to a few months ago, this is absolutely nothing to moan about.  Very little Achilles or ankle issues, too.   What's screaming the most right now is my left hamstring during longer runs.  PT does not seem to be worried about it and said it is just weak and needs time to get stronger (also thinks I'm still favoring my left leg running since I spent two years overcompensating this leg to compensate for the bad right foot).  If he's not worried, then I won't.  At least not too much.  The pace still messes with my head, but I am seeing improvements (slowly!) and that's helping.  Week 2 done, ready for week 3 (a few less miles).

Other random useless junk:
  • Seems there was some concern from some about my mileage last week.  I hadn't posted much about my summer mileage since it was just basically mileage to change to a forefoot landing but I was hovering around the mid 30s so after speaking with my PT, we came up with a a common ground starting point and that's where week 1 landed me.  All is good.  I love that you all love me so much and were worried :).  
  • My laptop is fried.  I knew it was coming, things were not acting "normal" for quit some time.  You'd think that insight would have made me scramble to get things backed up quickly but um... yeah....  I was finally able to boot it in safe mood and spent about 5 hours backing it up and downloading it on my daughter's "old" laptop, which just happens to be newer, and faster, than my guess who now has a new laptop!?!   Things happening a little different on this new computer; me and change are not really best friends.  
  • My right rib cage is having some sort of frequent muscle spasm going on.  This is on the opposite side of the pulled rib muscle from a couple months ago.  It's annoying and wakes me up a lot.  Any ideas how to rid this sucker?  Grrrr.
  • I finally did it and registered for my next marathon:  Carlsbad Marathon, January 22nd.  Never a race on my radar, but it fits well with the timing and I really preferred a low-key marathon with not a lot of hoopla for my first one back. Besides, I'll get to stay with my Boston Blogger Bud, Meg.  I've also never ran a marathon in January but notoriously I do not run spring marathons well; I love training in the cooler temps, but come race day when the weather is warmer, my body is not acclimated and lets me know on race day.  Will be interesting to see how how bumping up a few months will pan out.  I have no expectations in Carlsbad other than to get my body prepped to race 26.2 miles after such a long hiatus, it will be strictly a race to gauge where I need more strength.  I never thought I'd want to train to get to Boston again....but I am surprised how my head is leaning towards that.  Carlsbad will give me a lot of clues as to IF my body can get me back to Boston.  I think it can!  :)
  • My friend and teacher at the school I work, just started a blog as he documents his journey to Leadville next year.  Please pop over HERE and become a follower, I know he'd appreciate the support and who isn't intrigued by the training of a 100-mile race?  
  • Am I the ONLY soul who hasn't finished up their Q&As posts?  I think I have 30 more questions to answer.  Interestingly enough, Chris K, who was the instigator of said stupid game and initially tagged me, has left the blog world. Does that automatically take me out of the game and put a check mark next to all unanswered questions?   I'm thinking so...  
  • My Chilly Cheeks relay mates all are doing the Denver Rock and Roll Half Marathon on Oct. 9th and want me to do it with them.  I'm sure they would all be sad if I weren't there, I'm such the life of any party!  I cringe to pay a lot of money to run a really crappy half marathon (back to that pace thing again)....but I think it would be a good training run and good to have a starting point - a measuring stick - to mark my racing progress.  So I may do it.  They'd better have an awesome shirt and medal!  And free beer after.
  • Last little tidbit of news:  I applied for, and was accepted, to be part of a team for a local running store here in town which will be sponsored through Brooks.  I really don't have many details, there is a mandatory meeting next week to learn more of the scoop, but basically I will get some free Brooks garb and will wear said garb in a boat load of races, paid for by running store.  Sweet, huh?  This will all start in January of 2012.  I'm sure I'll be posting a lot about this as the deal unfolds, but to say I'm excited doesn't even describe how honored I am to be part of this team.  Maybe God was looking down on me finally and thought since I never slit my wrists in the 2-year heel from hell fiasco, here's a little reward for ya, Jillie!  Sweet, I'll take it, thanks!!
Kind of a boring week, not much to share.  Most days I feel like I'm drowning in marching band, cross country, and daughter moving stuff and there's not much excitement in that.  If my daughter doesn't get her crap out of every single room in my house, I'm personally going to move that stuff all in the garage myself until she has a confirmed move date.
Case in point!
Much cooler temps have moved into Colorado - and I like it!  Going to try to get up to the mountains in a couple weeks to get in some trail running as the Aspen trees turn their vibrant, I just love it up there in Fall (see new header pic)!  

Until next time...

Run strong, my friends!


ShutUpandRun said...

YES!! You had an amazing week and seems like with 46 miles of running you are BACK. So happy for you. I know this is good for your spirits. And congrats on the Brooks gig!! Miss you..

Kate Geisen said...

Hey, look, I saw the post without a reminder!! :)

I knew your speed would be coming back. I know you don't feel it as much since you were sooo fast, but I can see it. You're doing awesome!! And such good training, not like my haphazard stuff. And how AWESOME is the running team gig??! I'm so happy for you...and jealous...with having to replace my car, my race $$ is taking a gigantic hit. :( Oh, well, at least I have friends to train with now.

Emz said...

you rocked the 14!!! holy awesome!!

1/22 ---- I'm so trying to be there. If I can 3:0something in AZ on 1/15 - I'll be in Carlsbad. If I don't I'll be running 2/19 to save face in AZ's other marathon. Man, I better get it 1/15.

YAY running team!! That's so freaking awesome.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. Run smart and you'll be back at pace in no time. And keep cherishing where you are now because it's a lot better than where you have been recently.

C2Iowa said...

You ARE back. Sweet!!!!!!

As for the rib case issue - stop lifting wgts! HAHAHAHAHA

Sponsored - Big TIME; So much larger than life..... Peter Gabriel

You must share more about Sunday's run.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Great mileage! We too have cooler temps yay!!! I am ready for winter!

Terzah said...

That's great about the Brooks team! I can't wait to hear more about which races you're doing. And if you're going to do the Denver Half I may sign up too, if I can talk my husband into the price tag. :^)

I went and followed your friend's blog, too. The Leadville 100 fascinates me in that "I'll-always-be-a-spectator-at-most-a-pacer" kind of way.

Of course you'll get to Boston again. That is all.

XLMIC said...

This is all so awesome, Jill! I am so excited to follow your training... you are so inspirational :) I would only say to not worry about the pace... it'll come :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

So fun to see some Jill training!! And another great week! I was happy with almost 40 last week. I really need to stop being so lazy when it comes to running more miles but i know that the time will come when my kids are not so little and I will be less stingy with my time away. But getting those miles up...I'm convinced that is what it is going to take to start seeing some big results for me. Congrats on this Brooks/running thing. Interested in hearing more. Love your living room even with the stuff in there. :) I say that you have an out on the questions if Chris K left. :) You can totally get back to Boston!

Tara said...

Girlfriend you better e-mail me the details on this running gig! Congrats! Is it thru BRC?

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You are beyond back! Holy smokes! Sweet workouts and look at those numbers. whoohoooo

Sounds like a sweet deal with the team! You deserve some great opportunities for a change.

congrats on the new technology. I hope mine can just hold out a little longer. I'd rather not spend the money and as for backing it up, well I'm a bit behind in that.

Teamarcia said...

Holy solid workout week girl! You're back with a vengeance! If it's Boston you desire, Boston it shall be.
Congrats on the Brooks gig--they chose well!

A Prelude To... said...

YAY for runnning!! You are doing so good!

I love your new header - those trees!!! My fave!
...but is it a Where's Waldo? I haven't been able to spot you yet.

I have not ever gotten around to my Q&A...and I'm thinking I might not. 2Slow4Boston had the nerve to ask me my age and weight! hmph. I'm not sure I've ever going to get around to them now ;p

DRog said...

look at you go
strength swim and run!~
great work
congrats on the signup:)
cant wait til I have 3 girls that age dumping their stuff on me!

Run Jess Run said...

So glad that you're back in training mode!

Unknown said...

JILL!! I'm in. Can't wait. Although, I am having some Boston remorse today and I've had it on and off all day. Shouldn't I or should I? I thought signing up for Carlsbad would get rid of this feeling but I'm still so it midnight yet in Boston? Just kidding. I'm in for Carlsbad. Just think, we'll have to keep our tushies moving all through the holidays, I really like that idea. Workin' off the holiday cookies and treats with long runs!!
Can't wait!!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

That's weird about the ribcage pain - I developed the same thing after my marathon yesterday??? BTW, I love the blog header pic - I haven't noticed it before.

Char said...

Sounds like your training is going REALLY well. Really excited for you.

And free Brooks stuff?!! That's just awesome. You know we're going to need a fashion parade.

Adrienne Langelier, MA said...

From one Brooks runner to another-welcome to the family!!

I like the look of your training program: super-balanced. I religiously hit the weights and the bike now and can totally feel the difference. Amazing how things come together sometimes, huh?!

Laura said...

HOLY!! What a week.
The Brooks running gig sounds sweet!

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will Travel said...

I just started progression runs this week - they're crazy hard!

ajh said...

Yeah I totally get the daughter having stuff all over the house thing. Good luck with that.
Awesome with the Brooks deal! Yeah. They knew a superstar when they saw one.
It is cooler here too and that rocks believe me!

Lindsay said...

i still have to finish my q&a's too. i'm glad i'm not the only one :)

can i be sponsored too, even though i live 1,000,000 miles away? ok, maybe just 2,100 miles or so.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Congrats on sponsorship!!

Caroline said...

Love Carlsbad!!!! I ran that one this year, it was my first half! perfect running town, beautiful course (dont believe the ones who say it is 100% does have a couple of elevations)!!! I am not doing it in 2012 because I am doing Surf City in February!

Liz said...

That is huge mileage! I'm so glad your heel is up to it!

Questionably Texan said...

A running team? I want a sponsorship from Brooks!! Very Jealous.

Christi said...

Congrats on all the great news Jill! I am very happy that the running is coming around.

RunToTheFinish said...

way to go on another great week of training!! I love it when a run flies by and feels surprisingly good.

i haven't bothered to answer any Q&A...but it's on my list for someday

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on making the team. I am on the Brooks ID team (ironic, I know), I love their gear and shoes

Anonymous said...

keep up the good running sugar, i'm proud of you.

*i vote to move all of your daughters stuff to the garage. :)

Glenn Jones said...

46 miles? I'm pretty happy with 16! Nice week Jill!

Jenn said...

GREAT week Jill!!! Especially great long run and at a great pace for where you're at right now!! So excited about you getting back into marathon training! I've said Boston 2012 will be my last for awhile but if you get in, I just might reconsider:)

Ummmm-I have not either finished my Q and A's but then again I'm almost sliding off the face of the earth here in blogworld....

SUPER awesome on the Brooks Gig. You know I love Brooks!! You will be a GREAT representative for them!! Love your last sentence in that paragraph-made me laugh!

I just watched your Sock Doc video again:) Chiro thinks piriformis not glute. What do you know about A.R.T?

OK-happy running Jill! Thanks as always for the great comments!!

Cory Reese said...

Congrats on the sponsor! That is highly awesome. (And I HATE when "easy" runs are tough. That royally ticks me off.)

Great job for the week!

Average Woman Runner said...

RIGHT ON! THAT is a good week :) Oh I dream a day when I can do HILLY RUNS again! LOVE them.
Anyway - so glad all that patience & rehab has paid off. And great that you're getting sponsorship - very nice. Brooks has great products.
Keeping up with my toe raises & hopping exercises. Hoping to be training my heart out like you in the near future...

Bubble Boy said...

Jilly Beans, Great to see you running so well!!!! As for your daughters stuff, to what I did. Rent a Bob Cat and a dump truck and head to the landfill.

Petraruns said...

Better late than never to this party - Jilly what an impressive week! Fantastic work - well done! I can't believe you're running this much again and Carlsbad sounds perfect for what you're wanting to get out of it. Go Jill!

As for the Brooks deal - sweet! Post some pics.

As for the daughter mess - I like what Bubby boy says.

Johann said...

Another great week Jill, awesome! I think it is great that you registered for the marathon. Brilliant goal to work for. As you know I took a knock at my race with dehydration. Mmm...I don't think I'm tough enough to run with you yet. I promise I'm working on it and will get to your valley still. Take care my friend!

Brian said...

Great week, Jill!

- I've only tried the running right after biking twice, since this was the first summer in like 10 years that I had an operational bike, and both times my legs just felt like jello! :-)

Great job on the fast 14-miler, too. Awesome run!

I'm kind of glad that you mention the spring marathon. I agree, I train all winter and then on race day in late March I just have to cross my fingers that I get a nice cool day rather than an unseasonably warm one since it can go either way then. Finding the right marathon for one's training and race day weather preferences seems like part of the challenge.

Good luck this week!

Molly said...

Every time I go to comment, I want to start off with YAY! But it's true, yay for so many things! That Brooks Team sounds very cool, currently, they're my favorite shoe :)

Caratunk Girl said...

46 miles of running? You are so back girl!! That is awesome.

I love Brooks! AND I am loving the cooler weather as well, but I am mostly eating. I need to get off my butt!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Great great great week JIll! AND you registered for your next marathon! So happy for you!

The local running store is VERY smart by selecting you!! And you deserve it!!! You are so worth it!!

Mikey B said...

Congrats on signing up for another race, and a marathon at that! I'm always impressed with how many you run. January ought ought to be a good, cool month to get some running done.

Your daughter's junk in the living room is not instilling any confidence in my own daughter. Just turned 13 and it is a constant battle to get her to clean up her room and bathroom. Only five more years before we can kick her out! :)

By the way, I am trying to train myself to run on the forefoot as well. I now understand how weird it can be to "learn to run" all over again. Feeling good about it though and have St Louis Half in October to look forward to.

Happy running!

Raina said...

Are you training for a marathon or a triathlon? So confused by the swimming and biking parts...
only kidding. But you ARE very diligent to keep doing all the XT with the increased running!

Your living room and mine have something in common. :)

See.Kate.Run said...

You are a training machine!! Awesome week!! Congratulations on your new sponsor. That is so cool. :) What a beautiful header. I LOVE fall! I am so excited about the weather change. I will def check out your friend’s blog… Ever since reading Born to Run I have been fascinated by that race.

Gillie said...

Alright, I feel left out now. Every time I read your blog, you mention someone that you met (fellow blogger, runner) and maybe even post a picture. Well why is it that I meet up with you, and there is no mention of it, much less a stupid picture??!!

Black Knight said...

A great week of training and many long runs.
Glad you registered for the marathon. I am with you, the best period to prepare that distance is fall/winter.

Aimee said...

Woohoo! It sounds like you had an awesome week! I'm so happy for you!!!

Irene said...

Yay! Carlsbad!!! We'll have to meet up again! I haven't signed up yet, but I'll be *participating* in the half. ;) Nice cross training!

Angie (zamgirl5) said...

Yay!!! You are running again!

William Plock said...

Congrats on the running store sponsorship. Looks like you have been busy! Best time of year to run and ride!