Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weeks 7 and 8 in the numbers

56.6 miles run in week 7 marathon training (two weeks ago).  
30.6 of those miles felt like crap.  
1 1/2 marathon I WAY underestimated I'd need more time to recover from (thus 30 miles were pretty much "junk" miles.  I wouldn't even classify them as "recovery" miles, they were that bad).
1.4 lbs. I gained last week "running" 56.6 miles.  Really? Really?  Really????  *sigh*

1 very sad race picture from Denver RnR.  Is it mandatory that every race photographer takes a picture as runner presses "stop" on their watch as they cross the finish line?   
33 miles run in week 8 of marathon training (last week). *sigh*
2 consecutive days I've missed running last week.  *sigh*
102.1 degree fever I have been sporting on and off for the past 3 days.  Thus, not running much.  *sigh*
32,965 Ibuprofen I think I've downed since Friday.
99 % stressed I am about missing the majority of a very tough training week!
3 4 5 times I have obsessed about reworked my training plan to accommodate the past failed 2 weeks.
13 weeks to Carlsbad Marathon.  *sigh*
118 elements in the periodic table.  THIS BOOK is amazing (to a science geek like myself); something I had to pick up while perusing the bookstore this past week!
It comes as an app for your iPad, if you're lucky enough to own an iPad.
1 Apple iPad I wish I owned. *sigh*  Perhaps Steve left me one in his will....

21 year old (almost) daughter I miss.  A lot. It doesn't matter that she just moved 25 minutes from me, I miss her HERE and hearing about her daily life. 

Unless she dresses like a zombie for the Zombie Crawl on the 16th St. Mall yesterday....  ewww.

40 dollars I saved by cancelling my PT appointment this week so I could run this trail race today.
50 dollars I saved by being sick and not able to run above trail race *sigh* - which, btw, my 16-year old son did run and it kicked his normally uber-fast BUTT!!  Bahahaha. (yes, I'm a mean mom.  Everyone needs a race like this sometimes to bring them down to earth a little.  At least this guy :)  He did have an awesome race last week and ran his last xc meet in a 17:52 (a 5:45 min/mile).  Very happy for his incredible season!!  He's going to have an awesome junior year next year!).

40 % off at The Gap - hello new jeans!  Thanks to cancelled PT appointment and race I couldn't run today.
1 VERY proud mom to the other 16-year old and his marching band, who did not place at the semi-finals in Ft. Collins Friday, but has greatly improved and had a fantastic year.  As a girl who never knew one sole in her high school (of 850 in her graduating class) who was in marching band (runners don't mix well with band...evident by having the two mixes live in my house!!), and pretty much determined them all "weird", I find myself so impressed with all the hard work these guys do!  They work just as hard, if not harder, than my track running son!  Well done, Brendan!!!  Band ROCKS!
Yes, you can steal marching band pics, just like you
can steal running pics.  Sweet!  And yes, this child
and the child above are TWINS.  You'd need to
see them side-by-side to understand; they don't
even look like they're related.
64.97 % better I feel today.  Fingers crossed I can run tomorrow.
99 times I have thought about starting a petition this week to make all grocery store check-out-clerks to ask for verification from customers if training for a winter marathon - if so, then make it illegal to purchase Halloween candy.  See 1.4 lbs. gained above.
536 times a full Ironman in 2012 has entered my brain this week.  See 102.1 fever above.
5 days off for fall break.  YAY!
3 days of cold, snowy weather moving in this week to dampen our plans to climb Mt. Quandary. *sigh*
What I ran into climbing Quandary last fall.
28 29 Pairs of Nike Tempo Shorts I own (one pair, my favorite from Boston 2009, must be in the wash).  Is there such a thing as Nike-Tempo-Short-Anonymous?  Seriously!!  You gotta admit, those pink polka dot ones in the front are really cute though!!

100 % grateful for all the ALL the amazingly sweet comments on my RnR race report.  My cup runneth over!!!!!!   THANK YOU!!!!!!
Run strong, my friends! (at least stronger than I did this past week)


ShutUpandRun said...

Dang girl and I thought I had a lot of running clothes!! You should start your own shorts store.

Feel better soon. Bummer about the runs not being what you want them to be, but patience, it will return.

XLMIC said...

Is it gross that I have only 3 pair of shorts?

Your daughter is lovely! And your boys so handsome. And all smart and talented. Lucky mom :)

Karen said...

Hope you feel better soon! Is there a color of Nike tempo shorts that you don't have yet? Can't have holes in your collection!! :)

Beth said...

I'm sorry you are so sick :( it sucks to miss your training runs. Your kids are so cute! I think you should take advantage of your fever and sign up for ironman Coeur D'Alene with me.

Beth said...
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Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Yay for being a science geek (I was a science teacher)! I am not happy about the cold front coming in either. And if it is the Carlsbad in CA don't worry about the missed training because the elevation difference should make up for that, right? ;)

Hope you feel better!!

HappyTrails said...

Ok, I need to do some skirt shopping in order to catch up to your shorts wardrobe! WOW Girl! You have 3 wonderful kids to be proud of - although they are all three flavored differently, each one is a treasure!
I already gave you my two cent pep talk about your last couple of weeks.
Those weeks are gone, look forward and get out and do what you can with what you have. I have a strong, NON-EXPERT opinion on junk miles, which I think most pure runners tend to engage in. Won't go into here, though. :-) Feel better and then get after it!

GZ said...

50 miles when you had a fever ... pretty damn solid. Don't sweat the weight gain in light of that week you had. And the body is the ultimate training log ... nothing on line really counts anyway!

Live it!

Leslie said...

Holy bucket of shorts Batman! I'm not complaining or anything, I wish I had that many shorts, I feel all boring now. :)
Funny I was playing around online and saw a comment you left on Last Mile Lounge's blog about the Altra Instincts. I still want to see you give them a try, let me know when you do, would love to hear your praises....I mean what you think ;)
Glad to see you're well!

Caroline said...

ok lots of stuff there.

1. your daughter is BEAUTIFUL. that's what my 5 yrs said and I agree. wow wow.

2. sorry you are sick. boo hoo.

3. Carlsbad? I miss that one. crap I am doing surf city, did Carlsbad this year. LOVE that town.

4. the lbs: clearly it is all muscles come on now.

5. love the pics of your sons.

6. Nike tempo are my favorites. I have a few but not as many as you do! I cannot resist any pair on sale!!!!!!

Bubble Boy said...

100% sure I won't buy the book The Elements!

100% sure I ran XC and Track in High School, guess that makes me a NERD!

Get Well and get running!

Amanda@runninghood said...

This is such a fun post and I loved reading your training/life in numbers here Jill! 1. Your daughter is gorgeous and I can only imagine how much you miss her. 2. You have some great kids to be so proud of. 3. Hope you feel better. Sorry you didn't get to do the trail run and that you have gained weight and had some crappy training. It will all come together. You are doing some great mileage compared to the rest of us (at least me) and you probably have plenty of money in the bank to where it won't mess you up for your marathon. 4. Holy shorts!!! Man, I'm jealous. I feel like I wear the same things over and over again..must get some new shorts. My lululemon speed shorts only look good when I'm like 5 lbs lighter...otherwise, I'll stick to normal shorts. :)

Ironman? Do it!

Average Woman Runner said...

Love it! You better take care of yourself to kick that bug so you can fight another day. Sorry you're sick :(

You need those sugar pumpkins for carbo loading right?

Thinking this science geek is going to have to check that book out...

Char said...

It's so WRONG that you can train for a marathon and put on weight. Why can't all that training + unlimited eating?

Who wouldn't miss that gorgeous face? Is your daughter a model?

Get well soon. And don't run till you are!

Teamarcia said...

Sorry about being sick! It sucks but you'll regain your original speed y splendor I promise!
So great to see those kiddos again--B is stylin in that band getup.
OMG the shorts crack me up--I think they are your crack.
8 more weeks into marathon training?? Perhaps I should start training...

A Prelude To... said...

1.4 pound increase on the scale...TOTALLY why I don't weigh myself. I'm happier in my obliviousness.

Sorry about the fever and illness, but very interested in your ironman plans it produced :D

C2Iowa said...

Step away from the ibupro! Jk.

I will be dropping you an email today about mileage logging for the 50.

Hope you get to feel better soon!!

btw- my son was here for a couple days -- boy do I know how you feel about missing your daughter.

Marlene said...

Ha! Oh my, that is a lot of tempo shorts. I wish I liked them because they come in so many fresh and fun colors but they just do not work for me. Maybe that's a good thing, actually.


Hope you are feeling better. BOO to sickness getting in the way of training. BUT try not to stress - you have loads of time and you are doing great!

Christi said...

Feel better!

I love all your running shorts!

Molly said...

Is that a mountain goat???

I don't doubt that you could be an Ironman!!!!

Yeah, I'm one of those lucky ones who not only NOT lose weight while training, but I gain. ugh.

Feel better, and how great looking are your kids?!?!

Jenn said...

Ah Jill! Love this post. See, this is an article I would read!!!!!!

Well, you ran more miles than me but our percentage of shitty feeling miles to good feeling miles is quite similar! Nope, just plugged in the numbers and you're winning this battle. I felt shitty on 98%, you only like 55%.

Sorry about the fever. Not fun! A FULL ironman. Wowza-that is a SERIOUS fever.

So, it's no secret the jealousy I have for your shorts. We've compared before but really, I don't hold a candle to this colorful rainbow of Nike:)

Your kiddos-all 3. So much to be proud of there!!!!

OK-13 weeks. NO sigh. Bring it on Jill!!!

Kandi said...

Sounds like a crazy two weeks. Hope you feel better soon!
Did I ever tell you that I ran track and cross country and was also in the marching band in high school? It was a challenge to do marching band and xc in the fall but it was so worth it!

Anonymous said...

I own at least 82 running shirts. Maybe my shirts and your shorts should get together!

L.B. said...

56.6 miles and a pound of weight gain? This life is unfair sometimes I tell you. I'm in the blissfully ignorant camp though, don't weigh myself. I figure if my clothes start to fail me then I'm doing something wrong.

So, hopefully my daughters won't suffer from the same thing your daughter apparently suffered from, the so-called "Aging Process." Yeah, that's something I'm not looking forward to :'(

Kate Geisen said...

Not 2012. 2013. Then we'll pick one together. :) As long as you don't mind waiting around for hours after you finish, anyway.

So sorry you've been sick, so glad you're feeling better. Girl, you're kicking butt on your training (well, not counting your 30 junk miles, but you deserve a lil time to recover before expecting so much out of yourself), so a week off isn't going to kill you or your marathon time.

One Crazy Penguin said...

Dang that's a lot of shorts girl!

I'm with you on the Halloween candy. It's been my downfall! What is it about October and people wanting to fatten you up?? Don't they know that I'm trying to get into race shape!?!

Hope you feel 100% soon :) Miss you!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

You can't fool me... I know some of those numbers are exaggerated. ;-)

Bet you didn't know I played in Marching Band in high school. I was in the drumline.

Being an engineer, I liked reviewing all your numbers. I think I like the first one the best: 56.6 miles. Good job getting those in as busy as you are.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

And to think, with 8 pair of running shorts, I thought I had an issue, there is something about running shorts that make you keep buying them, Though mine are all black with a color stripe

Thinking of an 140.6???? Which one????

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Great post! I love all the numbers. I just don't like the word junk.

There are NO JUNK miles. Every run does something for you. Pet Peeve Number 4570.

Your kids are beautiful. I like that they have different interests.

I hope you are feeling better!

Whitney said...

I love those Nike shorts! But I only have 5 pairs... looks like I better get shopping!

Lindsay said...

i love all your colorful nike shorts!

feel better!!!

lose some friggin weight already! ;)

Brian said...

I liked this post! (The way you wrote it; not your fever, shitty miles, or snow) :)
56 miles and only 30 were shitty...that's actually good! Beats not running...right!?
Oh yeah, thanks for the pic of the I have to go get some and gain some more weight!

Julie said...

Can NOT imagine that many miles in a week...I'm luck to do that many in a month. :)...can you say not a runner?

Love all the shorts!

You made some really nice looking kids there!

You are Awesome...have I told you that recently...goooo for the Ironman. :)

Johann said...

You've been pushing yourself hard and the rest will be good for the body. It certainly needs a break I think. You'll be back on track in no time. I have only 3 pairs of shorts that I actually run with. Someone mentioned they want to train with me for a full ironman one year. I avoid any conversation that might lead to that discussion. Hope you are all better by now!
In that last photo on my blog it is my mom and my brother with me at the horse/or mule??? Take care Jill!

Black Knight said...

I like this post with all those numbers!
I think it is normal to put on weight during intense training because we need to eat more not to lose strength.
I use the RWs training log, it works and I like it.
I hope you feel better soon.

Jason said...

I like the idea of a full Ironman even if it is fever induced.

So if you ran everyday for a month you wouldn't wear the same pair of shorts? Remember you need rest days......that is incredible to have that many pairs of shorts.

Glenn Jones said...

Weren't you injured just a few weeks ago? You mean there is hope for me after all? Great week Jill. Well - except for the fever....

Suzy said...

I NEED that book!!! I think my students would hate it if I start reading out of it during class, but it sound SO interesting.

Raina said...

This is one of the funnest posts that I have ever read by you. I am so sorry you are not feeling well, though...but in a way the timing is good since you had to recover from the race anyway- It's better than being sick on a different week (If you had to get sick!)

Yep- one week of rest and then back to ramping up. You are doing great! Just think- so many people don't even begin training until 12 weeks out, and you will already have made major adjustments and added mileage. The race itself WAS speedwork- to the max! Took me 2 weeks to recover from my last half.

Your daughter is DROP DEAD gorgeous. And your sons- just so talented. Both of them. You are entitled to be proud (and to tease about races)

Anyhow, sorry for the super long comment. Enjoy the candy corn! I am making my own chocolate tonight :)

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will Travel said...

You must have posted this literally seconds after I commented on the last one!

Totally agree on the recovery front - I rarely give enough respect to the long hard races, and then get frustrated when I don't run well in the week or weeks after. Seems like it should be obvious!

Liz said...

I missed this post on Sunday! Glad I caught up with it. That's a lot of mileage in a week, and that's a lot of shorts - wow! Hope you feel better.

Tara said...

Oh lord, I can't believe you went and "put it out there" that you want to do an Ironman. Now you are committed. Bwahaha!!!

Congrats to BOTH of your sons. Including the one that didn't do so well in his race. :)

Now girlie, don't be obsessing about your two missed days. Let them go and move on, those two days aren't going to make or break your marathon training!

TX Runner Mom said...

Sorry you are not feeling well! LOL at the halloween candy being illegal...a few weeks ago, I ate a bag of Candy Corn in one sitting. That law would have come in handy back then.

RunToTheFinish said...

i think we all way underestimate how much a race takes out of us.

I have officially decided to stop stopping my watch until I am across the line...darn it I will get a good photo!!

ohh i need new jeans..can i get out of work early?

Kenley said...

Wow, that's a lot of shorts Jill. I wish you the best in getting better soon. I must say, very cool post with the numbers and all. Very Cool indeed. I wish that I can say the same about my running to even match half the amount of miles you put in. I have been a slacker, and I have a half marathon in 4 days. lol. Yikes. Take care.

The Green Girl said...

I hope you're feeling better, Jill. ::hugs::

I'll try to give you a call today or tomorrow to give you an update on my upcoming weekend.

Irene said...

You can never have enough running shorts (or skirts, leggins, capris, etc.) I love my running garb. When something works you just stick with it. ;)

That's sucky about feeling sick. I hope what ever it was is gone by now.

Just FYI, the Carsbad event is a very cathartic run, even if you feel like crap or haven't trained well for it. It's beautiful and running along side the Pacific coast makes everything better.

Your daughter is beautiful, even with fake blood dripping down the side of her head. :)

Lisa said...

Great post for me to "get to know you" a bit. You had me at candy corn pumpkins...

William Plock said...

Fun read! Ironman! But maybe a little break soon??? :) Thought you might be at spin today!

Jennifer said...

Love it. Great concept for a post! Sorry you feel (felt) like ass. It will get better, maybe, just perhaps, a bit more rest? Love you chica!

Sarah Grecco said...

You've got one good looking family! You've got lots to be thankful for!

Get UP & Go

Anne said...

That's quite a rundown. Hope by now the fever has passed and you're back in action.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to do a full IM??? Hey junk miles my ass! You ran way more than me and beat me so there! It was so great to see you!! You are the comeback kid!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

I loved reading this! I did not skip one sentence!
Sorry you are sick (hope you are better by now).
You ran more miles than me, and more quality, ha!
So excited for your marathon. You have plenty of time till then, Jill, so no worries. I think you are going to surprise yourself.

Dang, PT is that expensive. I say good call for getting the jeans instead. As long as you do the exercises at home you should be fine, right?

Happy training, Jill!

Mikey B said...

I can't even wrap my mind around 50+ miles in a week. Congrats on have such a good-looking and successful group of kids. You're a good mom.

Mikey B

Terzah said...

How did I miss this post????? I'm really sorry, Jill. Your blog is a "don't miss" for me.

I agree w/ Caroline and others--your daughter is beautiful. Very weird to think that mine will move out someday.....And my twins also look nothing alike. I don't think they even look like brother and sister. I think it's neat that your boys have such different interests--very healthy.

Gap jeans=my favorite. Ditto for tempo shorts (but I have only two pairs--I love all the colors!!).

Stay warm in snowstorm part two. I just drove home from work and it was not fun.