Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bring on November! I think.

My twin boys informed me last night they were not going trick-or-treating.  What????  No more bags of candy sprawled out on my living room floor, no more picking out my favorites and hiding what I found, no more 3 week constant sugar high?  

I think I've hit a sort of a post-Halloween-partum depression!  .  

We've entered a new era in the runwithjill household, one which doesn't include costumes and sugar.  Sadness!

Here's a little picture I took from a couple pictures from years ago (sorry, way too lazy to fire up the scanner) when my kiddos were little.  I think the boys were almost 15-months and Abbey was almost 6. 

Clearly, I'm dorky enough to dress my kids all in theme-based costumes.  
So no dressing up for the boys this year ... but Abbey did go as Lauren Bacall (huh?) to work today; a terrible picture and for some reason I can't edit it but here she is...

So another Halloween has come to a close, I don't have any kids' candy to steal for the next 3 weeks, fall break is over and we're now back to the rat race called life.  Cross country and marching band are over now so that will help calm things down.  I did, however, get a part time job over the holidays, which starts tomorrow.  I take back the calm statement.

Anyhoo...what else is going on....

Saturday was the state cross country meet and the final meet for the season, at least for me.  Ryan did not make it to the state meet....I could vent about that but I'm being a big girl and letting it go.  I worked at the meet as a course marshall, and Ryan ran around doing whatever with the rest of the kids from track not running who were doing whatever.  Glowing, aren't we?

Saucony stepped up to the plate and we scored some pretty cool florescent jackets - sweeeeet!  It was so cold when we started, I think I had my winter coat in that green bag I was carrying, along with hand warmers, toe warmers and fleece gloves.  But as the day progressed it got warmer and I actually ended up with a sunburn on the ole face (I was out there for about 7 hours...cheering....and standing....and yelling at people to get off the course.  One jerk coach wouldn't move off the course and two girls were right behind him still running - so rude!).  I'm not sure what's up with my hair, definitely not one of my finest hair days so just look past that.  Actually, it looks like this the vast majority of the time.  Moving on.... our kiddos didn't do as well as they should have; we had one boy who should have placed in the top 3-4 but finished 19th I think.  And may others just not running up to their potential.  Just goes to show, even the best have bad days.

Wednesday's snow left lots of MUD!
That's our top runner there in the red with green and white stripes
Start line of the Boys 5A race.  About 40 teams, 300 runners!  Crazy!
Sunday, I had one of the crappiest runs I've had in a long time.  Woohoo!  An attempted 20 miler turned into a great 10 miles, followed by 5.5 acceptable miles, followed by 4.5 miles crawling-back-to-my-car-praying-I-didn't-expire-right-there-on-the-path.  I'm not sure what's going on, but my legs ACHE!  I am not sure how to even explain it other than they simply ache. Mostly my quads.  I have no idea if this is a sign of how ill-conditioned I am or something else going on but never have I ever experienced this painful ache before.  In my past life, I always had endurance on my side and though admittedly not fast, I always thought I could run forever.  Not so much now.  I'm also having some feet issues where they are just burning....and then there's this constant (and I mean CONSTANT) GI problems where....sorry to be blunt....I just have to stop and take a dump.  Every.  Single.  Run.  Even the 10K on my treadmill the other day.  Beth, call me, let's go for a run!  Things to think about and work on, for sure.  Nevertheless, I'm counting the whole damn 20 as mileage since I actually covered the distance.  I don't really care what y'all do, I'm counting them.

I "ran" the 20 on the Cherry Creek bike path which I can pretty much take from my house all the way downtown to the big REI store (I didn't go that far though, that would have been about 41 miles round trip and my legs had enough issues with 20!).  But, I took my camera along for the run this time to share.  Just a few days ago this path was so pretty with all the gorgeous fall trees hitting their peak colors, then the snow came last week and wham....all the leaves are mostly brown now.  

Let's Run!  Must be those stretched out legs that are making them ache, huh?
Start of my run....front range as my backdrop, Mt. Evans (14, 240' ) is the tall one peak.

Oh Conoco gas station how you have saved my life more than 400 times.
This is a mandatory water/bathroom stop along this course.

The gorgeous, old, LARGE, homes around the Denver Country Club
I'd like this house, please!
Hum....I just magically happened to appear right in front of my daughter's apartment :)  
Cheesman Park
Close-up of Mt. Evans from the above pavilion.
And that was that, my first 20-miler in about 2 years done and it couldn't have gone worse than it did.  But it's done!  I have a few more in this cycle so we'll just hope the next one ... or 3...go better!

Week 10:
Run: 60.1 mi 
Weights: 50:00 mins
*I did have a pretty awesome 10K treadmill run this week....clocked a 49:54.  I admit, I was moving my legs like something they haven't had to do in years during that last half mile to land under 50 minutes.  I know, sad, but that's how Jill rolls.  I also had a semi-decent 9 mile MP run.  Except that it was 15 seconds slower than what I'd like my MP to be...but that's just a minor detail!  The fact that my pace was about 20 seconds faster than the norm the past 10 weeks was an accomplishment.

October's Numbers:
Run: 208.85 mi (this is a whopping .5 miles over last month.  Considering I had a taper week and a sick week of only 33 miles each, I'll take it.   Admittedly, I crammed in 3 miles today just so I could get over last month's numbers.  Pathetic, huh?  Oh Yeah!!)
Swim: 4.29 mi
Elliptical: 3.0 mi
Weights: 4:15

November Goals:
- Investigate the achy legs, burning feet, and the GI issues.
- Focus on some speedwork now that the mileage is built.
- Hills, and more hills.
- More, more, more weight training.
- Dial in on the diet (is this sounding like a broken record yet?).  I have made some great strides the past couple weeks in the planning ahead department instead of scrambling at 6pm like was the norm most nights.
- More swimming .. and maybe a bit more biking than a big fat zero would be good.  Not sure how but whatever, I'll squish it in.

Finally, for all those interested, the Leadville 100-miler registration opens up today at 10am mountain standard time.  Kate?  You're always up for a good challenge!!  :).  Johann, this is perfect for you!!  Happy Trails?  GZ?  Oh wait, you have a bone to pick with Pikes Peak that weekend.  Anyone else?

I was just reminded of the holiday blogger gift exchange from last year that I hosted....should I do so again this year?  Yes?

Well, that's all I got for this week.  Until next time....

Run strong, my friends!


A Prelude To... said...

Achy legs, burning feet and GI issues too?? Not fair! Hope you figure it all out.

That run route looks fantastic - love looking at all the pictures of your surroundings. It's so beautiful there! I MUST visit some day!!!!

Anonymous said...

My first 20+ of the year (a couple of weeks ago) sucked as well. So maybe... Maybe your next one will be much better.

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will Travel said...

Brent's team had their cross-country state meet on Saturday, too, so I was out cheering and helping out - during the freak east coast October snowstorm! It was the messiest, soggiest meet any of those kids - and their coaches - had ever seen.

C2Iowa said...

I'd take your numbers over mine anyday!

The pics are awesome. The views are way better than anything here.

Our state meet was this past weekend here -- the weather was perfect for PRs. I missed it; had company here.

Funny how your run went by the apartment......strange. :)

ShutUpandRun said...

I just emailed you.

I don't care if it sucked, you did 20 miles girl and 60 for the week! Damn!! My doc keeps telling me he hopes 4 out of 5 runs are good for me. So, yes, there will be a sucky one thrown in there too. So glad you are back up and running, literally. I know it is inspiring for a lot of people.

Christi said...

Do you think being on your feet all day on Saturday had anything to do with your run on Sunday? Just a thought!

I have had horrible GI issues on my long runs in the past. I wish I could tell you how I fixed them but that would require that I remember running long!

Have a great week and enjoy your new job!

GZ said...

Yes - Pikes is a much more attractive girl to go out with that weekend than that bugger up in Leadville.

Consider the lack of POUNDS of candy a secret to success in the build up! I was blown away as to how many trix-3 musketeers-peanut butter cups- 10000 bars, etc etc, covered our floor after the neighborhood raid. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Ok, first give yourself a break. Sometimes our body just says ok not today. It's ok. Second.. the poo thing. Are you dehydrated and eating gels? Hows your diet looking? To be blunt if we can't poo during the day and we go run, it's going to come out. All the jostling will get it moving(I know you prb know this) For me too much sugar really gives me tummy prbs when I run I still have to figure out what works for me 4 yrs later!!!!

See.Kate.Run said...

What a cute tigger and pooh!! The rabbit costume reminds me of the Christmas Story movie. ;-) Last year my nephews stopped going out.. it is so sad when the kids stop going treat or treating. I missed the candy too!

Congrats on your 20 miles!!! I figure your feet hit 20 miles of earth in one go, which means you should rock on with your badness!! I have never ran, walked, or crawled 20 miles of anything (so far ;) ). I like how Beth came to mind when you wrote about your GI issues. ha!

Colorado is beautiful.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Ahh, some great stuff here! First of all ,I hope hope hope your legs start feeling better and those GI issues clear up. Yes count the 20 miles for sure!! And Great mileage this week...that 10k...wow! Nice job. sub 50! Love your pics..they make me feel like I'm visiting home. OH, and the cross country pictures just kind of made my stomach get all sick and nervous...old baggage? :)

Just think, in about 10-20 years or so, you'll be able to do the halloween thing again with your grandkids but that is a long way off!! I would imagine that it feels kind of weird not having this halloween stuff happening after so many years and 3 kids of it! I feel ya....I'm not there yet and not even close but I know I'll fee the same.

Off to get these kids up! Still not waking up from their candy stupor.

Marlene said...

Yikes, that doesn't sound like much fun on the 20. Wonder what is going on there? I was going to suggest that maybe you are just adjusting to the high mileage again after a long lay-off, but I know you have been building pretty gradually and carefully. Hope it works itself out soon!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I would run like crap too if I was told there was no more halloween? I mean, were you given a decent cancelization notice, like 60 days in advance? I admit, I lost the halloween spirit a while ago, but I even went "WHAT" at your first sentence

Mike said...

I've had a few 20 milers like that. It could be anything from what you ate the day before or how many miles you put in that week.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Kids who don't want to beg for candy? That's crazy talk.

I have a giant bag of candy left over from trick-or-treaters. Hopefully that will last me the next month.

The scenery on your 20 miler was beautiful! I love the pictures.

Tara said...

I don't understand why you just didn't do the full 41 miles to REI? HTFU girlie! :) I kid! I kid!

You'll figure those achy legs out and the pooping issues and will be fresh and new again.
Congrats on your speedy 10K on the treadmill, I meant to tell you that when you e-mailed me, but I forgot. You are full of awesomeness my friend!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Love all the beautiful pictures! Hope your achy legs quit giving you grief and start feeling like they are on springs!

Julie said...

Sounds to me like you have had a fantastic month!!!

I told my boys that there was no way they could go... I don't want kids taller then me coming to trick or treat at my door and I'm sure others don't either...mean mom..

Gift exchange...how wierd...I wasn't reading your blog at that time..seems strange that I have known you less then a year. Sounds like it could be fun!

Brian said...

There's really no such thing as a bad 20-miler, if you think about it a certain way. You ran 20 miles, that's awesome! How many people can even say that they ran 20 miles?!

(my 20-miler was almost the same. Good for the first 10, pretty much misery for most of the last 10. Trying again this weekend).

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You put in 60 miles this week! That's awesome.

At least 10 of your 20 was good. At least you've done a 20. I've got a 32 miler this weekend and haven't run more than 16 to get ready for it. Oh snap!

You are crazy to worry so much about pace. I'm tooo old for that crap anymore. It is what it is.

Diet. I'm in that boat (still) too. What's up with that? I haven't changed anything and yet I've gained weight...and look and feel it! Ugh. I refuse to believe that "age" has anything to do with it. But I can't really cut calories right before the 50k and 50m but as soon as they are over, I'm going to get back to a sensble weight! Join me!

that start line photo is crazy! 300 kids?? wow!

Kate Geisen said...

Theme based costumes are dorky? Now you tell me!

Oh my gosh...I was joking last night about the 200 mile month and you had actually done it. You're amazing. And more than a little insane.

I've been plagued by GI issues on my runs, especially my long runs. Not pretty. Especially to the nose. There were a couple of races/runs where it wasn't an issue, and I had eaten a white bagel with cream cheese, so I'm putting all of my faith in that as my go-to breakfast for long runs.

Why yes, I'll sign right up for Leadville. Haha haha haha. I'm not that crazy...yet. Maybe some day I'll finally go over the edge.

I'll send you all of our leftover candy. If I do it tonight, there may be some that I haven't eaten.

ajh said...

Absolutely for the holiday gift exchange. it was fun!

But I have to tell you I looked and looked and looked - even in different states for the Halloween candy corn M+Ms and I have decided you made them up. That was a mean tease girlfriend!

I did have the pretzel M+Ms but they were nothing special.

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Oh, I am going to be so sad when the halloween days are over!! I loved your pictures from the Cherry Creek Trail. I love biking there, but I have never run there before. If you are going to have a bad run, at least it is a pretty place to do it!

Adrienne Langelier, MA said...

Gotta take the good with the bad, I guess! Hope you get everything physical figured out soon. Way to put down the 60-mile weeks, I've been running about the same mileage and am admittedly proud of myself :)

Wishing you a productive Nov!

Terzah said...

Achy legs? It's time for a MASSAGE, my friend. Seriously!

I hope you get to the bottom of it all soon (and if you solve the pooping issue, please let me know what the answer was....)

Your pictures are gorgeous. And if it's any consolation, I have confiscated twins' Halloween candy in my car right now and it's calling out to me....Terzah....Terzah....not good for dialing in on the diet.

So glad to see that you posted, Jill!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

absolutely count the 20, and always look at the positives....that 10k was rockin, the weekly and monthly mileage is outstanding so quickly after your extended time off. No worries. Jill is on her way BACK!

Loved all the pics.

HappyTrails said...

Hey, 20 miles is 20 miles. The first 10 were good, the next 5 ok, then the last few, survival. Oh well. It was 20 and time on your feet. Oh yes, let's talk about GI stuff. One of the symptoms of Graves is, um, 'frequent and URGENT' which means 'do not pass go, do not collect $200', you must GO NOW. :-) Yes, I am familiar with those issues. I will email you. And Young Lady, quit beating up on yourself - you are on the comeback trail - you RAN 20 miles - you couldn't even sniff that mileage 6 months ago. :-)

Char said...

I'm so sorry that your boys have given up Halloween. It's just another little reminder that they're growing up. Pity they couldn't stay as Tigger and Pooh forever!

Teamarcia said...

ha! I'll probably be in a walker by the time my kids don't trick or treat anymore.
Hey 20 is 20 no matter how sucky. they'll all get better from here, I just know it.
I must hear more about your job!
I know how much you loved that exchange last year so no pressure from me to do it...only if you want to!

Anonymous said...

i had a little empty feeling reading about your new halloween. :'( i remember going threw that - it's an adjustment for sure.

i'm so envious you get to run in such a beautiful place. i love your pics!


Liz said...

Funnily enough, this was the first year for my kids doing Trick or Treat! My son thinks it's called Trickle Treat - he doesn't really get the whole trick thing!

Great 10k running - I'd kill to go sub 50mins one day...

Cory Reese said...

You should definitely, definitely count all 20 miles. Even though it sucked, I'm glad you took your camera because those are some great pictures!

Voetstoots van Tonder said...

Looks like a concrete path that you've been running on, not so?
- methinks that might explain the achy legs... Concrete is much harder on the muscles, joints etc than tarmac (of course dirt roads / grass would be best), no?

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

So much to comment on.

First, took my little ones trick-or-treating. Got enough candy to fill up a paper grocery bag.

That 20 miler was the first crappy run I've heard you mention since your foot fiasco. But 20 is 20, so be proud you're back. I'm sure your next 20 miler will be better.

Your mileage is looking good. I'm pretty happy anytime I can get in over 200 miles in a month.

Hope you get those GI issues figured out.

Kathleen said...

GI issues, oh I know them well. I hope you figure it out. I am starting to think that maybe caffeine has at least something to do with mine.
I would definately count the 20 miles!

Lindsay said...

diet control huh? that's new ... ;)

you are a crazy running machine!! i hope i bounce back as well as you seem to have (i know, i know, it seemed like forever that you were struggling with the heel) but it seems like you didn't miss a beat now!

as for halloween... stock up on the post sales NOW! and/or buy "candy for trick or treaters" and then whoops, forget to put the porch light on and now you're stuck with all this candy. a shame!

course that wouldn't help your "diet" that you're going to work on... :-p

TX Runner Mom said...

Hope you get to the bottom of the achey leg issues! I will miss trick or treating once the kids outgrow it...I love seeing them and all the other kiddos!

Lisa said...

Just found your blog! Sorry to hear about the bad run. Sounds downright miserable. Hopefully your legs and feet are feeling better soon! That trail looks absolutely beautiful.

We're finally getting an REI store here and I can't wait!

Kandi said...

You amaze me how you can run over 200 miles in a month and still manage to swim over 4 miles and get in a ton of weight training. You are very inspiring!
I'm going to miss hearing about cross county. Thanks for sharing the photos. It brought back so many memories. My team won state two years in a row and we always had a blast there! Of course, everyone on my team got to run state because there were only 10 of us on the team!

Average Woman Runner said...

You still got a long run in! Sometimes they suck but the next one will be better.
LEADVILLE?!!! Are you considering?

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Colorado IS gorgeous! WOW! Jill your mileage is insane but awesome!! 60 miles in week 10?! WOW!

Bad runs make the good ones that much better, right? right? I hope!!!

Stay running strong Jill! :)

Irene said...

Wow, I can see those jackets on
Google Earth!


With my daughter in theater arts, we almost always get dressed up, even if it is a funky hat. There's a street in my neighborhood that has adult treats, such as margaritas and chili.

Now we pilfer from my grandson's stash o candy.

Happy November!

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Black Knight said...

A great mileage and a lot of swimming. Congrats.
49'54" on the treadmill is a very good performance.
Glad you got a new job. Enjoy it.
As usual beautiful pictures.

XLMIC said...

Holy Schnitzel! You couldn't even hardly run 2 mos ago and now your taking on 20! Go, you! Wowza! And you're running fast! You don't ever get to complain about injury again...you got that? LOL

You live in such a gorgeous place! Happy November, Jill :)

Tortuga_Runner said...

Crappy 20 is still 20. Squeezing in 3 miles today, pathetic? nope. Awesome, heck yeah!

Sarah Grecco said...

Abbey is stunning. She must get it from you!!

Great November goals.....I need to write a few down. Mine is just to get through November....got a BUSY month ahead of me!

Get Up & Go

Amanda@runninghood said...

Love the look to your blog Jill.

Glenn Jones said...

Wait a minute. Just a few weeks ago you were injured. Now you're at 60 mpw? What's my excuse?

Caratunk Girl said...

Hey. I figured it out!! Takes us longer to figure things out in Caratunk. :)

Johann said...

You are busy and I'm really impressed with your training. You are back in full force and giving the training all you've got. Your 20 miler sounds about the same as all my 20 mile runs go. I'm starting to have Leadville dreams. Not sure if that means I'll be there or not...

Molly said...

Yes! Blogger gift exchange again!!

That 20 miler was sucky, but So HAPPY for you that you ran 20 miles!!!!

as usual, so jealous of where you live! : )

Jenn said...

OK-only one week late! I feel much better-ha! I did read this earlier and thought about it if that counts!!

Tigger and Pooh-PRECIOUS! I miss when I could dress Max up in something that didn't involve fake blood and a black cape....

So, I've had a few 20 milers like that...Yuck. Maybe you had a bit of a virus or something (a virus could last a couple of weeks right?). I'm totally with you in the endurance aspect but I felt HORRIBLE (my legs) at the end of Grandma's. I was yakking up a storm too but my legs just ached near the end which is really quite unusual for me. 2 days later, 102 degree fever and strep. Now, I didn't feel sick to start the race but who knows how your body reacts if it's trying to fight something off.

Great numbers last week. Great job with the 10K! Great October numbers as well!!

Hope you are figuring out some answers with the achy legs, burning feet, GI stuff. I hate when I don't have concrete answers..... Hills, weights, diet! You're surely headed down the right path in November here!!

Great pics as always. Jealous jealous! And YES, count me in:)