Thursday, April 19, 2012

Come run my long birthday run with me / Shoe winner

“You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So... get on your way!” 

Yep, today's the big day.  I'm not off to great places, at least not today, 
but that big mountain's waiting ... so a long run's in order, no time to play.

55 degrees and mostly cloudy to start

Springtime blooms brought watery eyes and dripping nose waaaay off the chart
Had to leave in angry green coat woman on the right in the picture; she told me to stop hogging the whole bike
lane while I took a picture.  Didn't she know it was my birthday and I am allowed to hog the lane?
One of my favorite urban long runs along the Cherry Creek path

Where I can sometimes hop on some dirt to give my legs a brisk relief from concrete's angry wrath

A little recent rain left the creek water high

But dead legs from too much weight training the day before left my destination point a wee-bit shy

But downtown I made it and then turned around

Miles cut short, only 17 done.  Last 6 were absolutely no fun.  
Legs dead.  Feet shred.
Head hurt.  Shoulders burnt.
But it was my birthday
And if you remember this post from last year (HERE)....

So I absolutely shed NO NO NO frown

Okay, well I suck at rhyming, obviously, but I wanted to turn what was not a very good long run today into something a bit more fun, so there ya go.  I am a bit discouraged that I continue my streak of miserable long runs, but truly, I am really grateful to be running.  And not only running, but running pain-free.  A year ago I wasn't. I'll keep plugging away.

And since I'm on roll of really horrible long runs, I just so happened to have a one at the half marathon last weekend.

A few of the more memorable highlights:
  • Weather forecast the night before called for 5" of snow and freezing rain at the start.  I packed at least 20 different layers of clothes in my car the night before so I could assess what to wear when I got there, dreading how cold it was going to be.
  • Stood at the start line in shorts and short sleeves with 55 degree sunny skies.
Ran into this lovely blogger, Julie, before the start
  • Didn't wear my Garmin, which I normally don't do in a race.  I felt "off" from the start and couldn't find the first 2 mile markers to get my pace and I feared I was going too fast.
  • Mile 3 confirmed I was going not only too fast, but way too fast.
  • Mile 5 the winds picked up and it was insane.  And hard!  I started hovering behind a guy for a couple miles (I am really good at doing this :)) until I knew I was annoying him, indicative of how many times he turned around and looked over his shoulder at me.  Gave him up at mile 7 and repeated the hovering with someone else.  
  • Repeat above every mile.
  • Thought constantly how this would be my last race in my 40's and how good it would be to turn 50 and get out of this highly competitive age group I'm in.
  • Got home and realized I'm only 48 (49 today).
  • Started the dreaded death march about mile 9.
  • I lost my hat at one point.  Did I mention how windy it was?
  • Finished with a micro-hair sub-9 minute mile (1:57:32).    
  • 6 minutes slower than last October on almost no training.  13 and a half minutes slower than my 1:44 PR. BLEH!!
  • Almost froze to dead waiting a half hour for the "F" train back to the start area, because that's what my ticket said:
  • There is no F train.  Really.  
  • So this where my current fitness level is right now, apparently.  Not where I want it, so I just gotta shut the heck up and make the time to and get my 50-year old body :) in gear!

Lastly, the winner of the Ahnu shoe giveaway is... (I so wish I could give you all a pair, seriously!  I don't like to do giveaways often because I always enter these things and never ever win and it's NO fun at all and you all deserve them!):
Congrats girl.  Email me!!

Congratulations, too, to all those Boston runners who endured such horrific weather conditions, I salute you guys!  One day I'll write about my Boston experiences, perhaps; they definitely had their challenges for each I ran, but nothing like the heat of 2012!

Okay, that's a wrap!  I have a big 5k this weekend.  Let's see if the suckfest can continue.

And seriously guys, did everyone's birthday present to me get lost in the mail?  I will have to go have a little chat with the mailman.  In the meantime...

Run strong, my friends!


Jail Break said...

Nice pics, it was a fun and challenging event. Thanks for sharing this to us, and looking forward always for more updates.

pensive pumpkin said...

you forgot how old you are? who are you, me? when people ask (how rude!) i tell them i was born in 1975 and if they are better at math than etiquitte they can figure it out.

i'm not a nice person. which is why you didn't get a birthday present.


XLMIC said...

happy birthday, jill!!!

I actually like your rhyme :)

Petraruns said...

Happy birthday sweet Jillie - knocking out a long run sounds like a crazy plan but you did it! I hate when you go through those phases where ALL long runs suck but you will move out of it. LAst week's half sounds miserable - maybe short and sweet this weekend wil do it?

And wait - holy cow - are you 49? You look FABULOUS and way younger.

Everyone knows international post takes a long time and sometimes gets lost..

Char said...

Who does the green-jacketed woman think she is? You don't have a go at the birthday girl - ever!

I thought that F train was a euphemism for something a little naughty. Then I realised that it was just alphabetical. Boring!

1963 was a great year for awesome people! Not so great for some American Presidents - but pretty good for you and I.

Johann said...

This is such a positive compared to last year! Well done Jill, that body is still well and strong! You have progressed much faster than I thought you would. Very soon you will be 100% where you want to be. Stay strong and positive my friend!

Liz said...

I like your rhyming,
this post is fun,
Hope you have a great birthday,
and enjoy a long run!

I too can't believe that you are 49, you look great. Hooray for running pain free, and hope you have a good LSR soon!

Running Librarian said...

Happy Birthday JIll!!!!

Teamarcia said...

Path hog? Seriously? What a B.
I'd be dancing in the streets if I could ever pull out sub-2 again so know that suckiness is all relative.
I badly need the geriatric AG.

C2Iowa said...

So my coach is a 'Path Hog' -- seriously? That girl on the bike needs to get a clue.

If I live through tomorrow -- I will call. ha

Kandi said...

Happy Birthday, Jill! You don't look 49 (and before you can say it's because you look older - I mean you look much younger).

Christina said...

You look a whole lot younger than the number of your age.
That woman in green is definitely a grinch and a grouch. It's your birthday, you can do no wrong!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Happy Birthday!! Dont you know your suppose to ride your bike on your birthday!! ;-)

Anonymous said...


bobbi said...

So glad that even though the long runs are hard, you are happy to be running.

And I damn near spit out my coffee at "Got home and realized I'm only 48" - SO something I would do!

What the EFF at no F train - MEAN!


Matthew Smith said...

First off, Happy Birthday!

Secondly, great work on the long run. That's beastly.

Lastly, I think that was a sweet half mary at under 2 hours! Good for you!!!!!

Tasha Malcolm said...

I hope that you had a wonderful birthday yesterday. You deserved to have an especially awesome day. :-)

SupermomE13 said...

I hope you birthday was a special and fun day!! You deserve it. :)
Congrats on the half and good luck with the 5k this weekend. I hope you have good weather and it is FUN and awesome, no suckfest allowed on birthday week. :)

Big hugs and birthday love from WY!

misszippy said...

Happy, happy birthday my friend! What a beautiful place to spend it.

And speaking of presents, now I feel really bad that the Boston shirt didn't work out!!

RunToTheFinish said...

didn't green jackedt lady get the memo that birthday girl gets whatever she wants on her run?! thanks for sharing hte pics, so pretty!!!

Christie said...

Well I hope that you have a happy birthday!! The fact that you are running should make it a wonderful day:)

Hope you have a super speeeeedy 5k this weekend!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Sorry about your bad birthday run, and your disappointing 1/2 marathon. I won't be sorry for you that you're not in a less competitive 50 year old age group though. Happy 49th BDay!

I like the pictures from your run.

I must point out, you won one of my giveaways :-)

Coy Martinez said...

Happy Birthday you long runner you!! HAHAHA! :) I loved this post even though you were suffering from some serious wind issues! You still did great! Faster than I've ever run a half before :)

I love that first pic with all the birthday balloons!

Rachelle Q said...

Sorry your long runs have been less than perfect:( Happy birthday and here's hoping the next run is amazing!

Terzah said...

Happy Birthday again! Don't worry--the suckfest won't be forever. Every mile you run is getting you closer to feeling adn running better. That was a GOOD time in that wind. I just wish I could have sucked that way myself--looking forward to the end of my own suckfest too.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you thought you were turning 50 - because then if you thought that and we are the same age ... then I was turning 50 - hey we still have one year to go! Hope you had a good day! Love to ya - Meg from Iowa

Average Woman Runner said...

Looks like a great place for a birthday run and though it was short, pretty amazing you got 17 miles in after all the foot issues you dealt with!

Adrienne Langelier, MA said...

So, does running long tomorrow morning count!? LOL Happy B-Day:)

That pic by the river closely resembles a canal (man made) that i run alongside at least once a week.

Raina said...


I can't believe I won.

Seriously. I needed shoes. The garden clogs just don't work for church.
THANK YOU! My feet thank you too!

Raina said...

I am wishing you the very best in your 5k this weekend. You deserve a fantastic race, Jill!!! No suck fests!
Pollen is REALLY high here too :(

Keep yer hat on and have a great birthday race :) You deserve it, lady.

Lindsay said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sorry I missed the real day, but I did run (/walk) 4.5 miles yesterday for you. And uh, guess I will have to give this diamond encrusted pink iPad to someone else ;)

Here's to many more running bdays for both of us!

Ransick said...

Nice long birthday run! Nice pics too and to heck with the angry green coat woman.

Nice half mary too! Sub 2 is nothing to sneeze at.

Julie said...

Jillll! I was suppose to win the shoes! :)

Love the pics from your long run. The lilacs look so pretty, sorry they bother you so much.

Went back and read last years far you have come, you are doing great!

Have fun at the 5k!

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Happy Birthday Jill!!!!!!!!!!!

And I never want to hear the words "I only ran 17 miles" again ;) ...just kidding, I know what you mean. But I do know what you mean about setting your mind out to do something and ending up doing something a little different/shorter.

Love the Dr. Seuss reference, that made childhood memories flood through my mind. And your rhyme thing was very cute :)

Anonymous said...

Awe crap did I miss your birthday and this race!!! I'm sooo sorry, bad bloggy/fb runner friend. YOu always, always amaze me Jill! HUGS

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

A little late, but happy birthday! Those rough runs are no fun, but they do have to happen sometimes. Hope you have an awesome 5k to make up for it! And I just picked up an older RW from a bookstore and think I saw a quote in there of yours, is that right? Congrats, if so! :)

ajh said...

I laughed quite loudly at you not knowing your age. Too funny.

I enjoyed the pictures of your birthday run. 17 miles pain free is quite great! You must have run off some of that giant cupcake you got.

That's a great De. Seuss quote - written just for you I am sure.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Congrats RAina!!! Jill, you're still running sub2 hour marathons at a time in your life where your fitness isn't what you want it to be. I know so many people who would just love to break 2 hours and they are in their 20's and 30's. You're a rock star! Thanks for all your supportive texts and comments about Boston. It sucked me dry! Happy Belated Birthday!!

Black Knight said...

A very good finishing time a lot sub the 2 hours!
Happy belated birthday.
What a pity, I haven't won those shoes!!! I would have like wearing them to run my trail on next sunday!
Great pictures, I hate that green coat witch!!!!!!!!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Wind makes it tough! Congrats on a great finish time! Enjoyed the pics of Denver! Happy, happy birthday!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And, I'd like to high light your point that you are INDEED running. PR's will happen--I'm just so happy to see you running and doing it well! Love it!

Tara said...

But I wanted the shoes! Whaaaaa! I'm just kidding, congrats to your winner. :)

It's a damn good thing, I wasn't with you when that green coat lady said you were hogging the path. I would have had to say something to the snooth biatch.

I love running on the Cherry Creek path to downtown, one of my favorite runs. Glad you got to do it on your BIRTHDAY! Yay! Even if you had to do it on dead legs.... what a way to celebrate.

Love ya girlie. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Damn, I suck. How did I miss this post. Happy Birthday in the belated sense. You don't look a year older than you did last year.

Kathy said...

Hey, I know that trail.
Happy birthday, Jill - I think I'll go run 26.2 this Sunday just for you!

brg said...

Happy Birthday young lady! Looks like you had a great birthday run. And I don't understand why guys don't like us drafting???

brg said...

oh and btw - I'm glad I have another chance to run the Platte River before you join my AG! whew! I better make the most of it before you join me and knock me lower in the results!

TX Runner Mom said...

Happy belated birthday!!! Love the trail, so pretty!

Suz and Allan said...

Great pictures! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

The Green Girl said...

Aw, I liked your little birthday poem! I can't stop laughing over how you got mixed up on your age. Crazy, girl.

I wish I could find a way to talk you into joining me at Woodstock.

Molly said...

I hope you had a lovely day! ouch on the race conditions, I forgot my garmin for my half last week, and ran home to get it, I've become a bit dependent on it! GREAT job!!!