Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's blame this failure on the socks....

Sunday I ran the Pi-Mile 5k. All you math and science-y geeks like myself should get it :).  Pi = 1 unit = 3.1415...  Therefore pi = a 5k run.  Or thereabouts.  Clever, huh!!  They should have run this race on March 14th which is official pi day but I guess they weren't THAT clever.

Anyway, I happened to find this little 5k race on some local race listing and I had to have the shirt. That shirt ... LOVE IT!  And I needed some speed work so I bribed my old running partner, Dennis, into running it with me.  Very long time readers may remember Dennis.  Dennis and I ran a lot back in the days when I could actually run faster than I presently can.
Dennis and I after a race when I used to be fast
I can't run with Dennis and his friends anymore because they'd pretty much be walking or I'd be sprinting to keep the same pace.  I really miss him and the group sometimes.
Dennis - in red shirt, and some of the other "speedies" I used to run with,
running up Mt. Evans - elevation 14,270' - in 2009
But Dennis was game to run the Pi-mile with me and I couldn't have been more excited.  Maybe it was the memories of fast days gone by or the fact I'd get to hear about the old gang again....but I really was looking forward to this race and honestly, I hoped I'd have a good race ("good" being relative to where my current pathetic pace is).

Well....not so much.



The race started on the Colorado School of Mines track at the base of Lookout Mountain.

That zigzag line is a road, the same road Julie and I went up last year  on our  Century bike ride.
The "M" stands for "Mines" for the Colorado School of Mines and Technology.  See the paraglider? 
We ran a lap on the track and then headed through the neighborhoods to the path along Clear Creek, where the vast majority of the race was run.
Loved this!
The majority of the race runs along the path here along Clear Creek
I wanted to clear 8 min/miles...or slightly better.  I know I can do it, and didn't think it'd be too tough.  I hit the first mile in 7:42 and I knew this was a wee-bit fast so as not to death march the last mile, like I did in the last 5k I ran in March, I slowed the pace some.

Mile 2 I hit at like 8:44.  Really?  Ugh.  I guess I slowed TOO much, indicative by how well I felt for the last mile.  I think it would have been a good race and I could have done better than my 5k in March, but the last half mile of this race was uphill and when I hit it, I was cooked, gave up, and lollygagged in to the finish with a 25:42.


Seriously, I haven't hit the 25's since I was like 14 on my first year of high school track.

There's a couple factors playing into this super slow speed my body's decided to run, and I could dive into that more but....

....really, none have a more reasonable explanation as when I got home and realized my blunder....
HELLO cause for slow time: Left sock on right foot, right sock on the left foot.
Really, there can be no other explanation than my socks were on the wrong feet!!  I'm not sure what I was thinking when I put those on that morning, but rest assured I won't make that mistake again!!!

Because the race was close to an open space area in the foothills called White Ranch, and because I hadn't suffered enough wearing the wrong socks on each foot, Dennis suggested we go run some trail  miles up there after the race.

YAY!  More sucky miles!!

We drove about 11 miles to about 7800' to start out on a short loop trail.  A nice view of Denver, if you can see it though the smog...
Downtown Denver in the middle right side
But it was another gorgeous blue-sky Colorado day, albeit a tad warm (80 degrees) and I was game to give the legs another run.

The trail really isn't horribly bad, unless you just ran 3.14 tough miles, and just aren't in hill shape, so the uphills were kicking my sorry butt big time.  Dennis constantly was double backing for me to catch up.

Dennis climbing up well.  Me, walking up well.
My calves were killing me.  I was starting to get frustrated by how slow I was and how much my heart rate was skyrocketing on a few steep hills ... but eventually I regained my enthusiasm for this gorgeous day and just decided the mental battles in my head were done; I decided fun is much more memorable when in the company of pain.  I instead resolved to enjoying the scenery and the company (when he came back to find me :)).
How's that for a great dork picture?

Another crap race; a bit over 5 miles on some gorgeous trails; shared nachos and drinks with a long lost friend while watching para-gliders sail down Lookout Mountain.....


How often do I place undue emphasis on my performance and fail to appreciate the pleasure of good company and the ability to just get out and run?  Plenty.  It takes a special day like this one to break that competitive cycle.

Some days it's good to race hard and perform well.

And some days it's even better to share the day with a long lost running pal.

Despite a pace that keeps getting slower and slower, I actually did enjoy this race and I look forward to doing it again next year.  Maybe some of that speed will return and I'll get revenge on that race.  And maybe it won't.

But I'm not giving up: I will keep puttering away at attempting to turn this speed thing around ...  and appreciate my running for being what it is: undeniably real.

At least I'll wear the correct socks on the right feet!!

So until then....

What's next?

Cherry Creek Sneak 5-miler this weekend.  Will my suckfest PW streak continue?  Let's see...

Good luck to all the Eugene Marathoners this weekend....Raina; Tasha; my client and friend Paul; and another long-lost-and-recently-connected-with friend whom I ran Boston 2010 together with - Katie A.

Run Strong!!!


Christie said...

Your posts are always filled with amazing photos! It really makes me want to take a month trip there to experience all that nature!

I would probably travel quite far just to run that race!! On March 14th 'Pi' day, me and my math nerd friend had a little celebration! They should have had the race on that day!! Coolest race shirt you've got!!:)

I agree with the difficulty to break that inner competitive cycle... It is so difficult to just let loose sometime - sounds like you find a way to distract yourself though:)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Beautiful pictures! Colorado is so pretty.

Clearly it was the socks!

Paul said...

yes, great photos! The trail run looks most awesome.

Don't worry you'll get faster as I'm sure you really do know. Besides remember when you couldn't run AT ALL? So STFU and be grateful and more patient?

That shirt is pretty cool. I should warn you I am a PI nerd.

Bizzare story: When I was in high school in some boring class I memorized it to 50 digits...which I still remember far!

Next time I talk to you on the phone ask me to recite it for you if you care to. 8)

Colorado Gal said...

Loving the pictures! And now I'm kinda sad that I didn't hear about the Pi race :)

brg said...

I LOVE the shirt! You'll crush your time next year.

I LOVE me some White Ranch...that pic of Dennis going up looks like some YUMMY trail to ride my mtn bike on (up or down - either way is good!)

I was a beautiful day and glad you got to run and spent it with a friend - you are way smarter than me - I wasted 3 hours of that day in a pool hall. :(

Robin said...

Must have been the socks... Love your photos always so beautiful! Great race shirt too..

Rachelle Q said...

So beautiful. Glad you were able to connect with your old running buddy:)

ajh said...

Gorgeous pics. Glad the day turned out well for you. You are working hard at it and will get that speed back.
And make sure you put those socks on the right feet next time. Sheesh.

Mo said...

That shirt rocks! My cousin is a professor at the School of Mines... too cool!

Rachel said...

That race idea is GENIUS! and the shirt is even better. I need to find a way to start a pi race on 3/14 around here!

XLMIC said...

Love that π shirt!!!! I think all these shit miles and crap times are a test for us. And we WILL pass the goddamned test. And we WILL run comfortably and quickly AGAIN!!!! :)

Lauren said...

those are some gorgeous pictures!!
and I didn't even know socks could be "left" or "right"... hmm... maybe I could have been knocking out super fast runs this whole time had I switched my socks?? lol

Kate Geisen said...

OH, your pictures are sooo gorgeous! Why don't I live in Colorado??

The sock tall socks for LBL were L/R, and every time I put them on I completely accidentally put them on the right's that for serendipity?? :)

I'm glad you were able to get the sucky thoughts out of your head and get to where you were enjoying the day and company.

BTW, I mentioned you in today's blog post. ;-)

Terzah said...

I *love* that shirt. I almost might have come and walked behind you for that shirt. Please invite me next year???

It sounds like a wonderful day, socks notwithstanding. And I have put in for a comp day--if it gets approved, I'm going to email you about lunch. :^)

SupermomE13 said...

I Love the idea of a Pi race! So cool. Love the shirt and the course markings.

Sorry about the slow second mile, but seriously... what ELSE could possibly happen with socks on the wrong feet? So clearly NOT your fault.

Love all the pics as always. Keep your chin up. You are due for a seriously smoking PR soon. Hugs!

J. L. said...

I am a math geek. And LOVE the concept of a Pi mile! But yes it would have been more cool had it been on Pi day. Good luck chasing that pr!

Teamarcia said...

So SOCKS are the key to the speed universe. I didn't get the memo. No wonder I suck. That is a fab shirt. I hope they had pie at the finish!

HappyTrails said...

It was DEFINITELY the socks. Definitely. You ended up turning what you thought was a not-so-good day into a good one - a day spent in a beautiful area (where we live - Yay) with a dear friend on a beautiful day. Leave the race behind. Something is going to suddenly click and you'll be back...

Amanda@runninghood said...

Love that you keep on being real Jill! You crack me up about the socks. I think I've done this before wonder! Glad to have an explanation. I'll be extra cautious about putting them on the correct feet now. So glad you had a great day. And not bad on the 5k considering that a year ago you weren't running AT ALL! :)

Karen said...

It was totally the socks! I love the photos from your trail race. Colorado is so pretty :)

Tasha Malcolm said...

Loved the photos and cool race t-shirt. I would totally blame everything on the socks too!

Matthew Smith said...

Well of course you couldn't give the PI run your best because of the sock situation! That WAS the problem. To be honest, I don't think you did too badly, and you are giving yourself too hard a time. It's not that bad a time at all! AND, you busted out some more hilly mileage afterwards, so you had to save some energy for that!

Good race, and keep up the good work!

pensive pumpkin said...

the only thing that could make that better is pie.

*rim shot*

i agree with the others that your time was awesome. and a fun day like that? doesn't get better.

Caroline said...

clearly those socks need to go straight to the trash...

LOVE that shirt..It would be perfect for moi. you know chemistry is or was my thing...

also need to move to me of home.

Average Woman Runner said...

UG! Why didn't they make the L & R in a contrast color from the toe so it would be easier to see which goes on which foot? A neon would have been better.

This scientist in Seattle LOVES that shirt. I should organize a Pi day 5k here...

Liz said...

I love the idea of a Pi mile race, but those socks must have really cramped your style...

The pictures of the trails in the mountains are just incredible, and the weather looks great too. I bet that's some tough running though.

Good luck for the 5-miler - don't forget to double check your socks this time!

Kandi said...

I love that shirt and want it! Maybe I'll have to make a trip to CO just to run a 5k?
Glad you were able to enjoy the race and the time with your running pal even if you weren't so pleased with your performance. It was definitely the socks.
I can't remember the last time I ran under 25 minutes for a 5k but then again, I kind of avoid them like the plague. I have a 10k this weekend. I don't feel fast at all right now though.

Nej said...

Got some Captain in ya? :-) (dork pictures are always so much fun!!!)

Mark said...

I just love your no quit attitude and I believe you are working your way back to better than ever! What a wonderful area to run!

Coy Martinez said...

HAHAHAHA! Oh you crack me up! My fastest 5K is a 25 and I felt like I was gonna catch fire I was running so fast! :) I think I have the worst hips in history that won't cooperate! :)

I LOVED the pics! The para gliders are awesome and even though I'm not a math person, I want that shirt! I can't believe more people haven't thought of that for a race! It's a freaking brilliant idea!

Christi said...

I am doing the CC Sneak 5 miler also. Hit me up so we can meet up!

FYI, your speed will come. Just BELIEVE!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Get over pace already!!! Am I the sucker-it-up-buttercup friend or what? You are so much better than you give yourself credit for. You are a strong runner. And you love doing it. Just relax and enjoy it for a while.
Look at the place you get to do this in!!!! AH.maxing! Jealousy-inducing to be honest.
You need to start thinking long again. Forget pace. Remember you have to come east and go long with me next year!! So get that base built back up and screw being speedy. Heck, I'm praying for a 21min mile to survive the 100! And probably won't be able to do that. heehee
Join me on the slow long side Jilly!!!!

Chicken said...

How's about I come out to your neck of the woods and we go on a run together! Then you'll feel really fast! You can do that double back thing with me! Maybe it'll be all you need to realize that you're still pretty darn fast!

RunToTheFinish said...

so i was actually getting ready to email you for some runner been there done that advice and you kinda posted on it :) right now everything is jsut a gazillion times harder that it has been in years and it's terribly frustrating. I know that it's gotten in my head and kept me from doing some runs or pushing through what i used my dear smarty pants did you get through that when you came back from injury?

Julie said...

Lord you make me laugh! I keep wanting to go over to White Ranch and do some hiking...I don't think i would be running up those hills. :) After seeing your pics I will have to!

I will get a reply email to you soon. Things have been a bit crazy. :)

Jenny said...

So very beautiful!!
Your socks confused your's that simple. :)
Glad you were able to enjoy your day and good for you for racing a 5k and then getting in some extra TOUGH hilly trail miles. You're a champ, lady!

Tricia said...

I love the shirt -- a pi race is such a cool idea. Maybe next year they'll get it on the right day! ;)

Definitely all the socks fault -- can be nothing else.

Terzah said...

Addendum comment: I told my husband Dan about this race this morning. He says next year they should make the course a circle with a diameter of one mile, which would ensure that the circle itself is in fact exactly pi in distance/circumference. Can I just say I love being married to a geek?

Char said...

I'm letting my inner nerd out a little when I say that I knew what the shirt was about before I read the post. And I wanted one! Totally geek cool!

And the sock thing - rookie error. You're lucky you didn't trip over your own feet. :)

Ewa said...

OK, friend, lets talk. If you call these times slow, then I am a snail and I can't even blame the socks since I run in injinji socks and it is hard to put those on the wrong foot.
And those hills you ran... I would maybe crawl them... I need to start training more seriously. Much more seriously.

Ewa said...

Oh, yeah, and I LOVED the pictures but you knew that without me having to go back to your blog and writing another comment, yes? :)

Irene said...

Now you have a shirt to wear for Pi day. :)

As always, the pictures are wonderful!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

darn socks!

hang in, hang on....
keep moving forward and good things will happen. You will have a break through, I just know you will.

Ransick said...

Love the race shirt and pi trail marker! Beautiful pictures from your trail run too. That picture of Dennis running up the hill looks steep!

Falon said...

I love the scenery and the shirt! Thanks for the comment on my blog, you made me laugh... out loud.

Raina said...

Some mornings - when I don't get enough coffee first- I have the same problem with the R/L socks. Maybe we all need Amanda's computer that magically flips around everything backwards :)

You have a really breathtaking area to run, Jill. Someday I hope to fly out that way and see it.

Dennis said...

Great Pictures Jill and of course, as always, a great write up on your blog, you captured the fun day.

The comments on your post really make me appreciate the gifts we have here in Colorado.

BTW, thanks for finding me, I did not know I was lost.

On the Right Track said...

I WANT THAT SHIRT...My students would love it!!!

your blog has the best pistures in it...I want to come run with you ;) so cool!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

First of all, being the geeky engineering type, I love those shirts. I gotta have one. I guess that means I'll have to come out to CO. to run that race some time.

Sorry your 5k times are getting slow, but what else can make you feel like a 14 year old?

You have the most scenic/interesting places to run. If I was to take pics of where I run everyday, all you'd see are the same pics of the same indoor track.

Vicky Cook said...

What a beautiful part of the world to get to run in. I have no hills where I am, it's flat as a pancake. Who cares about times when you get to look at those views! It must be so good for your sole!!!

Jenn said...

Oh Jill!! Once again, pathetically behind but as always love reading your posts. The wrong footed!! This is DEFINITE concrete evidence-ha! In fact, I'm certain this must have happened to ME!!!

Beautiful pictures. My sister leaves for Denver on Friday for a couple of weeks. Her son in a hospital there and I would have LOVED to go with her if my life wasn't so WHACKO. I would join you in a 5K any day!

I have completely lost touch with Katie A. other than to know that she is SPEEDY now and I will have to see if I can track her at Eugene!! Yes, some great people running there!!

I'm WAY behind in email as well as blogs but I have a draft started that I will finish here to you!!!! Good luck with the 5 miler this weekend!!

Adrienne Langelier, MA said...

What an adorable race-if there is such a thing!! Yup-gotta be the socks.

You know, I could pace you next year at that one...that is a rather awesome shirt:)

Black Knight said...

You got a very nice shirt.
Beautiful scenery and great pics. I would like to run there.
Sorry for the socks! However that is a very good finishing time also considering the final uphill.

Tara said...

Well...duh...of course it was the socks! Any sane person, can see that! It sounds like it was a really pretty course and I do like the shirt. At one point in time (geeky numbers girl that I am), I had the numbers memorized (although, not out to infinity!)

That trail run looks about as steep and hot as the trail run that I went on last weekend. BLAH! And nachos and drinks are always good, so your socks didn't ruin the whole weekend.

How did your sneak go???

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Yes, nerdy pi friend, love it!!!!!!!

I've always wondered about the R/L socks, often get them mixed up oops. That's what I need to start blaming "bad days" on haha.

Johann said...

I put my gloves on the wrong hands the other morning and boy did I suck on that run... I'm currently battling to get below 28mins on my 5km runs so you are still speedy in my book. Love the trail pics with the blue skies.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Its always the socks problem

Molly said...

you're speed will be back, I don't doubt it! Happy you had such a good time with friends : ) You need to make a photo book with all these beautiful pictures!

TX Runner Mom said...

Super cute race shirt! And, I love all the pics. They seriously make me want to move there. I recognize the M..I should be there in the fall for college recruiting. I love Golden!!!

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