Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Believe in me....

My legs are on fire; they are screaming to run.....I wish this weekend was Boston; I'd be flying.

I had such a crazy afternoon after work yet I even managed to squeak in a 10 minute nap before I headed over to Brendan's wrestling match. He lost 9-10 but man, he looked great! Had he about 30 more seconds on the clock, I'm certain he could have won. His attitude towards the whole "exercise" thing is still lacking ... but hopefully I can kick his butt a bit and get him back on track. After wrestling and dinner I popped downstairs for a little treadmill interval work. I know, what happened to my new friend, the track? I already got a text from Rob asking the same thing. I think one must remember that springtime in the Rockies can easily mean snow as much as it can me 80 degrees and quickly, winter has returned to Denver – and I didn’t want to run in the cold wind tonight. Plus, it was dark. Plus, I wanted to be done and walk up my stairs, not drive home 10 minutes from the track (I have a lot to do to get ready for Atlanta). Okay, not great excuses but it really was windy and dark and that was enough to call up a visit to my old treadmill friend.

Tonight's workout was simple: 6x400@1:50, 1:40,1:55, 1:35, 1:50, 1:40. They went great. Better than great! It left my mind wondering if I could run at mile at that 1:40 (6:40 per mile) pace. I went back upstairs when the 400’s were said and done and did my mommy duties of lunches, laundry and such but that questionable mile-time-wonder was eating at me; it’s actually been a planted seed since from a few weeks ago when Maureen, a local running coach, told me that she’d love to see my one mile time and to use that to gauge my speed progress. I ran this little theory by Rob but he didn’t seem too excited to jump on the wagon and plop me at the 1-mile start line. He had his reasons. Yet the desire to know continued to grow in me; I even asked (begged) Dennis a few weeks ago to organized the group for a little one-miler get together (he had an excuse for every option I presented. Hum…does any male want to protest this little quest of mine?).

I couldn't help it, I had to test it (Rob's going to freak - sorry!). I went back downstairs post-lunch packing and did it: I set the treadmill to a 6:25 pace and I ran. 3/4 of a mile at this pace and I was feeling fabulous; my breathing was controlled, my stride was smooth...I had to see if I do more. I upped the pace to a 6:18 the last quarter and I finished my mile feeling very strong!! Elated! I KNOW I could run it faster, I know I can! I am beginning to believe in myself. And that's a good place for my mind to be!!

3 miles run

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