Monday, March 16, 2009

To Elaine...

My calves are so tight today, I can feel then tighten with every step. I think the hills got me yesterday....I am amazed how quickly I got out of hill shape. Hills on the plan for Wednesday. Not sure there'll be enough time to build into the plan for Boston but anything I can do will help.

Spring has returned to Denver and I like it! My allergies haven't even been nearly as bad today as they have the past few days, which is odd. But I'm GRATEFUL!

Weight training with Rob and 5 minutes of speed work on the treadmill, but my left knee was really bothering me so I had to slow it down a little to get my knee used to the fact it was running. Felt better then. I was totally having a hard time breathing, too.

I had a note on my blog from my St. George friend, Elaine (Hi Elaine) and she said she was seriously considering "enjoying" the Boston marathon and not racing it after reading about my 7K ordeal yesterday. I am 5 weeks away from Boston and I have yet to form any sort of strategy (yet I am getting pretty nervous). I need to tap into some previous Boston marathoner's minds and pick their brains but I think my strategy is just going to be to do whatever I can do in Boston and that's how it will be. It's my first Boston marathon (I have never even been to Boston before), I want to savor every minute while and do a lot of fun things before, my 46th birthday is the day before (there's no better birthday present alive - not even one of those agility ladders, Rob!!) and I really don't want to be so wound-up tense, like I tend to get pre-marathon. I had hoped more in my running group would be joining me in Boston and I wish Rob could see me cross the Boston finish line as he's one that has been pivotal in my success, but no matter what....I will be running Boston 5 weeks from today with Elaine somewhere on the course and THAT has me very excited. I can't wait to see you in Boston, Elaine (I hope our hotels are somewhat close!), and who cares how you or I run - we DID it together in St. George, we're running together in Boston and even though we many not be side by side during the 26.2 miles, you will be by my side in spirit and I will think of you every mile as I know we are out there together. Thanks, Elaine, for being there all these pre-Boston weeks with me! Can't wait to see you and you are going to do awesome in Boston, no matter how you run!

Elaine and I after Boston qualifying; St. George Marathon, October 4, 2008
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Thanks Jill, (blushing)