Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lord Of The Dance

So last night, in celebration of the happiest Irish holiday alive, I wanted to pay tribute by watching at least the finale of my 'Lord of the Dance' DVD. I got it a few years ago when I actually went to see them perform downtown. It was incredible!! I'll admit it, I'm not ashamed and I'd gladly go again and again if they ever found their way to Denver or vicinity (I'm not even certain they tour any longer??). It's fine athleticism at its best; I think they are amazing!!! So when I finally located the DVD, which was no easy task, I was saddened to open up an empty case. I'm certain Abbey had something to do with this as she despises this DVD - I wouldn't be surprised to find it in a landfill somewhere. No worries, that's what YouTube is for and so I thought I'd post a little of the finale for you. God, I love it (okay, Michael is a little annoyingly into himself...but wouldn't we all be with his talent? Maybe not but still....)! So if you have a spare 8 minutes, watch away!

Went over to the rec center after work today and rode the exercise bike for 11 miles. My butt was killing me again and never really did go numb like last time so I got to feel it the entire time. Different bike with a different seat, which may be the reason. Who knows. Had a good bike workout but I did not go as fast as I did last week; I was with Marie and wanted to at least carry a half a conversation with her. After Marie left, I did some weights. I know...weights on my own?? I was a good girl and did exactly as prescribed on my revised-this-morning-by-Rob plan but I really cannot do those UH pull-ups on my own. I'm not sure what 'UH' stands for but basically, you sit knees up and cross footed on a weight bench and pull your entire body up until your chin reaches the bar. Like a chin-up but you're sitting. Apparently, great for the core.... though I feel it more in my biceps (which actually look pretty amazing while performing these, or attempting to perform thesel)...though I will admit that yes, I can see where there is core strength in this. The rest of the weights I did fine and I walked away feeling great, despite the fact I was so dead-tired when I walked in. I tried to explain this phenomena to Marie when she uses the 'I can't workout because I'm too tired' excuse. Exercise is better than taking a nap when you're tired!!! I know, I'm ALWAYS tired! Ha.

Okay, an early blog entry for me today - yes! Off to clean my house; a houseful of neighbors over tomorrow for our monthly salad party....which I attend about 3 a year and host about once every 8 years (and that's not a lie...I had to verify the last time I hosted with my neighbor as we celebrated her 50th b-day and she confirmed she will be 58 next month. Egads!!! Oh well, I had a great margarita party last May and they all came along with 50 others so I think I can have a good party-hostess).

Cross train: 1 bike

Weights: 1

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