Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Walk in the Park

And I mean that literally, I went for a walk at the park today with some friends and their DOGS! I don't really like dogs and I really don't like walking dogs over at the dog park portion of the dog park where dogs in all shapes and sizes are allowed to roam freely without a leash. Aka, the jump all over you....all of them. And there's a creek that runs along side of the path and the dogs all run in the creek and then come out and jump on you with muddy paws. But I really enjoyed the walk, the conversations, and even yes, the dogs. It was a great day to do nothing and rest my achy legs from yesterday's run for tomorrow's 7K race. My favorite races of all races is The Runnin of the Green, being Irish and all....but more so because it's just a lot of fun. Lots of people, lots of Irish activities (step dancing...something I would LOVE to learn to do - if I had an ounce of coordination) and leprechauns galore. I'll be sure to take lots of green pictures to share tomorrow. Anyway, my legs are pretty stiff today so we'll see how well they actually perform tomorrow. I did a little digging through the pages of the Bolder Boulder qualifications and realized today that with that little 5K I did a couple weeks ago, I placed 3 positions higher than last year and don't really think I can place any higher than that! So that's yet another perk that that little 5K provided me! I'll gladly take my 'BB' wave in the Bolder Boulder (to clarify: this race has about 55,000 runners and they way the race is run is by about 30 different wave starts. If you want to be in one of the front waves, you must qualify by running a previous race, at any distance, and which wave is determined by submitted qualified time. I'm not certain how many qualified waves there are but it's customary for those in the running community to be placed as well as it's an honor to bump up 3 waves from my position last year! :) ).

My allergies are in full-bloom. Ick! My nose will not stop dripping and my eyes are constantly watering. Despite taking allergy medicine. Welcome to springtime in the Rockies!!!

I had a great talk on FB tonight with one of my dearest friends from college, Lisa, who now lives in Australia. What a story her life is! She's going to be home this summer and going to do a couple days of Ragbrai (the Register's Annual Great Bike Race Across Iowa; it's a VERY well-known ride and even Lance Armstrong did it a couple years ago :) ). We're going to try to coordinate our days of riding together...which is really good because I've been latching on to a guy on FB that I've never met through a mutual friend in an attempt to dump my "bag" of gear and a place to stay at nights and he's probably wonder what in the heck he's gotten himself into (no fear, Ross, I will still be there by your side in full-force Rabgrai annoyance! Ha). Anyway, was great chatting with her for awhile. I miss her!

1 3ish mile walk

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