Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Feels Like a Monday

Though it's Tuesday.

I feel overwhelmed with too much to do. I feel the pressure of Atlanta looming. I feel so sad for Abbey as this college thing is not going as well as we all hoped. I have anxiety over changing my running shoes so close to Atlanta. I have some writing to do that I have not done. I have rescheduled Wednesday dinner with my friend, Paula, 3 weeks in a row now (next week, Paula!!). I can't get motivated to clean my house. I don't know whether to register tomorrow for the full Pikes Peak Marathon or just the half. My feet are going numb again running and that's concerning me. My body fat is up. My weight is up. And I know both are not going to be where I want them to be before Atlanta and I have serious doubts they will be there by Boston. I can't seem to stop eating. Winter is back in Denver.

B won his wresting "match" today - woohoo, Brendan, way to go! He won 10 - 3....though I couldn't even tell you one thing he did to earn those points other than he "looked" like he was stronger. I'm not sure how one learns about wrestling, especially middle school where there's not a lot of feedback. Brendan told me that he did get a warning that he was "stalling" and would lose some points if he didn't get moving. So he did. I guess.

My legs are feeling a little better. Last week I seriously wondered if I'd ever run normal again. I did some weights with Rob tonight, some ladders, and a mile at 7:35. Felt good. Came home, ate a handful of crackers (hey....crackers COULD be on my schedule [I haven't officially received it yet]- even though they never ever ever ever have been. yeah, right), and popped back on the treadmill at home for an additional 3 miles. SLOW miles! But my legs felt really good and maybe that was the little pick-me-up I needed....though my feet are sitting here being numb - err!

CSAP's this week through Thursday - meaning I am off work at 1:30. Yes, a hard life I live. Sorry, Dennis, you know I gotta rub it in. And I know you'll have a unruly comment about it tomorrow. Just remember, that's why you make the big bucks; you actually go to work a lot! I have an 18-miler scheduled for Friday which I'm half tempted to move to Thursday since I have more daylight running time and as it's predicted to snow on Friday... but I won't. A St. Patty's 7K on Sunday. LOVE that race, the Irish and all inside me. It's also a Bolder Boulder qualifier ... and I feel the pressure of that, too! I ran well last year and well, yeah....no comment right now. I'll think about this more tomorrow and comment more on it. Gotta get off this thing and attend to some other deadlines.

4 miles run

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Dennis said...

If I'm making the "big bucks", then our economy is definately in trouble.