Thursday, March 5, 2009

Grateful for the 4 I finally got

I guess when there's not much to report, forget to blogging about it becomes on the back burner and before you know it, it's past your bedtime and you haven't done it yet. Tonight's one of those. I did manage to run about 4 treadmill miles at about 8:00 pace. I tried a 7:35, which was on my plan, but it wasn't happening. My legs are tighter than cello strings!!!!!! I need a massage - but I don't think it's going to happen. I was so rushed after work today to get everything done I needed to that squeezing in my run was proving difficult so I think a lot of the pace thing was because I couldn't focus nor get into a zone. Every step felt forced and forced steps equate to a difficult run. I had to get Ryan to a choir concert at Grandview but had not fed any of the other young 'um's so I rushed home after dropping him off to get them dinner and a run on the treadmill and back to Grandview all sweaty and smelly for 2 solid hours of middle school choir. I manage to make a protein shake as I literally had keys in hand while turning on the blender. But I was thankful to have something to do (drink my shake - which was so thick it wouldn't even budge from the blender. I was too rushed to get more water to thin it out, which actually was a contradiction to the "hurry" because I spent more time getting it out of the blender than had if I just put more water it in so it would have poured easier) because, as one of my high schoolers in attendance said afterwards, "It was nice but my God it was long!!!! I agree, Dani. I was grateful for my molassis-consistency protein shake to placate me for an hour. A quick grocery store after the concert to get snacks for tomorrow's post-concert party, a juice stop run for Ryan, a great conversation with an Iowa friend and before I knew it, I've broken one of my Lent sacrifices: getting to bed earlier. But that's okay (well, not really.... but not much I can do about it now), I also didn't eat the best today either. Two sacrifices shot! In one day. Well, we could actually say three since I didn't ice bath my legs either.

12 mile run tomorrow morning (I have the day off. Dennis was right when he asked how I'd handle a full week of work. I still haven't :) )....not sure where I will run but it will come to me in the morning. Somewhere close as I'm meeting my aunt for lunch downtown and a friend after lunch for some mall browsing/shopping.

4 miles run

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